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List of celebrities and famous people who were born on May 18th

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2019 - 2010

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 2019 - 2010


2009 - 2000

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 2009 - 2000

  • Very innovative astrological forum, created by Hans-Werner Wolters.After his death André Helms got administrator before he died, too.

  • YouTube Star

  • American child from a large and controversial American family. One of 14 children born by in vitro fertilization.


1999 - 1990

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1999 - 1990

  • Solo sailor

  • Suriname / Dutch sports journalist

  • The child of a French doctor suspected of killing his wife and children. Evidently, he rented a yacht. He was last seen with his children in September 1999 in St. Malo (a coastal town to the north of Framce). Police investigated his disappearance and discovered Godard's blood in a pickup truck. A trawler's net found a child's skull 25 miles …


1989 - 1980

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1989 - 1980

  • American celebrity, Jesse, the daughter of John Denver and Cassandra Delaney was married in the previous summer. Jesse was their sole child.


1979 - 1970

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1979 - 1970

  • Italian-American reality TV cast member, most well-known for her role in The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Giudice is a regular on the show and has also written three New York Times bestseller books. She was also featured on Donald Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice. She currently resides in Towaco with her husband, four daughters and their three dogs. Her extravagant …

  • French skier competing in cross-country and alpine events.

  • British Columbia, Canada; NHL right wing (Montreal Canadiens).

  • Canadian ice hockey coach and player

  • Tina Fey

    American comedian, writer, and producer. She is best known for her work in the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) (1997)aEUR"2006), the critically acclaimed NBC comedy program 30 Rock (2006)aEUR"2013, and films such as Mean Girls (2004) and Baby Mama (2008).

  • American guitarist and producer (A Perfect Circle, Ashes Divide).

  • Soccer player (FC Twente).

  • Hockey forward (Canada, Olympics-1998)

1969 - 1960

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1969 - 1960

  • Belgian actress, singer, TV presenter, author, and model. She is Lio's younger sibling. She was a member of the Ollano group and sang "Latitudes". This song gained her a certain audience in Europe. She released her first solo album in 1998.

  • American singer-songwriter producer and actress (Oppera)

  • hockey defenseman (Team France 1998).

  • German drummer (Helloween) (d. 1995)

  • American professional baseball pitcher. He has been a player in the American League for nine seasons and in the National League for one season since 1998. After attending Wake Forest College he was selected by Montreal Expos in the seventh round of the free-agent draft pick on 6/06/1983. Hanson didn't sign with Expos, and was instead picked up by the …

  • New Jersey, USA; pitcher (Toronto Blue Jays).

  • French tennis player. He was a professional from 1977-1990. In 1984, he won Roland Garros. He was captain of FranceaEUR(tm), the 1994 Davis Cup team, and the winner (team). He was named the third captain of the French Davis Cup team on 21 September 2015.

  • Finnish ice hockey coach and manager

  • Brazilian model, dancer and actress.

  • Canadian ice hockey coach and player

1959 - 1950

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1959 - 1950

  • Christiane Jean
  • French Section Chief and police officer. Although he was criticised for not fitting in with the group as his predecessor, he emerged as a national hero after he took over the Air-France Airbus terrorists' hands.

  • American homicide: An unemployed worker in construction was accused of murdering his infant son on the 20th of March 1992. After an investigation revealed she had been neglected and abused, her 18-month-old daughter was placed in foster care by the state the previous March. She was returned to her home the previous September and Procopio (a child abuse victim himself) …

  • Canadian ice hockey coach and player

  • English cricketer and coach (d.2011)

  • British actress and rock musician. Willcox was flamboyant and cultivated a strong punk image. By age 14, Willcox was an out-of control teenager who drank with the big boys. She also added film to her resume. In 1981, she had three of the top ten hits in Britain.

  • NFL center (Dallas Cowboys).

  • England; rocker "I Want to Be Free!"

  • Argentinian-Mexican coach and footballer

  • French screenwriter and film director. Since 1982, she has directed 16 films. La rA(c]pA(c]tition, her film, was entered in the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. Three Worlds, her latest film, was selected for the Un Certain Regard section of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

  • Japan; golfer (95 Phoenix Open-8th).

  • English screenwriter and playwright

  • American actress of television series and sensational soprano of the Phantom of the Opera. After a stint of two years on "Days of our Lives," she was offered the role of Christine in the Los Angeles production of the Phantom of the Opera. In June 1988, she was cast as an alternate to the main role for a weekly of …

  • English guitarist and singer-songwriter

  • George Strait

    American country western star and Country Music Association award winner. He was also the Country Music Association’s Best Album of the Year and Best Male Voice of the Year in 1985. He also received the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year Award for 1989, the Tex Ritter Award for 1992, and the Single of the Year in 1996. He …

  • United States -- Sci-fi author (Door into Fire)

  • American aviator

  • Hoke; American politician (Representative-Republican-Ohio).

  • American baseball player and sportscaster

  • Finnish politician and rock musician, who was a presidential candidate in 1994.

  • New York, USA. Actor (Paper Chase and Devil's Island).

  • Comedian (SNL Dream On, Dream On)


1949 - 1940

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1949 - 1940

  • An English musician who was a member of the progressive rock band Yes in the 1970s. He is a classically trained pianist.

  • Italian lawyer, right hand of Ligresti. In 1973, he graduated from law school and joined the Ligresti group as an internal lawyer to protect the financial interests of the company. He was elected to the board and became an executive committee member of several financial holding companies and brokerage houses.

  • French poet, historian, and writer. Many of his travel reports (tour de France, Giro, etc.) are his. Martin, cet A(c),tA(c), was the result of the tragic death his son in 1993.

  • Michigan, USA; writer (Fortune).

  • Musician

  • American writer, Marilyn Sheppard's son, is a noted family member. His dad was sentenced to 12 years in prison after his mother was brutally murdered on 7/04/1954. He was eventually exonerated. Young Sam was stripped of his parents in a case he considered extremely unfair. He refused to quit his fight to find his mother’s killer and completely clear any …

  • From 1994 to 1997, he was an Irish politician and Taoiseach. Bruton was a minister under two taoisigh, Liam Cosgrave and Garret Fitzgerald. He held a number top positions in Irish government, including Minister of Finance (1981aEUR”1982 and 1986aEUR”1987) and Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism (1983aEUR”1986). From 1994 to 1997, he was the leader of Fine Gael and led …

  • Indian-Australian actor

  • Alana Stewart

    American model, before she married George Hamilton with whom she had a son named Ashley. She and George Hamilton divorced, and she later married Rod Stewart.

  • French journalist and media personality. From its inception, he was the leader of the National Cinematography Centre as well as the Franco-German TV Channel ARTE. He has been the president of PIASA, an auction house.

  • Traa; Dutch Member Of Parliament (PvdA).


1939 - 1930

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1939 - 1930

  • American notable family. The second of two sons to David O. Selznick's first wife, Irene Mayer (daughter of legend mogul Louis B. Mayer), was born to the couple. The brothers were raised in the film industry and produced a two-hour documentary entitled "The Making of a Legend: Gone With the Wind" 1989.

  • English sculptor and academic

  • French actress and striptease dancer. Later, she became a professional actor.

  • Dwayne Hickman

    American child actor, Darryl, and his older brother, were driven by stage mothers. He played child roles in the 1940s including "Captain Eddy" 1945 and "The Boy With Green Hair," starring Dean Stockwell 1948. He was a regular guest on "The Bob Cummings Show" in the early 1950s. His own series, "Dobie Gillis," was launched in 1955 and ran for …

  • French Catholic priest, named bishop at Verdun in 1987, bishop at Soissons 1999, and Emeritus bishop of Soissons since 2008.

  • California, USA; actor ("Dobie Gillis", How to Stuff a Wild Bikini).

  • American gay artist and partner of Christopher Isherwood, from 1953 to Isherwood's passing in 1986.

  • French family of noted French women, wife of Jacques Chirac from 16 March 1956. They have two daughters.

  • Indian politician and farmer 11th Prime Minister of India

  • English mountaineer and rock climber (d. 1985).

  • American basketball player, for one season, 1955-1956.

  • Robert Morse

    American singer and actor

  • First Lady of Philippines at 16 years old, she became the youngest holder of the title, because her father, President Elpidio Quinino, was a widower. Alicia SyquAa, her mother, and three siblings were all killed by the Japanese in 1945 during the Japanese Occupation. When she married LuAs Gonzales, her first husband and first presidential daughter, Victoria was the first …

  • Massachusetts, USA; American actor.

  • American cartoonist (Born 1931).

  • Estonian chess player


1929 - 1920

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1929 - 1920

  • Baron St John of Fawsley English politician and lawyer, Chancellor of The Duchy of Lancaster (d.2012)

  • American baseball player and coach (d.2000)

  • Aviation pioneer (Martinair/Transavia/Air Holland)

  • He was an Italian soccer/football player. He played for Roma (1948aEUR”1957), Internazionale (57aEUR”1960), Brescia (1960aEUR”1961) and six matches with Italy's national team (1951-1953). He was also a member of the 1952 Italian Olympic team.

  • John of Fawsley

  • French journalist, writer, and editor.

  • British politician and Member of Parliament, who was elected at the General Election on 6/11/1987. Body was knighted.

  • French boxer. He died 11 November 1979.

  • American football coach and player (d. 2015).

  • French actor and nightclub owner. After doing some acting, he created a transvestite entertainment show before opening a club in St-Tropez and another one in Paris, Alcazar, 1968-74. After leaving the Paradis Latin, he resumed his drag act there until 1983 and at the Piccadilly until 1985. Before he went to West Indies to manage a hotel, he returned to …

  • Danish actor, singer, and producer (d. 1980).

  • American essayist, poet, and translator. He was known as "Avalon" His works include "Cups", "The Moth Poems" and "Les Chimeres".

  • American illustrator and author (d. 1998).

  • Bill Macy

    American actor. Starred in "Maude", a TV sitcom. He also appeared on "Seinfeld". Married one time.

  • Norwegian-English academic and psychologist (d. 2005).

  • Danish-born jazz trombonist, composer (d. 1983).

  • British principal (Central School of Speech / Drama).

  • American baseball player. He was a right-handed pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds during one season in 1945.

  • Pope John Paul II
  • Italian singer, who was part of a quartet of four and sang light songs, got married to one of her fellow members. She is also the friend and time twin to Pope John Paul.

  • Mazamet Journalist

  • American editor and publisher, third child. In 1961, he took control of Television Digest and worked as its editor and publisher. He was married once and had 6 children.

  • Paul II (born Karol Jozef Wojty?a) (d. 2005)

1919 - 1910

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1919 - 1910

  • British ballerina, Fonteyn is a legendary dancer. Fonteyn started dancing lessons at age 4 and was enrolled at Sadler Wells ballet school when she was 14. She made her debut at the school in the next year. In 1962, she met Nureyev and their dance partnership was legendary. She was made a Dame in the British Empire in 1956 and …

  • A Bulgarian opera singer widely considered to be one of the most important basses of 20th-century history.

  • Massimo Girotti

    Italian actor who acted in films for seven decades.

  • She was a Swiss actress who appeared in many theatres. "Das Boot is voll" or "Matto reigns", from Friedrich Glauser's book. On radio, she could be heard as Anne BA$?bi JowA$??ger. The series "Die 6 Kummerbuben", which was popular on TV, was also very popular. Gertrud, or "Trudi")Demenga later composed several pieces for children with Monika, her daughter. ("Sticheli und …

  • St-Etienne Military man

  • French jurist, who was elected president of the Assize Court. He then moved to the Court of Cassation. He was a strong opponent of the death penalty.

  • French fashion designer, Jean-Claude Vanier has been a top choice for over 40 years. He also owns a successful accessory and perfume line. He was seven years old when his father died. His mother was an elegant woman who raised him. He went to Paris in 1933 to study architecture, but instead he began working as a fashion designer. In …

  • Bulgarian-Italian opera singer (d. 1993)

  • Jonzac physician

  • American actor (d. 1989).

  • American actor (d. 1989).

  • Perry Como

    American singer (d. 2001)

  • American novelist, former TV columnist for syndicated radio and TV. He was a columnist for the New York Herald Tribune between 1935 and 1965. His commentaries on television and radio received a reputation for his witticisms and erudition. He was stationed in Paris and London for a time representing the Trib'. He then took a five year break during WW …

  • South African anti-apartheid activist (d.2003)

  • Opel is a German auto manufacturer.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- Director (Blackboard Jungle In Cold Blood).

  • Sigrid Gurie

    Brooklyn, New York -- Actor (Algiers, Sofia, Refugee)

  • French astrologer, who was a member of the RTL radio station's governing board from 1970 to 1980. His dramatic tone and nasal voice were his trademark. He was a POW during World War II and wrote novels about that period. He was buried in Neuilly-sur-Seine on November 6, 1993.

  • Economist

  • American family of distinction, first wife of John Dehner (1941-1970), and mother to two children. She died 9 April 1994.

  • Schendel Dutch art historian.

  • Danish author and economist (d. 1999).

  • Rouen EXecutives

1909 - 1900

Famous birthdays on May 18th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1909 - 1900

  • An English aristocrat, the child of Lady Ottoline Moller. Three days after her birth, Hugh, her twin brother, died from a brain hemorhage. Julian Morrell was first married to Sir Victor Goodman and then married Igor Vinogradoff. She died 6 December 1989.

  • French priest and ecclesiastic, he was ordained Roman Catholic priest on 28 juin 1930. He then became Bishop of St. Flour in 1952. In 1960, he was the Archbishop at Reims. From 1968/1981, he was the Cardinal of St. Flour. He was made a Cardinal in 1969.

  • American colonel, politician, 58th New York Attorney general (d. 1986).

  • Zen teacher and founder of San Francisco Zen Center dies.

  • Japanese-American monk and educator (d.71)

  • American politician (d. 1986)

  • French composer, musician and critic. His output includes operas and ballets as well as four symphonies and concertos. He also composed chamber, choral, and chamber music, and many songs. He passed away on the 22nd of June 1989.

  • Bordeaux, France -- Composer (La Chotte)

  • Levallois-Perret Politician

  • Norwegian weaver and textile designer. Her works include decorations for HAY=konshallen and the BodA, Cathedral and the city halls in Asker and Sandefjord as well as the Royal Yacht HNoMY Norge.

  • American biochemist and Nobel Prize laureate in academic sciences (d. 1978).

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