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List of celebrities and famous people who were born on December 16th

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2009 - 2000

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 2009 - 2000


  • Victoria Stinnett

    American baby girl, who was forced to be removed from her mother's body prematurely.


  • Corisa Tinkler

    Olympic bronze medalist in gymnastics

1999 - 1990

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1999 - 1990


  • Grayson Dolan

    Popular YouTuber known for his tech-related content and vlogs.

  • Ethan Dolan

    Vine star


  • Sabrina Ionescu

    Sabrina Ionescu is an American professional basketball player for the New York Liberty of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA).

  • Mira Antonitsch

    Austrian tennis player

  • Tyler Iacona

    Youtube star

  • Kiara Muhammad

    Tv actress

  • Chandler Canterbury



  • Zara Larsson

    Zara Larsson is a Swedish singer known for hits like 'Lush Life' and 'Never Forget You.'

  • Maude Apatow
    Maude Apatow



  • Jaryan Brown

    Professional basketball player known for his scoring ability and defensive skills.

  • Abiodun Adegoke

    Nigerian sprinter who specializes in the 100 meters.

  • Joel Adams

    Pop singer


  • Xinyi Peng

    Chinese diver known for her exceptional skills in the sport.

  • Fendi Osman

    Fendi Osman is a Turkish soccer player who plays as a forward.


  • José Rodríguez

    Spanish footballer

  • Nicola Murru

    Italian footballer

  • Elliot Lee

    English footballer

  • Nigel Hayes

    American basketball player

  • José Martínez

    Spanish footballer


  • Lola Créton
    Lola Créton
  • Jyoti Amge

    Indian actress

  • Stephan James

    Canadian actor

  • Rikako Sakata

    Japanese actress and model

  • Qimmah Russo

    Youtube star


  • Shavon Coleman

    Shavon Coleman is a professional basketball player who has played in various leagues.

  • Tom Rogic

    Australian footballer

  • Pietro Perdichizzi

    Belgian footballer

  • Ulrikke Eikeri

    Norwegian tennis player

  • Anamul Haque

    Bangladeshi cricketer


  • Craig Goodwin

    Australian footballer

  • David Johnson

    American football player

  • Alexander Hughes

    American child, born to a prominent family. he is the only child mark reynolds hughes, founder and suzan schroder hughes, an actress, and american child. according to coroneraeur(tm), his father, who was 44 years old, died suddenly in malibu, ca on may 21, 2000. he had overdosed on alcohol and reacted with anti-depressants. a trust is the sole beneficiary of …

  • Forsen

    Twitch star


  • Rebecca Marino

    Canadian tennis player

  • Cassper Nyovest


  • Jake Hardy


1989 - 1980

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1989 - 1980


  • Mikkel Boedker

    Mikkel Boedker is a Danish professional ice hockey player who has played in the NHL.

  • Mikkel Bødker

    Danish ice hockey player

  • Mirei Kiritani

    Journalist and actress from japan.

  • Nya Lee

    Reality star

  • Vincent Cyr

    Youtube star


  • Matis Hummels

    Talented footballer who has achieved great success in his career.

  • Theodoro Obiang

    Theodoro Obiang is a professional soccer player from Equatorial Guinea who plays as a midfielder.

  • Mira Murati

    CTO of OpenAI

  • Anna Popplewell

    English actress

  • Mats Hummels

    German footballer


  • Hallee Hirsh

    American actress.

  • Mame Biram Diouf

    Senegalese footballer

  • Beau Dowler

    Australian footballer

  • Mame Diouf

    Senegalese footballer

  • Yousef Host

    Youtube star


  • Salem Mubarak Al-Shafi

    Saudi Arabian footballer who has played for the national team.

  • Pärt Uusberg

    Estonian actor, composer, and conductor.

  • Zoltán Kovács

    Hungarian footballer (d. 2013)

  • Alcides Escobar

    Venezuelan baseball player

  • Candice Crawford



  • Amanda Setton

    American actress

  • Haftbefehl
  • Stanislav Manolev

    Bulgarian footballer

  • James Nash

    English race car driver

  • Abdelhalim Badjoudj

    French jihadist of north african descent, killed in suicide attack on baghdad airport road 20 october 2004. he injured four people, including two iraqi policemen.


  • Genecis Asamoah

    Genecis Asamoah is a former Ghanaian professional soccer player who played as a midfielder.

  • Theo James
    Theo James

    Theo James is a British actor best known for his roles in the Divergent series and the TV series Downton Abbey.

  • Pierre Ochs
  • Ren Hakuei

    Lead vocalist of the Japanese rock band, L'Arc-en-Ciel.

  • Theo James

    English actor


  • Danielle Lloyd
  • Kelenna Azubuike

    Nigerian-american basketball player

  • Kat Osterman

    Olympic medalist and one of the best pitchers in softball history.

  • Joey Dorsey

    American basketball player

  • Frankie Ballard

    American guitarist and singer-songwriter


  • Justin Mentell

    American actor (d.2010)

  • Goldie Sayers

    British javelin thrower who competed in three Olympic Games.

  • Antrel Rolle

    American football player

  • Stanislav Šesták

    Slovakian footballer

  • Anna Sedokova

    Ukrainian singer, actress and television presenter


  • Krystn Ritter

    Talented actress recognized for her work in popular TV series and movies.

  • Krysten Ritter

    Actress famous for her roles in 'Jessica Jones' and 'Breaking Bad'.

  • Krysten Ritter
    Krysten Ritter

    American actress, musician, and model

  • Cynthia Brown
  • Gareth Williams

    Scottish footballer


  • Justin Torres

    Author of the novel 'We the Animals', a coming-of-age story.

  • Axle Whitehead
  • Danish Kaneria

    Former Pakistani cricketer known for his leg-spin bowling.

1979 - 1970

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1979 - 1970


  • Mando Diao

    Founder of a successful tech startup.

  • Flo Rida
    Flo Rida

    American rapper

  • Daniel Narcisse

    French handball player

  • Filomena Cautela

    Filomena Cautela is a popular TV presenter and journalist from Portugal.

  • Melanie Joly

    Canadian politician serving as Minister of Canadian Heritage.


  • Tyress Gibson

    Renowned actor known for his roles in various blockbuster movies.

  • Luv Ranjan

    Luv Ranjan is an Indian filmmaker and producer known for directing and producing successful Bollywood films.

  • Scott Bailey (actor)
  • Gunter Van Handenhoven

    Belgian manager and footballer

  • John Morris

    Canadian firefighter and curler


  • René Redzepi
  • Éric Bélanger

    Canadian ice hockey player

  • Sylvain Distin

    French footballer

  • Rene Redzepi

    Co-owner and head chef of Noma, a renowned restaurant in Copenhagen.

  • Eric Belanger

    Canadian ice hockey player


  • Laisha Wilkins

    Former professional basketball player known for her skills on the court.

  • Jen Golbeck

    American academic and computer scientist

  • Emiri Henmi

    Japanese singer and actress

  • Stuart Ashen

    Youtube star


  • Frédérique Jossinet
  • Valentin Bădoi

    Romanian manager and footballer

  • Paul Maynard

    English politician

  • Kaba Diawara

    French-guinean footballer

  • Benjamin Kowalewicz

    Canadian singer-songwriter/guitarist (billy talent).


  • Leanne Manas

    South African television presenter known for her work on Morning Live.

  • Frida Hallgren

    Swedish actress

  • Melanie Roach



  • Mischele Smith

    Olympic gold medalist in freestyle swimming

  • Luisa Ranieri

    Italian actress

  • Montana Moss

    Montana Moss was a professional basketball player who excelled in the NBA.

  • Scott Storch

    American songwriter and producer, founded storch music company

  • Themba Mnguni

    South african footballer


  • Nicole Haislett

    Olympic gold medalist swimmer

  • Paul Leyden
    Paul Leyden

    Screenwriter and producer of australian actors

  • Charles Gipson

    American baseball player

  • Paul Leyden

    Australian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

  • Travis Morrison

    American singer-songwriter ("the dismemberment plan")


  • Sayf Abdul-Ahad

    Award-winning journalist known for his work in conflict zones.

  • Stéphane Plantin

    French right winger and handball player, france's world champion in 2001, was a french player.

  • Michael McCary

    American singer-songwriter (boyz ii men).

  • 2014 Peshawar school attack
  • Shigeki Hosokawa

    Japanese actor and model


  • Kent Hehr

    Canadian Member of Parliament and former Minister of Veterans Affairs.

  • Valerie Chow
    Valerie Chow

    Canadian-hong kong actress and publicist

  • Daniel Cosgrove

    American actor

  • Michael Shanks


1969 - 1960

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1969 - 1960


  • Michelle Smith (swimmer)
  • Adam Riess

    Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the accelerating expansion of the universe.

  • Kent Hehr

    Canadian Member of Parliament and former Minister of Veterans Affairs.

  • Michelle Smith

    Three gold medals for an irish swimmer in atlanta

  • Craig White

    English cricketer and coach


  • Isiaih Whitlock

    Isiaih Whitlock is an American journalist and sports commentator who is known for his work on ESPN and other media outlets.

  • Yannick Alléno

    French chef who has been awarded three michelin stars by the michelin since 2007.

  • Florence Masnada

    French skier and olympic contender.

  • Luisella Costamagna
  • Tyler Brûlé

    Founder of Monocle magazine.


  • Doniven Bailey

    Canadian former sprinter who set the world record in the 100 meters in 1996.

  • Miranda Otto
    Miranda Otto

    An australian actress who is well-known for her role as a%0owyn in peter jackson’s "the lord of the rings” trilogy (2001-2003).

  • Donovan Bailey

    Canadian sprinter who won the gold medal in the 100 meters at the 1996 Olympics.

  • Miranda Otto

    Australian actress

  • Indrek Kaseorg

    Estonian decathlete


  • Dennis Wise

    Successful British entrepreneur and former professional footballer.

  • Cliffard Robinson

    NBA player known for his versatility and longevity.

  • Clifford Robinson

    Clifford Robinson was a professional basketball player known for his versatile skills and longevity in the NBA.

  • Stefania Prestigiacomo
  • Sandrine Mazetier


  • Katianna Witt

    Katianna Witt is a German former figure skater who won two Olympic gold medals and four World Championships.

  • JB Smoove


  • Ellen Gallagher

    Ellen Gallagher is a renowned visual artist known for her mixed-media works.

  • Gentry Huffman

    Gentry Huffman, known as 'The Ultimate Warrior,' was a professional wrestler.

  • Melanie Sloan

    American activist and lawyer


  • Heike Drechsler

    German track and field champion. she is a long jumper who has been crowned the best female long jumper. she is the only woman to have won two olympic gold medals for long jump (1992 and2000). she won two world championships (1983 for drg, 1993 for frg) in long jump. in 1987, she also won gold medals for the long …

  • Thresea Edwards

    Thresea Edwards is a former American track and field athlete who specialized in the long jump and triple jump.

  • John Kirwan

    Legendary all black rugby league player from new zealand. he made his rugby debut in june 1984. he played for the all blacks from august 6, 1994 until that date. in 2002, he retired from professional rugby as a player and coach for the nec club in japan. he moved to italy in 2002 to be the coach of the …

  • Todd Glass

    American actor and comedian

  • Billy Ripken

    American baseball player and sportscaster


  • Timoty Green

    Bestselling author of young adult and children's books.

  • Benjamin Bratt
    Benjamin Bratt

    American actor who rose to stardom in 1995 when he played detective reynaldo "rey” curtis on nbc's law & order. he appeared in numerous movies, including the next best thing ((2000)), after he had left the show.

  • Gianluca Guarischi

    Italian politician and fascist, found to have taken bribes. convicted of political extortion 9/21/2000. he was involved in politics since he was a young man. he was already a militant under craxi's government and a provincial politician in 1985, before joining the fascist party.

  • James Mangold
    James Mangold

    American screenwriter and producer of director films

  • Cathy Johnston-Forbes

    American golfer


  • Liane Foly

    Actress, tv presenter, blues singer and jazz performer.

  • Jem Cohen

    Known for his documentary films and experimental work.

  • Maruschka Detmers
    Maruschka Detmers

    Actress and comedian, best known for her part in "pra(c]nom carmen", a jean-luc godard directed film.

  • Charly Mottet

    French road cycling racer and one of the most successful of his time, who rose to the top in the world.

  • Melanie Smith

    American actress


  • Bill Hicks

    American comedian and singer (d. 1994).

  • Bonnetta Etheridge

    Bonnetta Etheridge is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist known for her folk-rock music.

  • Jon Tenney
    Jon Tenney

    American actor and director

  • Sam Robards
    Sam Robards

    American actor

  • Dodd Darin

    American family. the son of bobby darin (and sandra dee), who were married for nine years. he wrote in 1994 his autobiography, "dream lovers", that his father was selfish and ruthless, and his mother shy and withdraw (an incest victim and an alcoholic).


  • Pat Van Den Hauwe

    Belgian manager and footballer

  • Canuto Kallan

    Danish visual artist

1959 - 1950

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1959 - 1950


  • Orlando Woolridge

    American basketball player and coach (b. 1959)

  • Pierre Mérot
  • Steve Mattsson

    American illustrator and author

  • H. D. Kumaraswamy

    Indian social worker and politician, 18th chief minister of karnataka

  • Alison La Placa

    American actress


  • Jeff Ruland

    American basketball player

  • Bart Oates

    American football player and lawyer

  • Katie Leigh

    American voice actress

  • Bart Oates NFL center (New York Giants

    San francisco 49ers).


  • Nikolis Michaloliakos

    Greek far-right politician and leader of the Golden Dawn party.

  • Nikholas Michaloliakos

    Greek far-right politician and leader of the Golden Dawn party.

  • Alix de Saint-André
  • Nicholaos Michaloliakos

    Greek far-right politician and leader of the Golden Dawn party.

  • Antonio Vega

    Spanish singer-songwriter/guitarist (nacha pop), (d. 2009).


  • Catherine Jacob

    She was a french actress who won the cesar award for 1988 best promising actress. her role in "life is long and quiet" earned her the cesar award. she is also known for her role as tatie danielle.

  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux
  • Morris Brown

    Morris Brown was a talented football player known for his skills on the field.

  • Boyd Rice

    Experimental musician and artist known for his work in the industrial music scene.

  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux

    French musician, singer-songwriter, composer, actress, writer and painter (b. 1956)


  • Xander Berkeley
    Xander Berkeley

    Xander Berkeley is an American actor known for his roles in movies and TV shows.

  • Carol Browner

    American lawyer and environmentalist, 8th administrator of the environmental protection agency

  • Prince Lorenz of Belgium

    Archduke of austria-este

  • Chiharu Matsuyama

    Japanese singer-songwriter

  • Prince Lorenz of Belgium

    Archduke of austria-este


  • Spagna (singer)
  • Carlo Brandt
  • Barbara Moss

    American author and artist who is most importantly an inspiration of how people can overcome hell with humor and strength, and avoid the victim mentality in favour of their personal choices.

  • Alan Kulwicki

    American race car driver (b. 1954)

  • Ivana Spagna

    Italian singer who sings punk-rock music.


  • Rebecca Forstadt

    American screenwriter and actress with american voices

  • Filip Bolluyt

    Dutch actor (daybreak)

  • Richard Herrin

    American homicide: bonnie garland was killed by her college sweetheart on 7/07/1977 with scarsdale, ny. he was a poor mexican-american junior at yale when the 17-year old girl first met him. they quickly fell in love and began an affair over the course of their three-year relationship. herrin was a valedictorian at his high school in los angeles with a …

  • John R. Allen


  • Joel Garner

    Barbados -- bowler


  • Susan Estrich

    American lawyer and harvard law professor during the 1980s. she is known for her brains and decisive clarity. she went to law school and was then recruited to assist in the reelection campaign of massachusetts governor michael dukakis in 1981. from 1981 to 1987, she taught at harvard. in october 1987, john sasso, the dukakis presidential campaign manager, left and …

  • Joel Garner

    Manager and cricketer from barbados

  • Francesco Graziani

    Manager and footballer from italy


  • Robben Ford

    American guitarist and songwriter (l.a. express, yellowjackets).

  • Darly Bricklin

    Darly Bricklin is the co-creator of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program for personal computers, and a pioneer in the software industry.

  • Alby Mangels

    Entrepreneur and founder of Mangels Industrial, a successful business in Brazil.

  • Balthazar Breitner

    Balthazar Breitner was a Dutch footballer who played as a midfielder.

  • Sally Emerson

    English poet and author


  • Roy Schuiten

    He was a dutch road and track cyclist, and he later became a team manager.

  • Abbott Lawrence

    American physicist known for his work on the development of the atomic force microscope.

  • Claudia Cohen

    American gossip columnist and socialite (born 1950).

  • Roy Shuiten
  • Ieremia Tabai

    President of kiribati, gilbert islands (1979-91).

1949 - 1940

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1949 - 1940


  • Abiola Ajimobi

    Abiola Ajimobi was a Nigerian businessman and politician who served as the Governor of Oyo State.

  • Billy F Gibbons
  • Heather Hallett

    English judge and lawyer

  • Billy Gibbons

    American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

  • Don Johnson



  • Christopher Biggins
    Christopher Biggins

    English actor and tv presenter.

  • Skip Campbell

    Former Mayor of Coral Springs and member of the Florida Senate.

  • Pat Quinn



  • Ben Cross
    Ben Cross

    English stage and film actor (b. 1947)

  • Trevor Żahra

    Maltese novelist, poet and illustrator

  • Vincent Matthews

    United states -- 400m dash (1972 olympics - gold medalist)

  • Martyn Poliakoff

    English academic and chemist


  • Benny Andersson

    Swedish pop singer, member of the band abba. married and divorced to frida anni-frid lyngstad.

  • Benny Anderson
  • Barbara Smith
  • Beck Weathers

    Author of 'Left for Dead', a book about his survival on Mount Everest.

  • Charles Dennis

    Canadian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter


  • Bobby George

    English darts player and sportscaster

  • Patti Deutsch

    American voice artist and comedic actress (b. 1943)

  • Tony Hicks

    English singer and guitarist (the hollies).

  • Michael King

    Actor, "lonely are the brave", dies at 69

  • Yukio Hattori

    Japanese television commentator


  • John Abercrombie


  • John Abercrombie


  • Jeff Kanew

    American screenwriter and director

  • Frank Waxman

    American osteopath, with a luxurious practice and a west hollywood condominium. he was charged with the theft of $1 million of artwork from los angeles, new york, and palm beach, fl. some pieces were missing for up to seven years. there were over 100 paintings and sculptures. they were all kept by waxman as his personal decor.

  • Rafael Llinás

    Known for his research on the physiology of neurons.


  • Steven Bochco

    American television writer and producer (d. 2018)

  • Patti Deutsch

    American actress and comedian (d. 2017)

  • Claudie Ossard

    French producer of film, best known for his productions of jean-pierre jeunet's films.

  • Tony Hicks

    Rocker (hollies-the air that i inhale)


  • Daniel Mermet

    French writer, journalist and radio producer. he is best known for his show la -bas si je j'y suis on france inter.

  • Donald Carcieri

    American educator and politician, 73rd governor of rhode island

  • Donald Carcieri

    American politician and educator, 73rd governor of rhode island

  • Kathleen Blanco


  • Eugene Glazer
    Eugene Glazer

    American actor


  • Lesle Stahl

    Lesle Stahl is an American journalist who has been a correspondent for CBS News since 1972.

  • Lesley Stahl

    American newscaster. she was the co-editor for cbs' 60 minutes as of 3-21/1991. harry reasoner was replaced by her and she joined don hewitt and mike wallace, morley safer and ed bradley as co-respondents. she is currently a cbs news white house correspondent, moderator for "face the nation", and co-anchor of "america tonight" with charles kuralt since october 1990. she …

  • Lesly Stahl

    Lesly Stahl is an American journalist known for her work on the television program 60 Minutes.

  • Leslie Stahl

    Renowned American journalist known for her work on CBS's '60 Minutes'.

  • Roger Neil Wheeler

    English general


  • Norm Dicks


  • Dimitri van Toren

    Dutch vocalist / composer

1939 - 1930

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1939 - 1930


  • Yaacov Neeman

    Israeli lawyer and politician who served as Minister of Finance.

  • Philip Langridge

    English actor and tenor (d. 2010).

  • Gordon Miller

    English high jumper

  • Liv Ullman

    Tokyo, japan -- actress (cries & whispers), 40 carats

  • Marte Röling

    Dutch fashion designer, illustrator, sculptor and artist.


  • Liv Ullmann
    Liv Ullmann

    Born in tokyo, norway, she became a leading dramatic actress of swedish and foreign films. she won a new york film critics award (crime and whispers) 1972 and added hollywood films after 1973. she toured for three years with a successful theatre company as an apprentice.

  • Frank Deford

    Frank Deford was an American sports journalist and author known for his work at Sports Illustrated and NPR.

  • Kenneth Macke

    American merchandise marketer and ceo of dayton hudson, a large chain of retailing stores. macke graduated from college with a bs degree in retailing. he enjoys spending time with his labrador, when he's not working.

  • Michael Greer in Durham

    North carolina, usa; actor (bobby gentry show).


  • Ed Ruscha
  • Anders Bodelsen

    Danish author known for his novels and short stories.

  • Joyce Bulifant

    American actress

  • Edward Ruscha

    American photographer and painter

  • Joyce Bulifant
    Joyce Bulifant

    American singer and actress


  • Morris Dees

    American civil rights lawyer and co-founder of southern poverty law center. dees was raised in a farming family. he started a direct mail business while at the university of alabama with a specialization in book publishing. he graduated with a law degree in 1960 and opened a law practice. however, he kept his publishing company, fuller and dees publishing company. …


  • John Taylor Gatto


  • Jean Anastasi

    French-italian road race cyclist.


  • Rex Bell

    American district attorney, clark county, las vegas. son of silent film legend clara bow (born george francis beldam).


  • Quinntin Young

    Served as a U.S. Representative for Illinois.

  • Gloria Romero (actress)
  • Jacques Lafouge

    French lawyer and freemason, grand master of 'le grand orient de france', the successor to patrick kessel.

  • Tim Conway



  • Quentina Blake

    Known for his whimsical and imaginative illustrations in children's books.

  • Therma Martinez

    Olympic gold medalist sprinter known for her speed and determination.

  • Pierre Carron
  • Quentin Blake

    Celebrated illustrator known for his work in children's books.

  • Lin Zhao

    Chinese dissident and christian executed during the cultural revolution (d. 1968)


  • Marcel Oms

    French film critic and historian. on 22 july 1993, he was killed in an accident.

  • Karl Denver

    Scottish-english singer (d. 1998)


  • Sam Most

    American jazz flutist, composer, and recording artist. he has recorded with many jazz greats like buddy rich, teddy wilson, buddy rich, and tommy dorsey. he records for the xanadu record label.

  • Bill Young

    American sergeant and politician (b. 1930)

  • Bill Brittain

    American author (d. 2011)

  • Bill Young

    American politician and sergeant (d. 2013).

1929 - 1920

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1929 - 1920


  • Nicholas Courtney

    Egyptian-english actor (d. 2011)

  • Jean-Charles Thomas

    French catholic priest, bishop emeritus de versailles.

  • Georges Dupeyron

    French astrologer, who specializes in meteorological astrology. also analyzes earth quakes.

  • Paul Nizon

    Swiss writer and art historian.

  • Nicholas Courtney

    Actor egyptian-english (d. 2011).


  • Philip K Dick

    American author (born 1928)

  • Phillip K. Dick

    American science fiction writer known for 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'

  • Philip K. Dick

    Renowned science fiction writer known for 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'

  • Bayla Schaechter-Gottesman

    Renowned Yiddish singer and songwriter.

  • Terry Carter

    American producer and director of actor


  • Randall Garrett

    American sci-fi writer. he wrote many stories under his name, as well as a variety of names during the 1950s and 1960s. he was comatose after a 1979 meningitis episode and had brain damage. he couldn't write any more. he was 60 years old when he died in waco (tx) on december 31, 1987.

  • Warren Adler

    American author known for his novel 'The War of the Roses'.

  • Peter Dickinson

    Author and poet of rhodesian-english origin (d. 2015).

  • G Randall P D Garrett

    United states -- sci-fi writer (takeoff (too)!)

  • Andre Delpoux

    France sport champion


  • James McCracken

    American tenor (born in 1926)

  • Jeffrey Stone

    American screenwriter and actor (d. 2012).

  • A. N. R. Robinson

    Tobagonian lawyer and politician, 3rd president of trinidad and tobago (d. 2014)

  • James McCracken

    American tenor and actor (d. 1988)

  • James McCracken

    American singer and dramatic tenor in opera. his 52-inch chest gave him the ability to deliver a strong, rich and precise tone. even as a child, he was heavy and reached 270 lbs by the time he was an adult.


  • Bert Hellinger

    German author known for his work on family constellations and systemic therapy.


  • Nicolas Sidjakov

    Illustration by a latvian-american artist (d. 1993).

  • Eli Cohen

    An israeli intelligence officer was arrested in january 1965 for spying. he was widely considered a master spy with high-level links to syria.


  • Freeman Dyson

    Renowned physicist known for his work in quantum electrodynamics and nuclear engineering.

  • Menahem Pressler

    German-american pianist (beaux arts trio)

  • Ernst Florian Winter

    Austrian-american historian and political scientist (b. 1923)

  • Tip [Silvio

    A] marugg; antillian writer (weekend pilgrimage).

  • Ernst Winter

    Austrian-american political scientist and historian (d. 2014).


  • William Duncan

    A scottish businessman and executive at imperial chemical industry, i.c.i. north america, ltd. and ceo rolls royce 1983, the year he was knighted.

  • Cy Leslie

    Pickwick records was founded by an american record producer (d. 2008).

  • Betty Collins

    American astrologer, practicing in california since the 1980s. never married.

  • Pierre Chany

    French journalist covering the tour de france, 49 times. he was also the main cyclist writer at l'a%0quipe, a daily newspaper.


  • Eulalio González

    Mexican singer-songwriter, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2003)

  • Eulalio González
    Eulalio González

    Mexican director producer and screenwriter of mexican singer-songwriters (d. 2003).


  • Harla Franklin

    Renowned biologist known for her work on DNA replication.

  • Les Leston
  • Frederick Rotimi Williams

    Nigerian lawyer and politician (b. 1920)

  • Frederick Williams

    Nigerian politician and lawyer (d. 2005).

  • Frederick Rotimi Williams

    Nigerian politician and jurist (d.2005)

1919 - 1910

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1919 - 1910


  • Albertia Walton

    Albertia Walton was an American businesswoman and co-founder of the retail giant Walmart.

  • Michel Etcheverry

    France actor

  • Manke Nelis

    [cornelis piters] dutch folk singer (small yodel boy).


  • Pierre Delanoë

    French songwriter (d.2006)

  • Vida Hope

    English actress (d. 1963).

  • Pierre Delanoe

    French songwriter and lyricist (d. 2006).

  • Etienne Lalou

    Paris 14éme journalist

  • Henry Clarke

    Fashion photographer.


  • Arthur C. Clarke

    A British science fiction writer, science writer, and futurist, best known for the novel '2001: A Space Odyssey'.

  • Arthur C Clarke
  • Wroklaw (Poland)
  • Arthur Clarke

    Renowned British science fiction writer known for '2001: A Space Odyssey.'

  • Auther C. Clarke

    Famous for his science fiction works, including '2001: A Space Odyssey'.


  • Ruth Johnson Colvin

    American author and educator, founded proliteracy worldwide

  • Birgitta Valberg

    Swedish actress (d. 2014.)

  • Theo Bitter

    Dutch painter / set designer

  • Adrianus Veen

    Netherlands writer

  • Udom Patpongsiri

    Property developer.


  • Oswald Kollek

    Austrian journalist known for his work in radio broadcasting and political commentary.

  • Georgi Sviridov


  • Georgy Vasilevich

    Svirdov composer.

  • Turk Murphy

    American singer and trombonist (d. 1987).


  • Ogle Winston Link

    Known for his stunning photographs of steam locomotives, Link was also an entrepreneur in the railroad industry.

  • O. Winston Link

    American photographer (d. 2001)


  • Sol Linowitz

    American diplomat who played a key role in negotiating the Panama Canal Treaty.

  • George Ignatieff

    Russian-canadian diplomat and scholar 8th canadian ambassador at the united nations (d. 1989).

  • Salik Lucknawi

    Indian poet and journalist (d. 2013).

  • de Seguins

    Orleans military man

  • Muriel Rukeyser



  • Robert Berri


  • Hortense Calisher

    American novelist and short story writer, known for her psychological depth and literary style.

  • Stan Kenton

    American pianist, composer, and bandleader (b. 1911)


  • Pedro Páramo

    Mexican author known for his influential novel 'Pedro Páramo' which is considered a classic of Latin American literature.

  • Freddie Brown

    Peruvian-english sportscaster and cricketer (d. 1991).

  • Stanojlo Rajicic


  • Robert Noehren


1909 - 1900

Famous birthdays on December 16th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1909 - 1900


  • Henricus Verbunt

    Civil servant/ resistance fighter

  • Edgar Mittelholzer

    Guyanese novelist. he was the first west indian novelist to set foot in europe and build a substantial european readership.


  • Remedios Varo

    Spanish-mexican surrealist painter & anarchist (d. 1963)

  • Remedios Varo Uranga

    Spanish-mexican para-surrealist painter, anarchist and spanish-mexican.


  • Albino Galvano

    Italian abstract painter, philosopher, and art critic. he died in torino at the age of 83 or 84 in 1991.

  • Jacques de Bollardière
  • Barbara Kent

    Canadian-born american film actress (d. 2011)

  • de Bollardiere

    Chateaubriant military man

  • Oscar Niemeyer



  • Barbara Kent
    Barbara Kent

    Canadian-born american actress (b. 1907)

  • Lord Margadale

    Leader of the english conservative parliament/large landowner

  • John Morrison

    Politician / landowner


  • Ruben Nirvi

    Finnish linguist and professor (b. 1905)

  • Piet Hein

    Danish mathematician, author, and poet (d. 1996)


  • Suzanne Tourte

    France painter

  • Edward Morris

    Bernstein economist.


  • Kiing Kalu

    Nigerian poet known for his impactful works that reflected the struggles and triumphs of his people.

  • Harold Whitlock

    English race walker and coach (d. 1985)

  • Hardie Albright

    Pittsburgh, pennsylvania -- actress (silver streak scarlet letter).

  • Pierre Vialle

    France scientist

  • Rafael Alberti

    Spanish poet (el hombre deshabitado).


  • Rafel Alberti

    Spanish poet and playwright associated with the Generation of '27.

  • Rafael Alberti

    Spanish poet and member of generation of '27. he is regarded as one of the most important literary figures of the so called silver age of spanish literature and has won many prizes and awards. he was 96 years old when he died. he was 96 years old when he died. after franco's death, he returned to spain and was …


  • Margaret Mead

    An American cultural anthropologist who was a frequently featured writer and speaker in the mass media throughout the 20th century.

  • Margaret Mead

    American cultural anthropologist, mead made six south sea trips to study cultural conditioning. mead rose to prominence in 1928 with the publication of "coming of age in samoa," a surprise bestseller. she was a rising social scientist and a popular young woman. she was appointed assistant curator at american museum of natural history in new york in 1926. she remained …


  • Rudolf Diels

    German first chief of gestapo, a secret police force that was established in june 1933. he was appointed by goering, his patron. he was the son of a farmer and enlisted in the military at the end of ww i. in 1919, he entered law school.

  • Lucille Lortel

    American actress and producer (d.1999)

  • V Pritchett

    English critic and author

  • V S Pritchett

    English critic and author

  • Victor S Pritchett

    Author / literary critic (myth makers).

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