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October 6th famous birthdays

List of celebrities and famous people who were born on October 6th

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2009 - 2000

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 2009 - 2000


  • Bronny James

    American basketball player

  • LeBron James

    Family member


  • Cleopatra Stratan

    Romanian singer who gained fame at a young age with her hit song 'Ghiță'.

  • Jonathan Kuminga

    Congolese basketball player

  • Rio Mangini

    Tv actor


  • Damn Tommy

    Vine star


  • Adisen Rae

    Adisen Rae is an American social media personality and dancer who rose to fame on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

  • Jazz Jennings

    American internet personality

  • Isobelle Molloy

    Isobelle Molloy is a British actress who has appeared in various films and stage productions.

  • Leondre Devries

    Member of the British singing duo Bars and Melody.

  • Addison Rae

    Social media influencer and entrepreneur known for her successful ventures in the beauty and fashion industry.

1999 - 1990

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1999 - 1990


  • Leondre Harris

    British politician known for his work in local government.

  • Will Shadley
  • Niko Kari

    Finnish race car driver

  • Trevor Lawrence

    American football player


  • Mia-Sophie Wellenbrink

    German singer and actress

  • Matt Cornett

    Tv actor


  • Kasper Dolberg

    Danish footballer

  • Aaron Pierce

    Pop singer

  • Tae Brooks

    Pop singer


  • Rachel Leary

    Youtube star


  • Braxton Berrios

    Wide receiver for the New York Jets, known for his speed and agility.

  • Abhimanyu Easwaran

    Indian cricketer who plays as a top-order batsman.

  • Emmanuel Matos

    Youtube star

  • Jessica Lunsford

    American kidnapping victim (d.2005)

  • Michael Boxleitner

    American celebrity family. the son of actor couple melissa gilbert (and bruce boxleitner) was married on 1/01/1995. he was born preemie at 28 weeks and weighed just 3 lbs.


  • Jooheon
  • Lloyd Roberts

    Lloyd roberts is a guitarist known for being a founding member of the british pop punk band neck deep.

  • Lee Joo-heon

    South korean rapper and songwriter

  • Jake Guentzel

    American ice hockey player

  • Devvon Terrell

    R&b singer


  • Adrieana Leon

    Talented forward known for her speed and goal-scoring ability.

  • Shaquon Harrison

    Professional basketball player known for his defensive skills.

  • Anllela Sagra

    Anllela sagra is a colombian fitness model and social media influencer known for her workout programs and motivational content.

  • Daniel Nguyen

    Daniel nguyen, also known as funnyasiandude, is a vietnamese-american social media personality who gained fame on vine for his comedic videos.

  • Jourdan Miller

    Jourdan miller is a model known for winning the twentieth cycle of america's next top model.


  • Josh Archibald

    Canadian-american ice hockey player

  • Taylor Paris

    Canadian rugby player


  • Jonathan Zeizel

    Jonathan zeizel is a model known for his work in the fashion industry.

  • Lawrence Okoye

    British track and field athlete who transitioned to American football as a defensive lineman.

  • Roshon Fegan

    American actor, rapper, and dancer

  • Joey Diamond

    Pop singer

  • Roshon Fegan

    American actor


  • Stefhanie Martini

    British actress known for her roles in TV series and films.

  • Scarlett Byrne
    Scarlett Byrne

    Movie actress

  • Quincy Acy

    Quincy Acy is a professional basketball player known for his time in the NBA.

  • Rider Wear

    Former NBA player who played for the Sacramento Kings and other teams.

  • Nazem Kadri

    Canadian ice hockey player

1989 - 1980

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1989 - 1980


  • Sophia Thomalla

    Sophia thomalla is a german television actress known for her roles in various german tv shows and films.

  • Pizzi

    Portuguese footballer

  • Tyler Ennis

    Canadian ice hockey player

  • Albert Ebossé Bodjongo

    Cameroonian footballer (b. 1989)

  • Ena Kadić

    Bosnian-austrian model (d. 2015)


  • Starling Marte

    Starling Marte is a Dominican professional baseball outfielder who plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks in Major League Baseball.

  • Maki Horikita
    Maki Horikita

    Japanese actress and model

  • Trey Edward Shults

    American film director

  • Kat Sketch

    Youtube star


  • Kasumi Goto

    Japanese singer and former member of the idol group SKE48.

  • Melissa Baker
  • Egni Eckert
  • Fanny J
  • Joe Lewis

    American martial artist and actor (b. 1944)


  • Brandy Brewer

    Brandy brewer is a well-known model recognized for her work in various fashion campaigns and runway shows.

  • Olivia Thirlby
    Olivia Thirlby

    Olivia Thirlby is an actress who has appeared in various films and TV series.

  • Yoo Ah-in
  • Vera Dushevina
  • Meg Myers

    American guitarist and singer-songwriter


  • Louise Hazel

    British heptathlete who won gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

  • Sylvia Fowles

    American basketball player

  • Katilyn Collins

    Political commentator and journalist known for her work at CNN.

  • Mitchell Cole

    English footballer (d. 2012)

  • Tarmo Kink

    Estonian footballer


  • Vallarie Adams

    New Zealand Olympic gold medalist and four-time world champion in shot put.

  • Valerye Adams

    New Zealand shot putter, two-time Olympic champion.

  • Magdalena Frackowiak

    Magdalena frackowiak is a polish model known for her work with major fashion brands and her appearances in high-profile fashion shows.

  • Valine Adams

    Two-time Olympic gold medalist in shot put

  • Joanna Pacitti

    American singer-songwriter and actress (city, comma state)


  • Lewi Longmire

    Former American football safety who played in the NFL for the Washington Redskins.

  • Renata Vorácová
  • Jesse Eisenberg

    Known for his roles in films like 'The Social Network' and 'Zombieland'.

  • Renata Voráčová

    Czech tennis player

  • Nicky Hilton



  • Michael Frater
  • Sandrine Aubert
  • Daniel Niculae
  • William Butler

    American composer and keyboard player (arcade fire).

  • Lil Wyte

    Lil wyte is an american rapper known for his association with the hip hop group three 6 mafia and for his solo career.


  • Cameron Esposito

    American comedian, writer, and actress known for her stand-up comedy and podcast 'Queery'.

  • Thomas Troelsen
  • José Luis Perlaza

    Ecuadorian footballer

  • Zurab Khizanishvili

    Georgian footballer

  • Jose Luis Perlaza

    Ecuadorian footballer


  • Abdoulaye Meité
  • Jenny Wade
  • Shin Bong-Sun
  • David Alpay
    David Alpay

    David alpay is a canadian actor known for his roles in tv shows like 'the tudors' and 'the vampire diaries'.

  • Abdoulaye Méïté

    French footballer

1979 - 1970

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1979 - 1970


  • Timoty Jordan

    Senior Software Engineer at Google

  • Zoé Shepard
  • Hadley Wickham

    Hadley Wickham is a statistician known for his contributions to the R programming language.

  • David Di Tommaso

    French soccer/football player who began his career at as monaco in france, where he was instrumental in the club's 2000 league title win. after playing in the uefa champions league, he was selected to the french national youth soccer team. di tommaso was transferred to sedan in 2001. he was then sold to fc utrecht in 2004.

  • Richard Seymour

    American football player


  • Liu Yang

    Chinese astronaut

  • Carolina Gynning

    Swedish model, actress, and singer

  • Ricky Hatton

    English boxer and promoter

  • Carolina Gynning

    Singer and model from sweden.

  • Pamela David

    Argentinian actress and model


  • Daniel Brière

    Canadian ice hockey player

  • Melinda Doolittle

    American Idol contestant and recording artist.

  • Wes Ramsey

    American actor

  • Shimon Gershon

    Israeli singer and footballer

  • Jamie Laurie

    American singer-songwriter (flobots)


  • Melody Vilbert

    French beauty queen, "miss aquitaine" 1994, and "miss france" 1995 in contest that took place on 12/27/1994. she dreams of becoming a journalist.

  • Lady Victoria Hervey
  • Hubert Henno
  • Stefan Postma

    Coach and footballer from the netherlands

  • Magdalena Kučerová

    Czech-german tennis player


  • Crystal English Sacca

    Co-founder of Lowercase Capital and an early investor in companies like Twitter and Uber.

  • Reon King

    Guyana's west indian cricketer

  • Jan Harm Schippers

    Dutch soccer player: sc heerenveen (veendam)

  • Ines Sainz

    Miss spain universe (1997)

  • John Harm Skippers

    Soccer player (sc heerenveen).


  • Jeremy Sisto
    Jeremy Sisto

    American screenwriter and producer of actor actors

  • Walter Centeno

    Costa rican manager and footballer

  • Seema Kennedy

    British politician

  • Kenny Jönsson

    Swedish ice hockey coach and player

  • Hoàng Xuân Vinh

    Vietnamese shooter


  • Ioan Gruffudd
    Ioan Gruffudd

    Ioan gruffudd is a welsh actor known for his roles in titanic, fantastic four, and the tv series hornblower.

  • Christel Pascal-Saioni
  • Anna Gomis
  • Christel Pascal
  • Rebecca Lobo

    Massachusetts, united states -- wnba center (1996 olympics – gold medalist) / / (ny liberty).


  • Reveca Lobo

    Pioneering women's basketball player and Olympic gold medalist.

  • J J Stokes

    Nfl wide receiver (sf 49ers).

  • Julie du Page
    Julie du Page
  • Ko So-young

    Model and actress from south korea

  • Daniel Cavanagh

    Anathema is an english singer-songwriter/guitarist


  • Zafar Iqbal

    Former Pakistani cricketer known for his spin bowling skills.

  • Lola Dueñas
    Lola Dueñas

    Lola dueñas is a spanish actress known for her roles in acclaimed films such as volver and the sea inside.

  • Emily Mortimer

    English actress

  • Takis Gonias

    Manager and footballer from greece

  • Alan Stubbs

    English footballer, coach, and manager


  • Amy Jo Johnson
    Amy Jo Johnson

    Amy jo johnson is an american singer and actress best known for her role as kimberly hart in the television series mighty morphin power rangers.

  • Darren Oliver

    Kansas city, missouri -- pitcher (texas rangers).

  • Maria Kannegaard

    Danish-norwegian composer and pianist

  • Shauna MacDonald

    Canadian actress and producer

  • Amy Jo Johnson

    American actress

1969 - 1960

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1969 - 1960


  • Byron Black

    Zimbabwe -- tennis star

  • Muhammad V of Kelantan

    Yang di-pertuan agong of malaysia

  • Jennifer Chute

    American victim of homicide, killed by john masello in the early hours of 6/26/1994. she was 14 when she began dating masello, a truck driver and inventory manager at her stepdad's export-import company. they started living together in march 1994. she was in an abusive relationship, but she didn't seek help until her death. she was the victim of a …

  • Adrienne Armstrong


  • Andrea McLean



  • Peter McNeeley

    American pro athlete, heavyweight boxer, known as american pro athletes, also known as american heavyweight boxer, known as "hurricane." his grandfather and father were both boxers, and he was 18 when he entered the ring. in 1991, he became a professional boxer and won his 24 first fights. after sustaining a serious injury, he lost to stanley wrght three years …

  • Dominique A (singer)

    Dominique a is a french singer-songwriter known for his introspective lyrics and innovative musical style.

  • Mel Robbins

    Mel Robbins is a renowned motivational speaker known for her TEDx talk and best-selling book 'The 5 Second Rule.'

  • Bjarne Goldbæk

    Danish sportscaster and footballer

  • Bob May

    American actor (born 1939).


  • Loraina Bobbitt

    Loraina Bobbitt gained notoriety for cutting off her husband's penis in 1993, which sparked a national debate on domestic violence.

  • Steven Woolfe

    English barrister and politician

  • Kennet Andersson

    Former swedish footballer

  • Svend Karlsen

    Norwegian bodybuilder and strongman

  • Cynthia Smith

    American plane fatality: a passenger on pan am flight #103 that exploded over scotland on 12/21/1988.


  • Nial Quinn

    Former professional footballer known for his time at Arsenal and Sunderland.

  • Niall Quinn

    Former professional footballer known for his time at Arsenal and Sunderland.

  • Tommy Stinson

    American singer-songwriter and bass player

  • Jacqueline Obradors
    Jacqueline Obradors

    Jacqueline obradors is an american actress known for her roles in tv shows such as nypd blue and freddie.

  • Melania Mazzucco

    Italian author


  • Ruben Sierra

    Rio piedras, puerto rico -- outfielder (new york yankees)

  • Steve Scalise

    Steve Scalise is a politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Louisiana's 1st congressional district.

  • Jürgen Kohler

    German footballer and manager

  • Rubén Sierra

    Puerto rican-american baseball player

  • John McWhorter

    American academic and linguist


  • Mallissa Longo

    Renowned biologist known for her research on genetics and aging.

  • Matthew Sweet

    American guitarist and producer (community trolls oh -ok and the thorns).

  • Mark Field

    German-english politician and lawyer

  • Knut Storberget

    Norwegian lawyer and politician, norwegian minister of justice

  • Tom Jager

    American swimmer and coach


  • Elysabeth Shue

    Elysabeth Shue is an American actress known for her roles in films such as The Karate Kid, Leaving Las Vegas, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

  • Elisabeth Shue
    Elisabeth Shue

    Elisabeth shue is an american film actress known for her roles in popular movies such as 'the karate kid', 'back to the future part ii', and 'adventures in babysitting'.

  • Orla Kiely

    Irish fashion designer known for her retro-inspired patterns and designs.

  • Sven Andersson

    Swedish coach and footballer

  • Elisabeth Shue

    American actress


  • Sophie Duez

    French actress who made her film debut in marche a l'ombre (1984), directed michel blanc.

  • Lorenza Pavarotti

    Lorenza pavarotti is the daughter of the famous opera singer luciano pavarotti and is known for her work in promoting her father's legacy and charitable activities.

  • Sandra Pupatello
  • Garvin Alston

    Former MLB pitcher known for his time with the Colorado Rockies.

  • Rich Yett

    American baseball player


  • Miyuki Matsuda

    Japanese actress

  • Ben Summerskill

    English journalist and businessman

  • Paul Sansome

    English footballer

  • David Kirk


  • Tim Burgess



  • Richard Jobson

    Scottish singer-songwriter and tv host. jobson was an entertainment media presenter and worked as a musician with the skids from 1977 to 1981. he then moved into satellite tv.

  • Yves Leterme

    Yves leterme is a belgian politician who served as the 48th prime minister of belgium. he is known for his role in belgian politics and his efforts to resolve the country's linguistic and political disputes.

  • Albert Lewis

    Nfl cornerback (oakland raiders).

  • Jeffrey Trachta in Staten Island

    New york, usa: actor (thorne-the bold and the beautiful).

  • Scott Stevens


1959 - 1950

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1959 - 1950


  • Laurent Chalumeau
  • Walter Ray Williams

    Jr., american bowler

  • Turki bin Sultan

    Saudi arabian politician (d. 2012)

  • Oil Can Boyd

    American baseball player

  • Brian Higgins

    American politician and member of the united states house of representatives, new york


  • Jeffey Zaslow

    Co-author of 'The Last Lecture' and columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

  • Ariane Dreyfus
  • Bruno Bonnell

    Co-founder of Infogrames Entertainment SA.

  • Ciro Gomes

    Brazilian politician and writer.

  • Sergei Mylnikov

    Russian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2017)


  • Gautier Audinot
  • Bruce Grobbelaar

    Zimbabwean coach and footballer

  • Dom Galluscio

    Race horse trainer


  • Sadiq al-Ahmar

    Yemeni politician

  • Kathleen Webb

    American comic book author and artist


  • Tony Dungy

    American football player and coach

  • Tony Dungy

    American football coach and player

  • Denny Rehberg



  • Marijke Amado

    Television presenter and journalist recognized for her engaging interviews and documentaries.

  • Leticia Van de Putte

    American politician who served as a member of the Texas Senate.

  • David Hidalgo

    American singer-songwriter/guitarist (los lobos latin playboys, los super seven).

  • Bill Buford

    American journalist and author

  • Alan Cohen



  • Tom Labonge
  • Janusz Wojcik

    Polish footballer known for his successful career as a midfielder and coach.

  • Rein Rannap

    Estonian composer and pianist

  • Klaas Bruinsma

    Dutch drug lord (d. 1991).

  • Tom LaBonge

    American politician. he was elected as a los angeles city councilor in october 2001. he and brigid manning labonge have two kids, mary-catherine (his wife) and charles (his son).


  • Haya Rashed Al Khalifa

    Bahraini politician and member of the royal family.

  • Ayten Mutlu

    Turkish poet and author

  • Jurgen Schulz

    German footballer


  • Gavin Sutherland

    Scottish singer-songwriter and bass player

  • Kevin Cronin

    American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

  • Manfred Winkelhock

    German race car driver (d. 1985)

  • Clive Rees

    Singaporean-welsh rugby player and educator

  • Clive Rees

    Singaporean-welsh rugby player, educator


  • Christian Noyer
  • Nathalie Nell

    Nathalie nell is a french actress known for her roles in french cinema.

  • David Brin

    United states -- sci-fi author (hugo, nebula, sundiver, postman)

  • Jeff Conaway


  • Francis Delon

    French state councillor and senior official.

1949 - 1940

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1949 - 1940


  • Lesle Moonves

    Lesle Moonves is an American businessman who served as the chairman and CEO of CBS Corporation from 2006 to 2018.

  • Bobby Farrell

    Dutch dancer and performer from aruba (b. 1949)

  • Nicolas Peyrac

    French singer, writer, photographer, born to jewish physicians. guy was guy's father and he lived in brittany. he moved to new-york, where he lived with his mother after his parents divorced. then he went to africa. he wrote "so far from l.a." while he was studying medicine. he returned to brittany after spending several years in quebec. peyrac is his …

  • Penny Junor

    English journalist and author

  • Lonnie Johnson

    Known for inventing the Super Soaker water gun.


  • Gerry Adams

    Gerry adams is a northern irish politician known for his leadership in the sinn féin party and his involvement in the northern ireland peace process.

  • Patricia Kluge

    British-american socialite with colorful past. she was born in iraq to a british translator, and his scottish-iraqi spouse. she married the publisher of "knave," a british skin magazine. she learned belly dancing, took nude photos, and was a star in the soft-porn movie "nine ages of nakedness".

  • Frances Tomelty
    Frances Tomelty

    Frances tomelty is a northern irish actress known for her work in film, television, and theater.

  • Gerry Adams

    Irish republican politician and former president of Sinn Féin who has also been involved in business ventures.

  • Yu Shyi-kun

    Yu Shyi-kun is a Taiwanese politician who served as the Premier of Taiwan.


  • Josée Dayan

    Josée dayan is a french television director known for her work on popular tv series such as 'maigret' and 'les misérables'.

  • Klaus Dibiasi

    Italy -- platform diver (1968, 72 and 76 olympics – gold medalist).

  • Millie Small

    Jamaican singer-songwriter (d. 2020)

  • Patxi Andión

    Spanish singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2019)

  • Brian Johnson



  • Vinod Khanna
    Vinod Khanna

    Indian film actor and producer known for his work in Bollywood films.

  • Stephen Arroyo

    American astrologer, noted author, was the winner of the 1992 regulus award for the human experience. he has also been awarded the british astrological association’s astrology prize. his books have been translated into nine languages and made him one the most popular authors of modern astrology during the 20th century.

  • Millie Small

    World music singer

  • Millie Small

    Jamaican singer known for her hit song 'My Boy Lollipop.'

  • Lloyd Doggett

    Texas-based american politician and member of the united states house of representatives


  • Lula da Silva

    Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is a Brazilian politician who served as the 35th president of Brazil from 2003 to 2010.

  • Ivan Graziani

    Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1997)

  • Domonic Barber

    Attorney (howard stern, jessica hahn, joe buttafucco)


  • Michel Voisin
  • José Carlos Pace

    José carlos pace was a brazilian racing driver known for competing in formula one and winning the brazilian grand prix in 1975.

  • Carlos Pace

    Brazilian race car driver (d. 1977)

  • Merzak Allouache

    Director (salut cousin amour a paris).

  • Patrick Cordingley

    English general


  • Ottavio Bianchi

    Italian soccer coach.

  • Richard Caborn

    English politician and engineer minister for sport and olympic games

  • Michael Durrell

    American actor

  • Gilles Clément
  • Bernard Fixot

    French publisher and founder, he is also chairman of the board of xo editions. he is also the chairman of bernard fixot, llc, a los angeles-based publishing house.


  • Britt Ekland
    Britt Ekland

    Swedish-american actress and one of sweden's most prominent sex symbols. ekland was a commercial star from the age of 15, and she worked as an extra in tv and film. she also played small parts in movies until 1963. ekland speaks fluently in english, french, german, italian, french and swedish. after a 15-day affair, ekland married peter sellers on 2/19/1964. …

  • Fred Travalena

    American comedian and actor (d. 2009)

  • Dan Christensen

    American painter (d. 2007)

  • Fred Travalena in New York City

    New york usa; comedian/impressionist (buy and cell).

  • Fred Travalena

    American comedian and impressionist (born in 1942).


  • Paul Popham

    American financier and founder, gay men's health crisis center in new york city. formerly, he worked at "the advocate."

  • Daniel Druet

    French sculptor known for modeling wax figures. he is most famous for his wax effigy (la nona ora), of pope john paul ii, designed by maurizio cartelan.


  • Hiroshi Yoshimura

    Pioneering ambient musician and composer in Japan.

  • Jerry Heller

    Renowned biologist known for his contributions to the study of genetics.

  • Jan Keizer

    Referee and footballer from the netherlands

  • Philippe Baillet

    France sport champion

  • Boris Dmitriyevich Andreyev

    Russia -- cosmonaut

1939 - 1930

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1939 - 1930


  • Melvyn Bragg
    Melvyn Bragg

    British journalist, editor, and presenter of "the south bank show," a prestigious arts program that won 87 major awards. the first broadcast of the show was in january 1978. it continued to air through its twentieth anniversary in 1996. bragg's sixteenth novel, "credo", was his first work of fiction. he also wrote a biography about richard burton, simply called "rich."

  • Dixie Carter

    Co-founder of TNA Entertainment, a wrestling promotion company.

  • Melvyn Bragg

    Melvyn Bragg is a British broadcaster and author, best known for his work on arts and culture programs.

  • Sheila Greibach

    American academic and computer scientist

  • Richard Delgado

    American academic and lawyer


  • Serge Nubret

    Actor and bodybuilder from the caribbean-french (d. 2011).

  • Bertrand de Labbey
  • Louis Verge
  • Bertrand Labbey de La Besnardière

    French businessman who is the head of european talent agency artmedia.

  • Teresa Heinz



  • Charlot Hoffmann

    Nobel Prize-winning physicist known for his work in theoretical physics.

  • Robert B Johnston
  • Mario Capecchi

    Nobel prize winner in gene targeting, an american scientist, professor and researcher from italy, he was also a recipient of numerous international awards. his work is about the targeting of genes to prevent, treat, and prevent disease. he describes himself as a father, husband, and scientist.

  • Fritz Scholder

    Fritz Scholder was a prominent Native American artist known for his bold and innovative paintings.

  • Mario R. Capecchi

    Renowned for his research in genetics and development.


  • Paolo Savona

    Italian politician, cabinet member under president ciampi, and civil servant involved with industry.

  • Paolo Savona

    Italian economist and politician known for his views on the European Union.

  • Julius L. Chambers

    American lawyer, educator, and activist (d. 2013)

  • Julius Chambers

    American activist and lawyer (d. 2013).

  • Sandra Voe

    Scottish actress


  • Bruno Sammartino

    Legendary professional wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer.

  • Charito Solis

    Filipino actress (born 1935)


  • Marshall Rosenberg

    Developed Nonviolent Communication, a communication process used for conflict resolution.

  • Elva Dryer

    American swimmer who won three gold medals at the 1956 Olympics.

  • Nicolas Lebeuf

    Boulogne-billt executives

  • Ted Van Dyk

    American columnist and author, who was a political strategist and advisor on democrat party presidential campaigns for over 35 years.


  • William Bowen

    American university president and economist.

  • Geoff Writer

    New zealand journalist and editor of a newspaper. he started his career as a reporter and climbed steadily up the ranks of the newspaper industry until he was promoted to editor. he is also a prolific author in his spare time.

  • Wilbert Tatum

    American journalist and former editor-in-chief of the New York Amsterdam News.

  • Prince Mukarram Jah

    8th nizam of hyderabad (d. 2023)

  • Diane Cilento



  • Patrick Cauvin

    French writer, born as claude klotz. he is also known by the pen name patrick cauvin. he died 13 august 2010.


  • Riccardo Giacconi

    Italian-american astrophysicist and astronomer, nobel prize laureate (d. 2018)

  • Riccardo Giacconi

    Italian physicist and leader of the team that created a telescope capable of producing x-ray images. his vision and ability inspire others were instrumental and he is often referred to as "the father of xray astronomy". in 2002, giacconi was awarded the nobel prize for physics.

  • Nikolai Chernykh

    Russian astronomer (b. 1931)

  • Eileen Derbyshire

    English actress

  • David Connell

    American television executive, cbs-tv and children's television workshop. he was the producer of "sesame street", "captain kangaroo", and "electric company".


  • Hafiz al-Assad

    President of Syria from 1971 to 2000.

  • Hafez al-Assad

    General and politician from syria, 20th president of syria (d.2000).

  • Richie Benaud
    Richie Benaud

    Australian cricketer and sportscaster (d.2015)

  • Les Richter

    American football player for the rams. he was twice voted most valuable player. in his nine-year career from 1954-1962, he played seven times in pro bowl and twice in rose bowl. he was a star in both rugby and football, and he was later elected president of riverside raceway, ca.

  • Hafez al-Assad

    Syrian general and politician, 18th president of syria (b. 1930)

1929 - 1920

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1929 - 1920


  • Bruno Cremer
    Bruno Cremer

    French comedian, actor and comedian. he wrote his autobiography "un certain jeunehomme" (a certain young man), in which he claims that he started his acting career when he was 12. he was a graduate of the paris conservatory and appeared in many films in europe as well as the usa. perhaps his most famous role is that of inspector maigret. …

  • George Mattos

    American pole vaulter (d. 2012).


  • Jean-Jacques Antier
  • Flora MacNeil

    Scottish gaelic singer (b. 1928)

  • Barbara Werle

    American actress and singer (d. 2013)


  • Gene Johns

    American politician and state senator of illinois, with five terms in 1982. campaign finance was the subject of 29 misdemeanor accusations in 1981. the charges against johns were dropped on the trial date of january 5,1982, and he was released within four days, which was the 1/09/1982. johns was well-known for his coal and labor interests. he died at 56 …

  • Emmanuel III Delly
  • Bill King

    English commander, sailor, and author (b. 1910)

  • Paul Badura-Skoda in Vienna

    Austria; pianist (mozart interpretation).

  • Alice Bauer

    Lpga golfer


  • Shlomo Gazit

    Israeli journalist and former military officer.

  • Robert Malott

    American ceo of fmc, an international company that specializes in mining gold, chemicals, and military equipment. malott, a harvard graduate with an ab degree and an mba degree, enjoys camping and rafting outdoors.

  • Cyril Reuben


  • Alan Copeland in Los Angeles

    California, usa; singer/orchestra leader (your hit parade).

  • Howard Stein

    American mutual-fund ceo and executive of dreyfus. dreyfus is one of the largest mutual-fund investment companies in the country, competing with fidelity. stein, who holds 920,000 shares of the company's ownership, is well-respected and soft-spoken. he also waives management fees to keep sales high. he once dabbled in democratic politics and was on nixon's enemies list.


  • Shana Alexander

    American journalist and author (d. 2005)

  • Shana Alexander in New York City

    New york, usa; journalist (60 minutes).

  • Bill Dixon


  • Shana Alexander

    American journalist and author (d.2005)


  • Charles Poswick
  • Guy Le Moal

    French ethnologist and ex-researcher at the cnrs.

  • Kathleen Morford

    American astrologer, who joined afa march 1978.

  • Margaret Fulton

    Australian food and cooking expert, writer, journalist and author. she was the first australian writer of this type.


  • Yashar Kemal

    Renowned Turkish novelist known for his works depicting rural life and social issues.

  • Nanna Ditzel
  • Yaşar Kemal

    Turkish journalist and author (b. 1923)[173]

  • Robert Kuok

    Malaysian chinese business magnate and investor

  • Glynis Johns



  • William J III Kennedy
  • Jock Stein

    Renowned football manager who led Celtic to European Cup victory in 1967.

  • George Price

    Contributed to the understanding of evolution through his work on the Price equation.

  • Joe Frazier

    American baseball manager and player (d. 2011).

  • Teala Loring
    Teala Loring

    American actress (d. 2007)


  • Giovanni Michelotti

    Italian automotive designer (d. 1980)

  • Joseph Lowery

    Leader of the american civil rights movement

  • Evgenii Landis

    Ukrainian-russian mathematician and theorist (d. 1997)

  • Maurice De Muer

    French cyclist who rode professionally between 1943 and 1951, and then became a manager of a cycling team.

  • de Chavanes

    Salins executives


  • Père Michel Jaouen
  • Jacqueline Pagnol
  • Pietro Consagra

    Italian sculptor (d. 2005)

  • John Donaldson

    Baron donaldson of lymington, english lawyer and judge (d. 2005)

  • Lord Donaldson of Lymington

    British judge (d. 2005).

1919 - 1910

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1919 - 1910


  • Tommy Lawton

    English footballer and coach (d. 1996)

  • Donald Pleasence



  • André Pilette

    French-belgian race car driver (d. 1993)

  • Goh Keng Swee

    Singaporean soldier and politician, 2nd deputy prime minister of singapore (b. 1918)

  • Goh Keng Swee

    Former deputy prime minister singapore (d.2010)

  • Goh Swee

    Singaporean soldier and politician, 2nd deputy prime minster of singapore (d.2010).

  • Andre Pilette

    Belgian racing driver


  • Fannie Lou Hamer

    American activist and philanthropist (b. 1917)

  • Fannie Hamer

    American activist and philanthropist (d.77)

  • Fannie Lou Hamer

    American civil rights activist (d. 1977).

  • Charles Lefort

    French journalist, who died in paris on 14 june 2001.


  • Ulysses Guimaraes

    Brazilian politician known as the 'father of the 1988 Brazilian Constitution'.

  • Ulysses Guimaraes

    Brazilian mp (chairman) dies in an accident

  • Cormac Mac Amhlaigh

    Irish journalist known for his work in the Spanish Civil War.

  • Chiang Wei-kuo

    Japanese-chinese general (d. 1997)

  • Ulysses Guimarães

    Brazilian politician killed in a helicopter accident on 10/12/1992 at 17:20, paraty rio de janeiro.


  • Alice Timander

    Swedish dentist and actress (d. 2007)

  • Carolyn Goodman

    American civil rights activist and psychologist (d. 2007).

  • Humberto Sousa Medeiros

    Portuguese-american cardinal (b. 1915)

  • Humberto Medeiros

    Portuguese-american cardinal (d. 1983).

  • Alice Timander

    Actress and dentist from sweden (d. 2007).


  • Isahia Leabua

    Notable author known for his contributions to African literature.

  • Thor Heyerdahl

    Norwegian adventurer and sailor, who was a descendent of the vikings, crossed the pacific with a balsa boat, the "kon tiki", in 1947. he was accompanied by five other crew members. he attempted to cross the atlantic with "ra" in 1969 but was stopped 600 miles short of land. the second attempt at crossing the atlantic in "ra ii" was …

  • Albert Rieux

    France actor

  • Bertram Forer

    Known for the Forer effect in psychology, which refers to the tendency of people to accept vague and general personality descriptions as uniquely applicable to themselves.

  • Thor Heyerdahl

    Norwegian adventurer known for his Kon-Tiki expedition.


  • Carmen Mastren
  • Méret Oppenheim

    German-swiss painter, photographer, and poet (b. 1913)

  • Meret Oppenheim


  • Jules Lowie

    Belgium sport champion


  • Perkins Bass

    American lawyer and politician (d. 2011)

  • Anthony Cuthbert Baines

    Writer / curator

  • Perkins Bass

    American politician, former member of the united states house of representatives (new hampshire)


  • Flann O'Brien



  • Barbara Castle

    British politician, member of the house of commons 1945-1979. also known as the "margaret thatcher of labour party." she was the daughter of an activist father who was an income tax inspector.

  • Barbara Castle

    Baroness castle of blackburn, english politician, first secretary of state (b. 1910)

  • Orazio Satta Puliga

    Italian automobile designer (b. 1910)

1909 - 1900

Famous birthdays on October 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1909 - 1900


  • Carol Lombard

    Fort wayne, indiana -- actress. (my man godfrey is in name only).


  • Carolle Lombard

    American actress who was a major Hollywood star during the 1930s.

  • Carole Lombard
    Carole Lombard

    American actress. she was a top-selling actress onscreen since 1927. lombard was involved for three years with clark gable before they were married on 29 march 1939.

  • Sergei Sobolev

    Russian mathematician and academic (b. 1909)

  • Sergei Lvovich Sobolev

    Russian mathematician (d. 1989)


  • Janet Gaynor
    Janet Gaynor

    American actress who starred in 34 films, including "a star is born" (1937). gaynor was awarded the first oscar in 1928. she became a talented contemporary artist in the 1970s.

  • Lord James Leechman
  • Taffy O'Callaghan

    Welsh coach and footballer (d. 1946).

  • Giuseppe Brignole

    Italy military man

  • James Leechman

    Scottish judge, queen's counsel in 1949, and high court judge. married with two kids.


  • Helen Wills Moody

    American tennis player

  • Jacques Renouvin
  • Helen Wills

    American tennis player and painter (d. 1998)

  • Helen Moody

    American tennis player. u.s. champion 1923-1925, 1927-1929, and 1931. wimbledon champion 1927-1930, 1932-1933, 1935, 1938. three books were written by her about tennis.

  • Helen N Willis Moody

    Tennis pro (8 wimbledon titles 1927-1938).


  • Victor Larock
  • Jose Diez Canseco Pereyra

    Peruvian journalist and writer. urban realism in peru: precursor. luis alberto sanchez described him as "a smart, young, bohemian and aristocratic, penniless... mix of dandy, bohemian bar man and academia. full of social unrest, but with sybaritic tastes."

  • Georges Zwingel

    France actor

  • Jacques Henriet

    Orchamps-vennes physician

  • Horst Lange



  • Ernest Walton

    Irish physicist and academic, nobel prize laureate (b. 1903)

  • Ernest Walton

    Irish nobel prize laureate in physics and academic nobel prize (d. 1995).


  • Daniel Laborne

    French comic book illustrator and writer, most well-known for his character, "lariflette", which he created back in 1939.

  • Ray Kroc


  • Mihovil Logar



  • Eveline Du Bois-Reymond Marcus

    German-brazilian zoologist and academic (d. 1990)

  • Eveline Marcus

    German-brazilian academic and zoologist (d. 1990).


  • Willy Merkl

    German mountaineer (d. 1934)

  • Stan Nichols

    English cricketer (born 1900)

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