December 2013 calendar

December 2013

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in December 2013.
The US president was Barack Obama (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was David Cameron (Conservative), Pope Francis was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of December 2013?


  • 01 Dec 2013 Protests in Thailand 2013:: The Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra is forced to flee from anti-government protests after he was shot by a pro-Thai protester.
  • 02 Dec 2013 The Right Livelihood Award is sometimes interpreted as a criticism of the Nobel Prize. It is presented to Hans Herren, Raji Sourani and Denis Mukwege at a ceremony in Stockholm's Parliament Building.
  • 03 Dec 2013 Pavel Dmitrichenko, a Russian ballet dancer, was convicted of orchestrating an acid attack against Sergei Filin (artistic director of Bolshoi Theatre).
  • 04 Dec 2013 Northern Mali: A mass grave has been discovered near Bamako containing the remains of 21 loyalist soldiers who were reported to have disappeared last year during Mali’s coup.
  • 05 Dec 2013 Unidentified militants attacked a Defense Ministry compound, Sana'a in Yemen. They killed at least 52 people and injured 167 more. The majority of victims are doctors and nurses who work at the hospital.
  • 06 Dec 2013 Al-Qaeda insurgency: The Yemeni Defense Ministry takes back control of their military compound at Sana'a in Yemen. 11 militants were killed.
  • 07 Dec 2013 Syrian civil war: The Islamic Front has seized Bab al-Hawa bases of the Free Syrian Army.
  • 08 Dec 2013 Iraqi insurgency after the U.S. withdrawal: At least 30 people have been killed by car bombings in Iraq.
  • 09 Dec 2013 Iraqi insurgency after the U.S. withdrawal: At least 18 people have been killed in attacks around Iraq, including 12 victims in a car bombing at Buhriz cafe.
  • 10 Dec 2013 Conflict in Central African Republic under the Djotodia administration. Two French soldiers are killed in fighting overnight in Bangui, capital of the Republic.
  • 11 Dec 2013 Syrian Civil War: Salim Idris flees Syria as the top commander of The Free Syrian Army. Islamist fighters seize his headquarters and key warehouses.
  • 12 Dec 2013 A strike by air to attack an al Qaeda convoy in Al-Bayda, central Yemen, accidentally attacked a wedding procession, killing fifteen civilians.
  • 13 Dec 2013 Amnesty International criticizes the European Union for its insufficient assistance to Syrian refugees.
  • 14 Dec 2013 Two United Nations peacekeepers are killed in a car bombing at Kidal, Mali.
  • 15 Dec 2013 War in Afghanistan (2001-present:): Last Australian combat troops leave Afghanistan.
  • 16 Dec 2013 2013 South Sudanese Political Crisis: Reports of heavy gunfire and explosions in Juba, South Sudan's capital. The government claims it has stopped an attempted coup.
  • 17 Dec 2013 Hall & Oates' Cat Stevens, Hall & Oates' Kiss, Linda Ronstadt, and Nirvana will be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • 18 Dec 2013 2013 South Sudanese Political Crisis: According to the United Nations, 400-500 people have been killed in recent attacks and 800 others were injured in these incidents.
  • 19 Dec 2013 Iraqi insurgency after the U.S. withdrawal: 22 Shiite pilgrims are killed by a series of attacks.
  • 20 Dec 2013 A gunman opened fire on a terminal at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines. He killed four people, including Ukol Talumpa, the mayor of Labangan.
  • 21 Dec 2013 Syrian Civil War: Battle of Aleppo. Rebel forces capture Al-Kindi hospital following a massive suicide truck bombing that destroyed a portion of the building.
  • 22 Dec 2013 Syrian Civil War: Syrian government warplanes drop bombs on Aleppo, killing 63 civilians and a total of 62 others.
  • 23 Dec 2013 War in North-West Pakistan: The Pakistani Army launches a military offensive to combat Taliban insurgents at the Afghan border. There are allegations that many civilians were killed.
  • 24 Dec 2013 Islamist protests in Egypt (July 2013 to present): A massive explosion strikes the Dakahlia security department in the Nile Delta town of Mansoura, killing 16 people and injuring at most 134.
  • 25 Dec 2013 Euromaidan: Tetiana Chornovol (a Ukrainian journalist and civic activist) is pulled from her car and beat by a group. According to authorities, this attack is the latest on government opponents.
  • 26 Dec 2013 Conflict in Central African Republic under the Djotodia government: Six peacekeepers from Chad were killed in clashes within the Central African Republic.
  • 27 Dec 2013 Syrian Civil War spillover to Lebanon: An explosion of a car bomb in the Central District in Beirut, Lebanon kills eight people including Mohamad Chatah (the former ambassador to the U.S.), and injures 71 more.
  • 28 Dec 2013 Islamist protests, Egypt (July 2013-present). Supporters of Islamist Brotherhood clash with police officers at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. Two campus buildings are set ablaze and one person is killed.
  • 29 Dec 2013 At least 16 people are killed and 40 more injured in a suicide bombing attack on the Volgograd-1 railway station, which is located in southern Russia's city of Volgograd. (BBC), (CNN),
  • 30 Dec 2013 Volgograd bombings, Russia: In less than 24 hours, a bomb explodes in Volgograd, destroying a trolleybus in Volgograd. At least 15 people were killed in this second attack on the southern city.
  • 31 Dec 2013 An attack on an Egyptian gas pipeline in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula is being carried out by Islamist militants. Reuters reported that there were no injuries.
  • 05 Dec 2013 Militants attack a Defense Ministry compound in Sana'a, Yemen, killing at least 56 people and injuring 200 others.

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Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in December 2013?

We Are Water by Wally Lamb

We Are Water


We Are Water, Wally Lamb's New York Times bestseller, is a disturbing and ultimately inspiring novel about a couple, a family and human resilience in the face tragedy.

The Valley Of Amazement by Amy Tan

The Valley Of Amazement


Amy Tan's The Valley of Amazement, a sprawling, poetic epic about two women's intertwined lives and their search to find identity, is set in the extravagant parlors of Shanghai courtesans.

The Supreme Macaroni Company by Adriana Trigiani

The Supreme Macaroni Company


Adriana Trigiani, a New York Times bestseller, takes us from Greenwich Village's cobblestone streets to lush New Orleans and Italy to the other side.

Good Tidings And Great Joy by Sarah Palin

Good Tidings And Great Joy


Sarah Palin's New York Times bestsellers Going Rogue, and America by Heart revealed her strong Christian faith which has guided her family and life.

The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom

The First Phone Call From Heaven


"A beautiful tale of faith, redemption, and hope that makes us think, feel and hope Garth