Financial news on October 12th, 2013

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Airlines Cash In on Every Inch, Even the Jammed Bins Overhead

The battle of the bins, that preflight scrum over carry-on space, has become something else for airlines: the business of the bins, with priority given to those who pay. Read more..

By MARTHA C. WHITE - The New York Times

An Alliance in Media Petitions Justices

Alliance of nation's biggest television broadcasters are collectively asking for Supreme Court's support in their quest to stop small Internet start-up Aereo; companies say Aereo's method of sending television signals to paying subscribers from small antenna farms violates decades-old copyright law; lower courts have mostly ruled in Aereo's favor. Read more..

By BRIAN STELTER - The New York Times

An Island of Designer Toys and Dueling Artists Within New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is hoping to expand its audience at its annual convention at the Jacob K Javits Center; more features and events have been added, including more expensive items like designer toys, art prints and books. Read more..

By GREGORY SCHMIDT - The New York Times

A Ransacked Endowment at New York City Opera

James B Stewart Common Sense column; many people may be responsible for sad fate of New York City Opera, which filed for bankruptcy after years of mounting deficits, but fate of endowment established to ensure its existence in perpetuity is a stark measure of management failure; City Opera board, with approval from then-New York State Atty Gen Andrew M Cuomo, raided $51.6-million fund to pay huge deficits. Read more..

By JAMES B. STEWART - The New York Times

For Safety in Reactors, Company Thinks Small

Nuclear engineer Jose N Reyes, co-founder and chief technology officer of NuScale Power in Oregon, has an idea to build very small reactors to avoid disasters like the one that befell the Fukushima reactors in Japan in 2011; explains in event of loss of electric power, small reactor's tiny core will cool on its own and quickly. Read more..

By MATTHEW L. WALD - The New York Times

Google to Sell Users’ Endorsements

Google announces it will soon be able to show users' names, photos, ratings and comments in ads across the Web, endorsing marketers' products; changes, along with updates from Facebook to show personal information more broadly, are latest examples of continual push by Web companies to collate reams of personal data shared online in the chase for profits. Read more..


It’s Not Just Political Districts. Our News Is Gerrymandered, Too.

David Carr The Media Equation column notes some political analysts point to redistricting as cause of ideological extremism in Congress; holds polarized political map is now accompanied by a media ecosystem that is equally gerrymandered into districts of self-reinforcing discourse; cites trends in news consumption which find people assemble along separate media streams where they find mostly what they want to hear. Read more..

By DAVID CARR - The New York Times

Many Tune In to a Sad Night on ‘Glee’

Episode of Fox television show Glee addressing death of actor Cory Monteith via death of character he played draws 7.4 million viewers, lifting series to its best ratings in a year. Read more..

By BILL CARTER - The New York Times

Murmurs of a Breakthrough on Debt Limit Lift Shares

Stocks rise, extending gains from a major rally in previous session, as investors are hopeful for a solution to end the partial government shutdown and raise federal borrowing limit to avoid a possible default. Read more..

By REUTERS - The New York Times

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