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List of celebrities and famous people who were born on May 9th

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2019 - 2010

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 2019 - 2010

  • Monoamniotic twins born via Caesarean section. They are holding hands. "Jillian following 48 second later" (CBS News).

2009 - 2000

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 2009 - 2000


1999 - 1990

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1999 - 1990


1989 - 1980

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1989 - 1980


1979 - 1970

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1979 - 1970

  • American rapper

  • Journalist

  • American basketball player: Raptors guard/forward

1969 - 1960

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1969 - 1960

  • British musician and lead singer, who is also a member the rock band Depeche Mode. They were a novelty act at the time, and they were one of the first big electronic groups to emerge. Their 1990 album "Violator" reached the top-10 both in the U.S. as well as their home country of England. Gahan, Martin Gore (songwriter) and Alan …

  • American actor

  • English singer-songwriter (The Housemartins, The Beautiful South).


1959 - 1950

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1959 - 1950

  • O'Toole, an American female police commissioner and the first to be appointed for Boston MA by the mayor, was appointed on February 9, 2004. Boston is home to the oldest police force in America. On February 19, 2004, she was sworn into office. OaEUR(tm), the wife of a former police detective and grand-daughter of a police officer has had a …

  • in Hungary; tennis star.

  • American viola player and teacher (Emerson String Quartet).

  • Scottish mezzo-soprano, who studied at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. She made her debut in 1976. In 1977, she won the Kathleen Ferrier prize. From 1979 to 1979, she was a Convent Garden guest and was available for European performances.

  • Actor (Silas Mariner)


1949 - 1940

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1949 - 1940

  • Billy Joel

    After 15 years of preparation, an American singer was inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Fame. His songs "Piano Man", "My Life", "I Love You Just the way You Are" and "Only the Good Die Young," show his unique talent for pop, soul, and piano-based music. Seven of his albums have reached the Top 10 in consecutive years. Joel is …

  • German psychotherapist and astrologer, who has been in practice since 1975. He conducts self awareness groups and has been a leader in German astrology groups as an active and certified member of the Deutscher Astrologenverband/DAV, director of the Freiburger Ausbildungszentrum. Former chairman of DAV, now honorary member. Niehenke is the author and advocate for scientific astrology (research), as well as …

  • Atkov; Russian cosmonaut (Soyuz T-10).

  • American basketball player, NBA basketball player for the San Diego Rockets (1970-71) & Houston Rockets (1971-83) Murphy was awarded the J. Walter Kennedy Humanitarian Award in 1978. Murphy was inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame May 10, 1993.

  • German mathematician

  • German mathematician, computer scientist, and academic

  • American author and social scientist

  • Candice Bergen

    American actress and model. She started her career in commercials, but moved into film when she was still in her teens. Unexpectedly, she was a light comedian in "Starting Over" 1979 and "Rich and Famous" 1981. Her popularity reached its peak in "Murphy Brown," a TV sitcom that aired from 11/14/1988 to which she received five Emmys. The production won …

  • California, USA; actress (Carnal Knowledge and Murphy Brown).

  • German Schlager singer (Born 1946)

  • Turkish activist and author (d. 2002).

  • An English-American singer and host of a game show is a game show host.

  • German manager and footballer

  • After earning her degree in Letters 1970, she became an Italian high school teacher of Italian, Latin and History. In 1975, her interest in astrology was sparked by her desire to study in the psychological and humanistic schools. Bordoni started teaching astrology in 1981. She also wrote articles for magazines that were translated and published around the globe. Bordoni is …

  • British-American journalist, author, and computer programmer with a special interest cryonics.

  • American ecclesiastic, a Russian Orthodox Priest.

  • New York, USA: Rock guitarist/vocalist (Blood, Sweat and Tears).

  • American singer, guitarist, and vocalist. He was a founding member in 1966 of the band "Buffalo Springfield". He then went on to form "Poco" in 1968 and then "The Southern/Hillman/Furay Band" in 1974 before pursuing a solo career.

  • French urbanist and architect. In 1970, he graduated from the A%0cole nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris. He is known for his bold designs as well as his artistic touch. His work reflects a sense of their environment and urbanism, which is his founding principle.

  • Ohio, USA; rock vocalist (Buffalo Springfield, Poco).

  • rocker (Cyrkle).

  • Director of Dirty Dancing, dies at 50 from AIDS

  • English politician and economist Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills

  • Swedish writer, journalist, and historian (Born 1943).

  • Dutch astronomer, popular science and technology writer.

  • English astronomer, chemist, and academic (d. 2014.)

  • American attorney general in George W. Bush's cabinet. After a single term as senator, Ashcroft was just out of defeat and tied for the first place in the Senate for most controversial member. Ashcroft was a proponent of criminalizing abortion even in cases of incest and rape; a promiscuous advocate for amending the Constitution to such areas as flag-burning, school …

  • Tommy Roe

    American guitarist and singer-songwriter

  • David Gergen
  • Artist / sculptor (Dutch Mountains).

  • Rock bassist (Freddie and The Dreamers).

  • England, United Kingdom -- Sprinter (1960 Olympics-Silver Medalist).


1939 - 1930

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1939 - 1930

  • Civil servant

  • rocker (The Ventures).

  • Yugoslavian-born poet, the 15th Poet Laureate of the United States

  • American administrator and CEO of P.H. Glatfelter is a manufacturer of specialty and high-quality paper products. Norris, a CEO for over 10 years has a degree in Business Administration from Gettysburg. He graduated in 1960. His company is more resilient than others due to market fluctuations. The downturn has resulted in lower raw-material prices and foreign sales of tobacco paper.

  • Glenda Jackson

    British actress, internationally recognized, who won the NY Film Classics Award for 1971, an Emmy in 1972 for "Queen Elizabeth", and Oscars in 1973 and 1974. After quitting her job as a chemical engineer, she made her acting debut in January 1955 in the film "Rada." Her skills are a consummate professional. They range from the cold, sex-starved woman to …

  • Albert Finney

    British actor

  • TV newsman (CBS).

  • Champion middleweight boxing (1961-62).

  • Italian politician, municipal advisor, parliamentarian.

  • American astronaut who received his MBA in 1953 and an aeronautical engineering degree in 1960. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1953 and became a test pilot in 1963. Brand was chosen as an astronaut on April 4, 1966. Brand was selected as an astronaut on 4/04/1966. He was the command module pilot for the 7/15/1975 mission "Apollo Soyuz", which …

  • Belgium sport Champion

  • Colorado, USA; astronaut (Apollo 18, STS-5, 41B, 35).


1929 - 1920

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1929 - 1920

  • Mexican-American tennis champion, well-known for his strong serve and fiery personality on the court. He was a U.S. singles champion in 1948 and 1949. Gonzales won a marathon of 112 games in 1969, 20-years later. It lasted 5 hours 12 minutes over two days. His sportsmanship, dignity and bearing were as famous as his temper tantrums.

  • Canadian-American figure skater (d. 2012)

  • Cambrai Journalist

  • German biophysical chemist and director of Max Planck Institute since 1964. He is well-known for his studies on high speed reactions. In 1967, he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

  • Lord Justice of Appeal (Northern Ireland).

  • Baseball player

  • French screenwriter and author. Conchon was the head of the French division in 1952. Conchon traveled extensively, particularly to Africa. He was elected Secretary of the Senate in 1960 and served until 1980. In 1953, he published his first novel, "The Great Laundry". He won the 1964 Goncourt Prize in Literature for his novel L'Etat sauvage.

  • Italian professional football player. He passed away on the 4th of January 2003.

  • Master General of the Ordnance

  • German patriot and active member of "The White Rose" Resistance Movement. Hans, her brother, was captured by the SS and executed by the Gestapo.

  • American Roman Catholic priest and anti-war activist. He is the author of "The Trial of the Catonsville Nine", 1971. This documentary details the trial in which Philip, his brother, and seven other defendants were found guilty of destroying draft documents. He also wrote "No Bars to Manhood." He was also arrested on 12/29/1989 for another demonstration he participated in.

  • American poet and academic (d.2004)


1919 - 1910

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1919 - 1910

  • French jazz singer and pianist.

  • Greek member of World War II Resistance (d. 2011).

  • American former governor of Minnesota, and Agricultural Secretary under President John F. Kennedy. Freeman, who was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease complications, died in Minneapolis, MN on the 20th of February 2003. Freeman, a former U.S. Marine turned into a businessman and traveled to over 20 countries every year before helping to establish Minnesota's Dem. The Farmer Labor Party and his …

  • (Senator-Democrat-Minnesota)/Secretary of Agriculture (1961-69).

  • Italian musician and conductor (d.2005)

  • Canadian-American country western singer and guitarist, most famous for his performances with Grand Ole Opry from 1950 to the early 1990s. His country hit "I'm Movin' On", is still the most-listened to song of all time.

  • Novelist

  • Italian-American musician and violinist, who was also the conductor of Los Angeles Philharmonic from 1978 to 1984. He was a student of violin andviola from an early age, winning the 1934 national competition. His debut as a conductor was June 1944. He primarily conducted opera until 1966, when he added symphonic music. Giulini was a disciple Arturo Toscanini and learned …

  • American male prostitute and socialite (d. 1948).


1909 - 1900

Famous birthdays on May 9th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1909 - 1900

  • Italian Renaissance historian and philosopher. His authority on the cultural history and Renaissance was recognized. Garin studied philosophy at Florence University. He graduated in 1929. After a period as professor of philosophy in Palermo and Cagliari, Garin started teaching at his alma mater from 1949 to 1974. Then he moved to the Scuola Normale di pisa until his retirement, in …

  • The Solow Building was designed by an American architect (d. 1990).

  • Canadian country musician (d. 1973)

  • Translator and poet from Scotland. He was a poet and translator from Scotland. His poetry was almost entirely in Scots. Died, 26 April 1981.

  • American minister, evangelist and faith-healer. Considered a great mystic, clairvoyant, and an American minister. She was a charismatic minister and faith healer, whose healing and prayer services always produced spontaneous cures. As a child, she was a devout Baptist and had an intense religious experience at the age of 13. She was preaching within three years and quit school. She …

  • Indian scholar and mystic. He was, so far, the last and greatest saint and master of the tradition Kashmir Shaivism, an Indian philosophy. He was 84 years old when he died in September 1991.

  • Swedish athlete (d. 1950)

  • German Author/Nazi politician dies at 67

  • English anthropologist and social scientist. He also linguist, linguists, visual anthropologists, semioticians, cyberneticists, and a linguist. His work overlapped with many other fields. He helped to extend systems theory and cybernetics into the social and behavioral sciences in the 1940s. The last ten years of his life were spent developing a "metascience" of epistemology that brought together various early forms …

  • Canadian-American organist composer, educator (d. 1988).

  • Fairmont, West Virginia -- Actor. (Oklahoma Annie Cowby & The Lady).

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