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February 23rd famous birthdays

List of celebrities and famous people who were born on February 23rd

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2019 - 2010

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 2019 - 2010


  • Estelle

    First child of crown princess victoria and prince daniel, duke of västergötland. she measured 51 cm and weighed 3280 grams.

2009 - 2000

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 2009 - 2000


  • Jillian Ward

    Filipina actress and model


  • Emelia Jones

    Rising star in the music industry with a powerful voice.


  • Lilla Crawford



  • Julian Martel

    Pop singer

  • Christian Martyn

    Movie actor

  • Jenna Arend

    Youtube star

  • Clay LaBrant

    Vine star

1999 - 1990

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1999 - 1990


  • Beatriz Monteiro
  • Luigi Grosu

    Pop singer

  • Christine Hanson

    American passenger killed on united flight no.175 at 9:02 am on 9/11/2001. all aboard were instantly killed when the plane struck the world trade tower. susan, her mother, was born in los angeles on 7/28/1966. peter, her father was born in bridgeport, ct on 2/4/1969. the three-year old was excited to visit disneyland when her family flew to southern california.


  • Darian Orlando

    Youtube star


  • Jahmad Thomas

    Professional football player known for his speed and agility on the field.

  • Kasey McKellar

    Kasey mckellar is a british tv actor known for his role as bailey wharton in the popular children's television series 'the dumping ground'.

  • Jamal Murray

    Canadian basketball player known for his skills as a guard for the Denver Nuggets.


  • Tayllor Russell

    NBA star known for scoring prowess and defensive skills.

  • Kade Kolodjashnij

    Kade Kolodjashnij is a young politician who has focused on environmental issues.

  • D'Angelo Russell

    American basketball player

  • Brad Corey

    Youtube star


  • Andrew Wiggins

    Canadian basketball player

  • Oliver Kirby



  • Dakota Fanning

    American child actor/actress, including "i am sam" 2001 and "charlotte's web (2006). also tv shows like "er."

  • Lucas Pouille
  • Little Simz

    British rapper and singer known for her unique style and powerful lyrics.

  • Kedrick Rhodes

    Kedrick Rhodes is a football player who has played in various leagues.

  • Dakota Fanning

    Started her career at a young age and appeared in various films.


  • Kasumi Ishikawa

    Japanese table tennis player known for her skill and achievements.

  • Masiel Rodriguez

    Professional soccer player known for her exceptional skills on the field.

  • Chris Grevsmuhl

    Australian rugby league player

  • Jae Curtis


  • Moe Othman

    Youtube star


  • Kyriakos Papadopoulos

    Talented defender who has played for various top clubs.

  • Samara Weaving
    Samara Weaving

    Tv actress

  • Bao Yixin

    Chinese badminton player who won the mixed doubles gold at the 2013 World Championships.

  • Casemiro

    Brazilian footballer

  • Casemiro

    Brazilian footballer


  • Dominik Büchele

    He is a german pop singer and finished fourth in season 6 of "deutschland sucht den superstar", a german talent-search tv program.


  • Shelbylynn Blackstock

    Successful entrepreneur in the tech industry.

  • Kaylib Megna

    Former professional hockey player with a strong defensive game.

  • Karen Kounrouzan
  • Kirstie Ennis

    Former Marine, Paralympic snowboarder, and mountaineer.

  • Kevin Connauton

    Canadian ice hockey player

1989 - 1980

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1989 - 1980


  • Cillian Sheridan

    Irish professional footballer who plays as a striker.

  • Evan Bates

    American ice dancer

  • Jérémy Pied

    French footballer

  • Amara Baby

    French footballer

  • Laurence Beveridge

    Rock singer


  • Analiya Petrova

    Bulgarian track and field athlete who specializes in the long jump and triple jump.

  • Nicolás Gaitán

    Argentinian footballer

  • Anne-Sophie Barthet

    Anne-sophie barthet is a french alpine skier known for competing in the slalom and giant slalom events.

  • Byron Maxwell

    Football player


  • Alexsandria Bracken

    Alexsandria Bracken is an American author known for her young adult fiction novels.

  • Ab-Soul

    Ab-soul is an american rapper known for his introspective lyrics and unique flow, and is a member of the hip-hop collective black hippy.

  • Theophilus London

    Trinidadian-american singer-songwriter and producer

  • Carnell Johnson

    R&B singer known for his smooth vocals and hit songs.

  • Ab-Soul

    American rapper


  • Skylar Grey

    Skylar grey is an american musician known for her work as a singer, songwriter, and record producer, collaborating with artists such as eminem and dr. dre.

  • Kazuya Kamenashi

    Japanese actor and singer (kat-tun, shaji to akira).

  • Elle Liberachi
  • Ola Svensson

    Swedish singer-songwriter

  • Jerod Mayo

    American football player


  • Tandre Ward

    Retired undefeated super middleweight and light heavyweight champion.

  • Andre Ward
    Andre Ward

    Andre ward is a retired professional boxer known for being an olympic gold medalist and a world champion in multiple weight classes.

  • Ahnya Nemtsova

    Ahnya Nemtsova is a Russian journalist and activist who has reported on human rights issues and political developments in Russia.


  • Emily Blunt
    Emily Blunt

    Emily blunt is a british actress known for her roles in popular films such as the devil wears prada, edge of tomorrow, and a quiet place.

  • Aziz Ansari
    Aziz Ansari

    Aziz ansari is an indian-american comedian known for his stand-up comedy, acting, and writing, as well as for his role as tom haverford on the tv show parks and recreation.

  • Gayathri Asokan

    Popular playback singer in the South Indian film industry.

  • Mido

    Egyptian footballer, manager and sportscaster

  • Emily Blunt

    English actress


  • Laurelin Oliver

    Bestselling young adult fiction writer known for her fantasy novels.

  • Jennylee Smith

    Known for her roles in various TV shows and movies.

  • Shalaine Lawrence

    Jamaican sprinter known for her success in the 100m and 200m events.

  • Karan Grover
    Karan Grover

    Karan grover is an indian tv actor known for his roles in popular television shows such as 'yahan main ghar ghar kheli' and 'qubool hai'.

  • Diana Kovalchuk


  • Josh Gad
    Josh Gad

    American actor, producer, and screenwriter

  • Michaël Erpelding
  • Jan Böhmermann
    Jan Böhmermann
  • Gareth Barry

    English footballer

  • Seth Gold

    Reality star


  • John Maus
  • Otis Nguyen

    Founder of successful tech startups.

  • Mathieu Berson

    French footballer, berson played as a midfielder for championnat national club vannes until 2013. berson previously played for nantes and aston villa, auxerres, levante, toulouse, and auxerres.

  • Yvonne Tousek in Kitchener

    Ontario, canada; gymnastic (olympics-1996).

  • Amazon Eve

    American actress and model

1979 - 1970

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1979 - 1970


  • S E Cupp
  • Amazon Eve
  • Yodelice

    Yodelice, also known as maxim nucci, is a french singer-songwriter and musician known for his folk and rock music.

  • Maria Stepanova

    Maria stepanova is a russian poet, essayist, and journalist known for her literary works and cultural commentary.

  • Taran Noah Smith

    Taran Noah Smith is a former child actor turned economist.


  • Dan Snyder

    Canadian-american ice hockey player (b. 1978)

  • Residente

    Puerto rican-american singer-songwriter

  • John Manning

    Australian rugby league player and actor

  • Yuka Motohashi

    Japanese actress

  • Rene Perez

    Puerto rican musician (calle 13)


  • JP Rosenbaum

    Winner of The Bachelorette season 7

  • Dally Randriantefy

    Antananarivo in madagascar; tennis star (1993 marseille).

  • Kristina Šmigun-Vähi

    Estonian politician and former Olympic champion in cross-country skiing.

  • Kristina Šmigun-Vähi

    Estonian skier

  • Kristina Smigun-Vahi

    Estonian cross-country skier


  • Kelly MacDonald

    Kelly macdonald is a scottish actress known for her roles in trainspotting, no country for old men, and boardwalk empire.

  • Scott Elarton

    American baseball player

  • Kelly Macdonald
    Kelly Macdonald

    Scottish actress known for her roles in Trainspotting and Boardwalk Empire.

  • Chantal Sutherland

    Chantal Sutherland is a former jockey turned entrepreneur.

  • Lorne Balfe

    Scottish composer known for his work in film, television, and video games.


  • Crysten Davis

    Influential fashion designer with a unique and innovative style.

  • Gotham Chopra

    Deepak chopra's son is an american-east indian family. he was a spiritual leader and counselor and a follower of his father's path. gotham is the voice of the young and the hip in the 21st century, where his father reached american citizens on a broad level. he is a guru-in training and writes for channel one, which reaches more than …

  • Bohdan Ulihrach
  • Natalia Verbeke
    Natalia Verbeke

    Argentinian actresses and singers

  • Callan Mulvey

    Australian actor recognized for his performances in '300: Rise of an Empire' and 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'.


  • Robbi Kempson

    South african rugby player

  • Herschelle Gibbs

    South african cricketer, an athlete

  • Leko

    American dj

  • Kenyon Cotton

    Full back (baltimore ravens).


  • Raphael Ibanez

    Former French rugby union player known for his successful career as a hooker.

  • Jeff Nordgaard

    American-polish basketball player

  • Arnold Dwarika

    Trinidadian footballer

  • Linda Ulvaeus

    Swedish singer-songwriter, stage and screen actress. she is the eldest daughter of agnetha fa$/ltskog and bjaprn uleus, who were former members of the swedish pop band abba.

  • Robert Pipkins in Staten Island

    New york, usa; luger (olympics-1994).


  • Pier Paolo Curti
  • Jamie Watson (basketball)
  • Rondell White

    American baseball player

  • Alessandro Sturba

    Italian footballer

  • Jamie Watson

    Nba forward (utah jazz).


  • Melinda Messenger

    English model and television host

  • Carin Koch

    Swedish golfer

  • Joe-Max Moore

    American soccer player

  • Jason Keller

    Scarsdale (new york) -- actor (jason out of the blue).

  • Ryohei Odai

    Japanese voice actor and actor


  • Marie-Josée Croze
    Marie-Josée Croze

    Marie-josée croze is a canadian actress known for her roles in the barbarian invasions and munich.

  • Oksana Grigorieva

    Oksana grigorieva is a russian singer-songwriter and pianist known for her music career and her high-profile relationship with actor mel gibson.

  • Niecy Nash

    American actress and producer

  • Nathalie Arthaud

    Nathalie arthaud is a french politician and a former presidential candidate known for her advocacy for workers' rights and socialism.

  • Marie-Josee Croze

    Canadian actress

1969 - 1960

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1969 - 1960


  • Michael Campbell

    New zealand-australian golfer

  • Damon John

    Founder of FUBU and a 'Shark' on Shark Tank.

  • Michael Campbell

    New zealand golfer

  • Martine Croxall

    English journalist and television news presenter

  • Daymond John

    American fashion designer and businessman, founded fubu


  • Carole Gaessler

    French television journalist. she has been presenting the monday-thursday editions of 19/20 since september 2010. this is the main evening news bulletin in france.

  • Justin Bell

    British racing driver

  • Dennis Coleman

    American homicide. the murderer of joyce aparo's girl-friend, his 16-year-old girlfriend karin aparo, took place in glastonbury, ct on 8/05/1987. dennis was tall, slim, with red hair, and was very personable. dennis had an i.q. of 137 and was talented in music and computers. he also loved outdoor sports. his father was the head of a computer company and he …


  • Adoni Zhuwao

    Zimbabwean politician and former Minister of Youth.

  • Hélène Darroze

    French chef and the first woman to earn two michelin stars. she is based in paris at "st-germain-des-pra"s" and also in london (connaught hotels and restaurants).

  • András Stohl
  • Steve Stricker

    American golfer

  • Chris Vrenna

    American producer and songwriter (nine inch nails tweaker die warzau and exotic birds).


  • Ryan John Cassidy

    Ryan john cassidy is a well-known comedian and actor.

  • Alexandre Borges
    Alexandre Borges
  • Donal MacIntyre

    Donal MacIntyre is a British investigative journalist known for his undercover work.

  • Harry Shum

    Former Executive Vice President of Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence and Research Group.

  • Mark Abrahamian

    American guitarist (starship), (d. 2012).


  • Michael Dell

    Michael Dell is the founder and CEO of Dell Technologies, one of the largest technology companies in the world.

  • Michaeal Dell

    Founder of Dell Technologies

  • Maycol Dell

    Maycol Dell is an American computer engineer and businessman who co-founded Dell Technologies, one of the largest technology companies in the world.

  • Lorance Dunn

    Lorance Dunn is an American musician and singer-songwriter.

  • Veronica Webb

    Veronica webb is an american model, actress, and television personality known for breaking barriers as one of the first african-american supermodels.


  • Ronan Vibert
  • John Norum

    Norwegian guitarist and songwriter (europe).

  • Dana Katherine Scully

    Fictional character (x-files)

  • Byron Evans

    Nfl linebacker (philadelphia eagles).


  • Tyke Avery

    Tyke Avery is a highly respected mathematician known for his groundbreaking work in the field of computational geometry.

  • Radoslav Sikorski

    Polish politician who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland from 2007 to 2014.

  • Radek Sikorski

    Radek Sikorski is a Polish entrepreneur and investor who has founded several successful technology companies.

  • Bobby Bonilla

    American baseball player.

  • Vijay Nambisan

    Indian poet and writer known for his contributions to Indian English literature.


  • Olivier Ducastel
  • Michael Wilton

    American guitarist (queensraiche and soulbender).

  • Louise Wilson


  • Melinda Mays

    Augusta, georgia -- playmate (feb, 1983)


  • Kito de Pavant
  • David Warshofsky
  • Lawrie Mullen

    Drummer for the rock band U2.

  • Kelly Hansen

    American drummer (summer lights)


  • Crown Prince Naruhito
  • Xavier Musca

    French writer, economist, and public administrator. he is now the secretary-general for the french president nicolas sarkozy's office as of february 27, 2011, having previously served as his deputy for two years.

  • Dimitri Casali
  • Naruhito

    Emperor of japan

  • Alan Griffin

    Australian politician

1959 - 1950

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1959 - 1950


  • Clayton Anderson

    American astronaut and engineer

  • Linda Nolan

    Irish actress and singer (the nolans).

  • Nick de Bois

    English politician

  • Ian Liddell-Grainger

    Scottish politician and politician

  • John Arthur Wilson in Ceres

    California, usa; pga golfer (1994 anheuser-busch-4th).


  • Dominique de Lacoste
  • David Sylvian

    Vocal / guitar (sylvian sylvian and japan-adolescent sex).

  • Josejulian Serna

    A Colombian novelist and short story writer who explores themes of identity, memory, and the human condition.

  • Charles Sheedy - Member of the West Virginia House of Delegates
  • Ria Brieffies

    Dutch singer (dolly dots).


  • Ria Brieffies

    Dutch singer dolly dots (d. 2009).


  • Sharad Kapoor

    Indian film actor known for his work in Bollywood movies.

  • Sandra Osborne

    Scottish politician

  • Alan Roberts

    American writer and ex-cocaine addict.

  • Wagner

    Pop singer

  • Maren Jensen in Glendale

    California, usa; actress ("battlestar galactica").


  • Flip Saunders

    Timberwolves head coach of american basketball

  • Francesca Simon

    Best known for creating the 'Horrid Henry' book series.

  • Howard Jones

    English singer-songwriter

  • Howard Jones

    Pop singer

  • Guadalupe Pineda

    World music singer


  • Louis Bertignac

    French singer and musician, born to a jewish algerian father (previously known as benhaam). in 1957, his family immigrated to france. he met jean-louis aubert at school.

  • Viktor Yushchenko

    Ukrainian politician who fought a long and bitter struggle to be elected president of ukraine on october 31, 2004, and the days that followed. viktor yanukovych was the incumbent prime minister. it was a bitter campaign. the october 31st vote ended in a tie with yushchenko obtaining 39.55% and yanukovich obtaining 39.52%. a second round of voting was held on …

  • Joyce Jackson

    American professional racquetball player. she reached the number seven world ranking. in december 1985, she retired.

  • Victor Yushchenko

    Former President of Ukraine.

  • Rajini Thiranagama

    Sri lankan academic and physician (d. 1989).


  • Satoru Nakajima

    Japanese race car driver

  • Kenny Bee

    Hong kong singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor

  • Kenny Bee

    The wynners, a hong kong actor and singer/songwriter (the wynners),

  • Walter Wick

    American photographer and author

  • Marie-Jo Simenon

    American actress. she is the only child of georges simenon, a belgian writer, and denyse ouimet, his second wife. her films included let joy reign supreme (1975), the nada gang (744) and creezy (1974). she was 25 years old when she took her own life after being in constant pain.


  • Catlynn Ladd

    Known for her roles in 'Chinatown' and 'National Lampoon's Vacation'.

  • Brad Whitford

    Brad whitford is an american musician best known as the rhythm guitarist for the rock band aerosmith.

  • Vincent Tan

    Malaysian businessman known for his investments in various industries.

  • Marshall Herskovitz



  • Patricia Richardson
    Patricia Richardson

    Patricia richardson is a tv actress best known for her role as jill taylor on the sitcom home improvement.

  • Rita Poelvoorde

    Belgian ballet dancer, who is a star in ballets under maurice bejart.

  • Hélène Potvin
  • Pierre-René Lemas
  • Kenny Marchant

    American politician who served as a member of the United States House of Representatives.


  • John Greaves

    British bass guitarist and composer

  • Rebecca Goldstein

    American philosopher and author

  • Maxi

    Irish singer and radio personality

  • Steve Priest in London

    England; rock bassist (sweet hayes).

1949 - 1940

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1949 - 1940


  • Marc Garneau

    Canadian astronaut, a navy captain in the canadian space agency between 1984 and his retirement 4/05/1989.

  • Alain Carignon
  • Bruno Saby
  • Jean-Michel Charpin
  • Jean-Yves Cousin


  • Philippe Chatel

    French singer, composer, guitarist, and songwriter. he writes and performs his own music.

  • Hannu Aho

    Finnish novelist

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto

    Renowned for his minimalist and long-exposure photography.

  • Steve Priest

    English singer-songwriter and bass player (d. 2020)

  • Bill Alexander

    English producer and director


  • Pia Kjærsgaard

    Danish politician who served as the leader of the Danish People's Party from 1995 to 2012.

  • Anton Mosimann

    Swiss chef and author

  • Pia Kjaersgaard

    Danish politician

  • Pia Kjærsgaard

    Danish politician

  • John McWethy

    American journalist (d.2008)


  • Freddi Williams Evans

    Renowned author known for her impactful novels on social issues.

  • Ethell Vereen

    Renowned astronomer known for her work on black holes.

  • Rusty Young

    California, united states -- rock steel guitar (poco heat of the night).

  • Joseph Sobran



  • Rodrigo A C Farias
  • Ward Christensen

    Known for creating the XMODEM protocol for file transfer.

  • Tyrone Brooks

    American civil rights activist and politician.

  • Allan Boesak

    South african politician and cleric

  • Frank Murray

    Police officer


  • Jhonnie Winter

    Jhonnie Winter was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer, and one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time.

  • Oleg Yankovsky
  • Johnny Winter

    American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 2014)

  • Bernard Cornwell

    Renowned author known for historical fiction novels such as 'The Last Kingdom' series.

  • Florian Fricke

    German keyboard player and composer (d. 2001)


  • Fred Biletnikoff

    American football coach and player

  • Bobby Mitchell

    American golfer (d. 2018)

  • Bobby Wayne Mitchell in Chatham

    Virginia, usa. pga golfer (1971 cleveland open).

  • Kin'ya Kitaōji

    Japanese actor

  • Jada Rowland in New York City

    New york, usa. actress (penny-hamptons, amy-secret storm).


  • Aviela Barak

    Aviela Barak is an Israeli politician who served as the Prime Minister of Israel from 1999 to 2001.

  • Joahan Ullman

    Pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence.

  • Beau Boulter American politician (Representative-Republican-Texas

    Beau boulter is an american politician who served as a republican representative from texas. he is known for his contributions to agricultural and financial legislation.

  • Suha Arın

    Turkish director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1942)

  • John Lewis

    American pianist and composer (b. 1920)


  • Patricia Sun

    American new age lecturer and teacher.

  • Ron Hunt

    American baseball player

  • William Hj�rtsberg in New York City

    New york, usa; writer (gray matters, fallen angel).


  • Peter Fonda
    Peter Fonda

    American actor, screenwriter, and producer. peter fonda, the son of actor henry fonda, and frances seymour's wife, was raised in an emotionally deprived environment by a depressed mother and an absentee father. at six years old, he was sent to boarding school. he then experienced the trauma of his mother's suicide while she was receiving treatment for depression. the death …

  • Jackie Smith

    American football player

  • Kamer Genç

    Turkish politician from zaza (d. 2016).

  • Myriam Colomdi

    La carneille actor

  • Myriam Colombi

    French actress and theatre director, who spent eleven years at the coma(c)die-franassaise. she starred in french television soap operas and "au tha (c)ac/trece soir" during the 1970s.

1939 - 1930

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1939 - 1930


  • Viktoras Kulvinskas

    Lithuanian nutritionist and one of the most prominent figures in the u.s. for alternative health techniques and practices, particularly in nutrition. his book "survival into the 21st century", which covers vegetarianism and fasting, yoga and iridology as well as zone therapy and massage, color healing, and acupressure, is one of his most popular.

  • Claude Melki
  • Lee Shaffer
  • Majel Barrett
    Majel Barrett

    Columbus, ohio -- actress (christine chapel star trek)

  • Edmund Boyd Fisher



  • Diane Varsi
    Diane Varsi

    American actress, who was nominated for an oscar in 1957 for her role as allison mackenzie. after her oscar-worthy success, she was ready for a star career. but, hollywood puzzled, she began to abandon a film career. after refusing any promotion, she turned down several scripts and finally agreed to appear in "from hell to texas" 1958 and "ten north …

  • Paul Morrissey

    American director, producer, and screenwriter

  • Sylvia Chase

    American broadcast journalist (d. 2019)

  • Paul Morrissey

    American screenwriter and producer of director films

  • Diane Varsi in San Mateo

    California, usa; actress peyton place


  • Gail Barber

    American harpist, composer and teacher. her music is delicate, ethereal, and versatile. it can be used in many styles, including classical, pop, folk and jazz, as well as new age. barber has performed solo and in recitals in the u.s., canada and mexico as well as europe and the middle east. for her pioneering work, she received a doctorate of …

  • Marc Bleuse

    French composer and musician.

  • Tom Osborne

    American football player, coach, and politician

  • Lord Tugendhat
  • David Ward

    President (law society).


  • Roger Rivière

    French professional track and road bike racer who competed from 1957 to 1960.

  • Roger Riviere

    France sport champion


  • Gerrianne Raphael

    American actress


  • Jacques Séguéla

    French advertising executive, cofounder of the agency rscg in 1970. (incorporated by the havas group 1996).

  • Race Gentry
  • Lady Digby

    Lady digby is a british socialite and philanthropist known for her charitable work and involvement in high society events.

  • Karmen Lukač

    Karmen Lukač was a Croatian astronomer known for her work in the field of astrophysics.

  • Linda Cristal

    Argentinian-american actress


  • Lee Quencey Calhoun in Laurel

    Mississippi, usa; 110 metre hurdler (olympics-gold-1956, 1960).

  • Donna Stone

    American poet and philanthropist

  • Donna J Stone



  • Michèle Vilma

    Michèle vilma is a french actress known for her roles in several acclaimed french films.

  • Camellia Joginder

    Camellia Joginder was a renowned rally driver known for her achievements in motorsports.

  • Majel Barrett

    American actress and producer (d. 2008)

  • Majel Barrett

    American actress, widow of gene roddenberry (born in 1932).

  • Majel Barrett

    American actress, widow of gene roddenberry (born in 1932).


  • Ludean Dietz

    American sprinter who won a gold medal at the 1952 Olympics.

  • Tom Wesselmann

    American artist who was associated with pop art. he worked in sculpture, collage, and painting. tom wesselmann, a 73-year-old man who had undergone heart surgery, died from complications on december 17, 2004.

  • Ellison S. Onizuka

    Japanese-American engineer known for his work in the field of aerospace engineering.

  • Marco Savioni

    Italy sport champion

  • Tom Wesselmanl

    American sculptor (great american nudes)


  • Jef Geeraerts

    Flemish writer. he was a belgian congo colonial administrator. he sent his wife, children and parents back to belgium upon the declaration of independence for the congo. in august 1960, he returned to belgium. he was paid by the government during the six years that followed (return program). he needed to find work to survive after that. he made the …

  • Jef Geeraerts

    Belgian politician and writer.

  • Gerry Davis

    Gerry davis is best known for his work as a writer on the long-running british science fiction television series doctor who.

  • Elston Howard

    Pioneering African American sports journalist and former baseball player.

  • Paul West

    English-american author, poet, and academic (d. 2015)

1929 - 1920

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1929 - 1920


  • Elston Howard

    Elston Howard was a professional baseball player known for being the first African American to play for the New York Yankees.

  • Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow (d. 2008)
  • Alexy

    Patriarch alexy ii of moscow (d. 2008)

  • Eduard W "Ed" Bauer [Eddy Evers]

    Dutch actor (bluejackets)

  • Richard Moryl



  • Ralph Earnhardt

    American racecar driver, dale earnhardt, who was the father of dale, jr., and grandfather to dale, jr.

  • Margot Seitelman

    German-american executive director of american mensa since 1961, when she responded to an ad in the new york times. she was married in 1951, and she had three children who were mensa members. she was loved by many.

  • Vasily Lazarev

    Russian colonel, physician, and astronaut (d. 1990)

  • Hans Herrmann

    German race car driver

  • André Strappe

    He was a french striker and manager. he died in february 2006 at the age of 91.


  • Régine Crespin

    French opera soprano. she made her debut in mulhouse, 1950 in "lohengrin." she sang lighter roles in paris and in the provinces throughout the 1950s. she was also a great performer in wagner. with a voice that was warm and beautiful and a stage personality full of charm, she made a great debut at the met in 1962.

  • Nadine Alari
  • Régine Crespin

    French soprano and actress (d. 2007)

  • Jessica Huntley

    Guyanese activist and publisher (d. 2013)

  • Ivan Hrusovsky



  • Jean-Paul Clébert
  • William Roy

    American politician and journalist (d. 2014).

  • Shelley Berman

    American comedian and cabaret monologist. he has appeared on tv and in movies, including "the best man," the wheeler dealers, 1964, and "every home should have one," 1970. he is wry and humorous and has been performing on stage since 1957. three of his albums have been awarded gold. he released "shelley berman live again" in his 70s.


  • Louis Stokes

    American lawyer and politician (d. 2015)

  • Louis Stokes

    American politician and lawyer (d. 2015).

  • Louis Stokes American politician (Representative-Democrat-Ohio



  • Claude Sautet

    French director, television producer and screenwriter. in 1951, he directed his first feature. his first productions were gangster thrillers that were fast-paced. with "the things of life", sautet gained international attention in 1970. he began his career as a social worker and music critic. later, he started to produce french television and wrote his own work. on july 22, 2000, …

  • Allan McLeod Cormack

    South-african-american physicist and academic, nobel prize laureate (d. 1998)

  • Ruben F Mettler
  • Allan McLeod Cormack
  • Lejaren Hiller

    Lejaren hiller was an american composer known for his work in computer music and electronic music composition.


  • Orvan Gallo

    Italian sculptor known for his modern and abstract works.

  • Dante Lavelli

    In 1975, an american football player was inducted into the pro football hall of fame. lavelli was a cleveland browns player from 1946 to 1956. he made all-pro five more times during his career and played in five pro bowls. as a rookie, he was the best aafc receiver and scored the winning touchdown in the title game, 1946. he …

  • Ferris Eanes

    American politician who served as the Governor of Virginia.

  • Mary Francis Shura

    American author (d. 1991)

  • Rafael Addiego Bruno

    Uruguayan jurist and politician, president of uruguay (d. 2014)


  • James L Holloway III
  • Mike Nevelson

    American sculptor who creates partially abstract metal art. mike is the only child born to louise nevelson, sculptor, and charles nevelson. mike and susan nevelson are both artists and textile designers. they have two daughters, neith (an artist) and maria (an artist).


  • Luigi Oreste Speciani
  • Luigi Speciani

    Italian physician who specialized in lung diseases. he was the author of "living with cancer" as well as the founder and director of a medical school.

  • Maurice Carraz

    Cibains physician

  • Joseph Bergerard

    French physician and zoologist. some of his scientific papers are kept in the aaas archives, a french organization called advancing science serving society. he was the director of station biologique de roscoff from 1971 to 1981


  • Jacques Royal
  • Benyoussef Benkhedda
  • Zeno Colò

    Italian alpine skier who won two Olympic gold medals.

  • Paul Gérin-Lajoie

    Canadian lawyer and politician (d. 2018)

  • Hall Overton

    Bangor, michigan -- composer of enchanted pear tree

1919 - 1910

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1919 - 1910


  • Lord Ezra

    Lord ezra is a renowned british author and philosopher known for his influential works on existentialism and ethics.

  • Johnny Carey

    Manager and footballer from ireland (d. 1995).

  • Johnny Lucadello

    American baseball player.

  • Héléna Bossis

    French theatre director


  • Thomas Gallagher

    American author whose first book, "the gathering darkness", was one of the ten books that were nominated for 1952's coveted national book award. in 1955, he published "the monogamist", followed by "fire at sea", 1959.

  • Richard Butler

    American engineer founded aryan nations (d.2004).

  • Richard G Butler

    Aryan nations founder (d. 2004).

  • Dom Aelred

    Watkin headmaster (downside school).


  • Fran?ois Hervouet

    Nantes physician

  • William Walsh


  • Martindale Sidwell

    Organist / conductor

  • George Abel

    Canada -- ice hockey player (1972 olympics-gold medalist).


  • Paul Tibbets

    American military pilot who was known for flying the enola gay (the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on hiroshima in japan on august 6, 1945) and being a commander.

  • Jon Hall

    American actor and director (d. 1979)

  • Heinrich Schirmbeck

    German author (das spiegellabyrinth).

  • Jon Hall

    American actor and director (d.79)


  • Robert Huebner

    He is an american physician and virologist. his work in establishing the link between viruses, cancer and other diseases is his most well-known accomplishment. he was a navy medical doctor during wwii.

  • Theo Middelkamp

    Dutch-belgian cyclist (d.2005)

  • Margaret Farrer

    Ceo (central midwives board).

  • Theofiel Middelkamp

    Netherlands sport champion

  • Theodosia Preston

    American astrologer. her friends called her "teddy" after she joined afa in july 1978.


  • Charles Leonard

    United states -- pentathelete (1936 olympics).

  • Earl of


  • Sabine Sicaud

    France writer


  • Carmelo Buonocuore

    Italy sport champion


  • G Mennen Williams in Detroit

    Michigan, usa; supreme court justice/(governor-democrat-michigan, 1949-60).

  • Walter Ernest Allen

    Writer / critic


  • Rosine Deréan

1909 - 1900

Famous birthdays on February 23rd for the celebrities who were born in the years 1909 - 1900


  • William McMahon

    Australian lawyer and politician, 20th prime minister of australia (d. 1988)

  • William McMahon

    Australian politician and lawyer 20th prime minister australia (d. 1988).


  • Anthony Standerwick

    Heal businessman.

  • Lee Hyo-seok

    South korean poet and author (d. 1942).


  • Leonidas Zoras



  • Williom Shirer

    American journalist and historian remembered for his book The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, a history of Nazi Germany.

  • Helen Nearing

    American author, lecturer and violinist, visionary and psychic. she wrote "develop your psychic skill" and "huna, a beginner's guide". scott, her brilliant economist husband, moved to vermont in 1932 with her. they became synonymous with the ideal homestead, and were a model for many decades of people looking to simplify their lives.

  • William L Shirer

    Writer (rise and fall of 3rd reich), died at 89

  • Leopold Trepper

    Polish / israeli spy / founded by (cp palestina).

  • Terence Fisher

    English director and screenwriter (d. 1980)


  • Ewart Milne

    British writer and journalist known for his works on rural life and nature.

  • Grigori V

    Aleksandrov russian director (veselye rebjata).


  • André-Jacques Fougerat

    French catholic bishop, the bishop of grenoble between 1957 and 1969


  • Federico Chabod

    Italian historian who wrote about the history of political thought. he was most famous for his work on "machiavelli" and the renaissance in 1926. in the 1930s, he turned to local archive-based religious and political histories. his greatest accomplishment was to successfully combine french social history and traditional narrative history.

  • Edgar Ende

    German painter (d. 1965).

  • Aartje W

    "mien" van it sant-van bommel author (mieke-serial).


  • Elinor Remick

    Warren composer.

  • Henri Petit

    France writer

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