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List of celebrities and famous people who were born on May 28th

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2019 - 2010

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 2019 - 2010


2009 - 2000

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 2009 - 2000

  • French noted family, 6 lbs., the son Daniel Pearl and Mariane. Pearl, 38 years old, was researching a story and disappeared in Karachi, Pakistan on 1/23/2002.

  • American family of note, Jessica Goldberg and Lee Goldberg (newscaster at WABC TV) are the daughters

  • Vine Star

1999 - 1990

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1999 - 1990


1989 - 1980

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1989 - 1980

  • He was a steeplechaser from France and won the gold medal at 2014 European championships in his place.

  • Jessica Rothe
  • Wrestler

  • American actor

  • American football player

  • French footballer

  • New Zealand actress

  • American infant kidnapped when she was just 16 hours old. She was taken by an 18-year-old mother who had recently lost her baby. The community worked together to rescue the baby and return her to her mother the next day.


1979 - 1970

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1979 - 1970

  • Romain Duris

    French actor, born to engineer-architect. He studied arts at university. He is best known for his roles in "The Spanish Apartment", "The Russian Dolls", and films directed by CA(c).dric Klapisch. He is the French actress Olivia Bonamy's companion (a son, Luigi).

  • American actress

  • German footballer

  • Cricket Player

  • French soccer goalkeeper. He played in four matches for France.

  • Michigan, USA; table tennis player (Olympics 1996).

  • American military, a 1996 West Point Academy graduate, is stationed at Fort Sill in Kansas. On 10/12/1996, he was struck and killed by a hit-and-run car as he walked along the street with his friends. They were walking to a restaurant when he was hit and hurt. Michelle C. Hiss (31), was charged with manslaughter.

  • Portuguese manager and footballer

  • Portuguese footballer

  • Marco Rubio

    American politician and United States Senator from Florida. He has been serving since January 2011. Rubio declared his candidacy to be the 2016 president on 13 April 2015.

  • She was a French actress who won a Cesar award for best actress in 2001 for her role as a French actress in "Se souvenir des belles choses", starring with Bernard Campan.

  • Washington, USA: Nike golfer (1991 Ralphs Senior Classic).

  • French actress

  • American homicide victim, 11 years old when she was kidnapped by Robert Buell 7/17/1982. Her body was discovered a week later. It had been strangled, sexually assaulted, burnt by candles, and scrubbed clean.


1969 - 1960

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1969 - 1960

  • Kylie Minogue

    Australian singer, songwriter, actress. Her fame was gained by her role as Charlene Robinson, a tomboy mechanic on the Australian TV soap opera Neighbours. Minogue, who starred in the series for two seasons, married Scott Robinson (played by Jason Donovan) in an episode that was viewed nearly 20 million times in the United Kingdom. It became one of the most …

  • Chicago, Illinois -- Javelin thrower (1996 Olympics- 8th Place).

  • New York, USA. Half-heavyweight Judoka (Olympics-1992 and 1996).

  • American actress

  • Australian boxer, and 1984 Olympics competitor in the sport. That same year, he began his professional career. He was ranked top bantamweight two years later by the International Boxing Federation. He competed in junior featherweight and was a two-time champion of the world. Fenech was a Featherweight by 1988. He became a world champion and one of the few boxers …

  • American basketball player who played for many professional teams, starting with the Phoenix Suns after college. He was nicknamed The Hammer and changed the spelling of his first name (to Armon) to reflect how he pronounced it. In 2000, he retired from the sport and took up a coaching position at a college basketball school. This lasted until 2005.

  • American singer-songwriter and pianist

  • Zsa Padilla

    Hotdog, a Filipino actress and singer

  • American football player. He is a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons. Robinson, who had previously played for the New Jersey Generals in United States Football League, was signed initially by the Seattle Seahawks 5/15/1985.

  • English drummer (Porcupine tree King Crimson, and OSI).

  • Australian-American academic and biologist

  • American singer and actor

  • British TV actress and presenter. She is best known for her roles in soap operas. She has been playing Stella Price, the landlady at Rovers Return, since 2011. She was previously Cindy Beale (an unfaithful spouse) in EastEnders 1988-1998. She has also appeared in several BBC dramas, including Sunburn and Two Thousand Acres of Sky.

  • American actor

  • French businessman and son of FranASSois pinault, who founded Kering Company. FHP is also president of Artemis and director of Financiere Pinault.

  • Brigitte Nielsen's husband and Italian race car driver. The couple lived in Switzerland together with their two children. They divorced in April 2005.

  • 115th Governor of South Carolina, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • Politician

  • English journalist and author

1959 - 1950

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1959 - 1950

  • American manager and player

  • English footballer

  • USA; outfield (Detroit Tigers and Brooklyn Dodgers), 1988 National League Most Valuable Player.

  • Gordie Howe, a hockey player from Canada and an American professional ice hockey player, is his father. They played together in Mark's early career.

  • American swimmer and Olympic champion, she won gold in the 400m freestyle relay in Munich in 1972.

  • Scottish guitarist (Siouxsie and the Banshees Public Image Ltd., d. 2004).

  • American author and librarian

  • American producer of singer-songwriter guitar (DNA The Golden Plominos The Lounge Lizards, and Ambitious Lovers)

  • Canadian ice hockey manager and player

  • American pianist, composer, conductor, and educator

  • French suicide, homicide. He killed his wife by stabbing her to death and then took his own life 6/19/1987.

  • Director


1949 - 1940

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1949 - 1940

  • Canadian cartoonist, creator of "For Better or For Worse", which has 100 million readers each day worldwide. In 1979, she began to draw stories about the daily life of a Canadian family and their friends. It's a sit-com that is real-time and deals with real issues in the life of a family that we all can relate to. It's syndicated …

  • American psychologist and the founder of R-1, a form of behavioral training.

  • Politician

  • American singer-songwriter and bass player (The Section, Era).

  • Indian poet and critic

  • French hairdresser to the stars, whose clients included Brigitte Bardot, Jane Mansfield, Isabelle Adjani, and Simone Signoret.

  • American baseball player

  • English journalist and author

  • Welsh politician

  • American musician, one of rock's great singer-composer-guitarists who ranked alongside Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly. He was known for his bayou rock'n roll style and produced rock classics and standards.

  • American doctor, well-known for his non-payments, no malpractice insurance, and the fact that he lived with his patients on a farm in rural America. He believed humor and joy were more important than any therapy or drug, and he shared this idea for over a decade in lectures and seminars across the country.

  • American publicist. Former reporter for a major newspaper. Public relations specialist for nonprofit centers.

  • American politician. He was the controversial and charismatic mayor of New York City. He also ran for the Republican nomination in 2008. Rudy was at his best when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Towers, September 11, 2001, brought down Rudy. Rudy's commanding presence, his resolute spirit and inspirational words were the hallmark of leadership in a crisis. He …

  • Jean-Pierre Léaud

    French actor who appeared in his first film as a 13-year-old. The son of an actress (Jacqueline Pierreux) and scriptwriter/director Pierre LA(c)aud, Jean-Pierre appeared in his first film when he landed a small part in "La Tour, Prends Garde!" (1957). He appeared in Truffaut’s "400 Blows" at the age of 14. His career is nearing 50 years old. His films …

  • Gladys Knight

    American singer and leader of the rhythm and blues rock band "Gladys Knight" and "The Pips." The group was inducted into Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ohio in 1989. They were awarded the 1998 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation, New York City on February 26, 1998. Knight started out in show business to support …

  • Sondra Locke

    American actress and singer.

  • Patricia Quinn

    Singer and actress from Ireland

  • Nobel Prize winner for American neurology and biochemist

  • South African boxer (d.2013)

  • German electrical engineer, CEO of DPL utilities corporation. Forster is a hardworking boss who values efficiency and productivity. His educational outreach programs have won White House honors. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a JD in the same field.


1939 - 1930

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1939 - 1930

  • French businessman and manager in IT, former president of Bull Computer Company, a French-owned computer firm headquartered in Les Clayes-sous-Bois in the west suburbs of Paris.

  • American basketball player, one of the most successful in his career, from 1960 to 1974. He was a brilliant shooter and a smart, computer-savvy thinker. The Minneapolis Lakers drafted him in the first round. He then transferred to Los Angeles the same year, 1960.

  • Belgian television journalist, producer, and professor.

  • American twin was separated at birth from his brother. He was renamed and raised in a different way. Jules Brooks, Maria and Maria were their natural parents. They never got married. Roger was adopted by a couple who were heavy drinkers. Roger was taken by a couple who were big drinkers. His foster mother fell asleep with a lit cigarette …

  • West Virginia, USA: NBA superstar (Los Angeles Lakers Olympics-gold-1960).

  • Jamaican producer / musician of reggae (Madness).

  • Director

  • American poet, scholar, and founding editor of The Black Scholar (TBS), Chrisman and TBS, which is internationally acclaimed, "occupied the forefront of the struggle to recognize Black Studies as an academic endeavor." On 10 March 2013, he died from complications due to congestive heart disease in San Francisco, California.

  • American chemical engineer, CEO of Arco Chemical (a chemical production company). FTC ordered him to sell one of his two chemical lines after an explosion at a chemical facility. This was due to an antitrust issue. Earnings are slow to rebuild after a drop in demand for basic chemicals.

  • Canadian quintuplets were born to an Ontario farm couple. They are believed to be the first quintuplets to survive beyond a few hours. They were delivered by Dr. Allan Dafoe, who saved them using borrowed incubators. They weighed 13 lbs 6 oz each.

  • Marie Dionne

    Dionne quintuplets (d. 1970)


1929 - 1920

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1929 - 1920

  • Danish politician, lawyer and tax protestor, he was also a member of the Danish parliament (1973aEUR”1983 and 1987aEUR”1990), and the founder of the Progress Party. He died 1 July 2008, Kongens Lyngby.

  • German baritone singer of operas and classical songs. At the age of 18, he sang his first Winterreise. He then briefly served in the German army during WW II. While in Italy as a prisoner, he performed concerts under conditions far from those of a concert stage. He returned to civilian life in 1948, making both his recital debut and …

  • Turkish journalist and politician 16th Prime Minster of Turkey (d.2006)

  • Prime Minister of Turkey (d.2006)

  • American basketball player, professional basketball player. He played with the Boston Celtics for four seasons starting in 1951. Before that, he was with the Sheboygan Redskins. He coached 15 years at three colleges after his professional career ended.

  • France Writer

  • Finnish sergeant

  • American publisher, Chairman and President of Grove Press, Inc. Since 1952, his first small publishing house, he had tirelessly fought against censorship. He won a decisive battle in 1959 with the publication of "Lady Chatterley’s Lover". He took the case to federal courts after the book was deemed "obscene" and "filthy". The judge declared the book acceptable literature.


1919 - 1910

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1919 - 1910

  • Prodigy violinist, music historian and music collector from the Netherlands.

  • At 72, a comedian (Wayne & Shuster) dies from cancer

  • American playwright and poet, lesbians are considered to be among the greatest and most original poets of 20th-century America. She was the oldest of 10 children growing up in a Mormon family where English and Swedish were both spoken frequently. Many of her poems are about intense love between women. They were written in a time when lesbian poetry was …

  • French educator and writer. His last teaching job was at the Sorbonne in 1973. He was awarded the Albert Schweitzer and Goncourt prizes as a writer in 1955.

  • Patrick White

    An Australian family member who was born in London and raised. After a stint as a jackeroo at various stations in NSW, he returned to England to complete a Cambridge degree in modern languages. White was an intelligence officer in the RAF during WW II. He met Manoly Lascaris, his life partner, while he was stationed in Egypt as a …

  • diplomat.

  • Indonesian politician and scientist (d. 1992).

  • Australian astronomer and physicist (d. 1981).

  • Franc-Tireur, the French head of one major French resistance movement in World War II was Franc-Tireur.

  • Thora Hird

    She was an English actress who first made frequent appearances in films before she rose to fame in comedy television. (1981-1984) and for almost two decades in Last of the Summer Wine (86aEUR")

  • American jazz musician. He was a clarinet and sax player and a singer. He played with Smith Ballew and Ray Noble, Tommy Dorsey and Tommy Dorsey as well as his own band. 1st child.

  • Austrian playwright

  • Austrian playwright


1909 - 1900

Famous birthdays on May 28th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1909 - 1900

  • James Bond, the English novelist and creator (Born in 1908)

  • Ian Fleming

    James Bond, the English novelist and creator (Born in 1908)

  • Canadian politician and journalist 17th Canadian Minister for National Defence (d. 2005).

  • British adventure writer, creator of James Bond. He was the scion of wealthy parents. As a child, he was a goofy kid who scraped his way through private schools. First he worked as a reporter and then as a WW II spy in British Naval Intelligence. He only discovered fiction when he was able to achieve real success. His tongue-in …

  • Mshvelidze composer.

  • United States Marine Corps officer who commanded 1st Battalion 9th Marines in the Bougainville amphibious operation during World War II. Sabater was also the 9th Marines Executive Officer during the Battle of Guam, 1944.

  • French composer and songwriter. He is best known for writing many of the songs performed on A%0dith piaf ("Milord", Hymne A L'amour"), and the music for the stage musical Irma La Douce.

  • Flemish writer (Golden Sail).

  • Kirloskar Group was founded by an Indian businessman (d. 1994).

  • French centenarian, one the six last French surviving soldiers from World War I. He died in Viroflay (France) on 22 September 2006.

  • Lille Actor

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