January 2017 calendar

January 2017

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in January 2017.
The US president was Barack Obama (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was Theresa May (Conservative), Pope Francis was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on January 2017: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of January 2017?


  • 01 Jan 2017 2017 Istanbul nightclub attack: On the European coast of Bosphorus, a gunman opened fire at a Istanbul nightclub, killing at most 39 people and injuring 69 more. (BBC), (AP via ABC News Australia),
  • 02 Jan 2017 2017 Istanbul nightclub attack: Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant claims responsibility. It claims it is responding to Turkey's actions within Syria.
  • 03 Jan 2017 Ford announced that it had cancelled plans to build Mexico's $1.6 billion plant. This decision was long criticised by Donald Trump. Instead, Ford will invest $700million in Flat Rock, Michigan, which could create 700 jobs through the expansion and investment. (CNN),
  • 04 Jan 2017 2017 Brooklyn train crash: A commuter train on the Long Island Rail Road collided with a train in Brooklyn during rush hour, New York. It left 103 people injured.
  • 05 Jan 2017 Two gunmen are killed in a shootout in Izmir over the Kurdish-Turkish Conflict. Another escapes. A car bomb explodes during the shootout, killing both a police officer as well as a court employee.
  • 06 Jan 2017 Russian military intervention in Syria's civil war: Russia begins withdrawal of its forces from Syria. Russia's aircraft carrier battle group was the first to depart. The United Nations declares that the ceasefire is holding "largely".
  • 07 Jan 2017 Syrian Civil War: Near the border with Turkey, a fuel truck explodes in Azaz, a Syrian town. At least 43 people are killed, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
  • 08 Jan 2017 January 2017, Jerusalem vehicular attack: A truck crashes into a group Israeli soldiers in an attack on East Jerusalem. The attack resulted in the deaths of four and injuring 21 others. The terrorist was previously convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.
  • 09 Jan 2017 January 2017, Jerusalem vehicular attack: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, blames Islamic State for the attack on East Jerusalem that left four soldiers dead and 15 injured.
  • 10 Jan 2017 War in Afghanistan, 10 Jan 2017 Afghanistan bombings: At least 38 people were killed when two bombs explode close to Kabul's National Assembly.
  • 11 Jan 2017 War in Afghanistan: A bombing in Kandahar has resulted in the deaths of at least 11 people, including five diplomats from the UAE.
  • 12 Jan 2017 Two members of the funk band Tower of Power were seriously injured when a train struck them near Jack London Square, Oakland, California.
  • 13 Jan 2017 Syrian Civil War: The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has revealed that it suspects Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and other top officials of the Syrian government of using chemical weapons in the conflict.
  • 14 Jan 2017 Battle of Mosul (2016-17). Iraqi forces seize parts of Mosul University, along with several areas along the Tigris River, from Islamic State militants. (Al Jazeera),
  • 15 Jan 2017 War in Afghanistan: At most seven people are killed when their vehicle collides with a roadside bomb at Nangarhar Province.
  • 16 Jan 2017 Syrian Civil War: Deir ez-Zor Offensive (January-February 2017: ISIL's third attack on the Syrian government's forces within the city of Deir ez-Zor reportedly divides the government-held area in half. According to the government, the attack involves approximately 14,000 ISIL fighters.
  • 17 Jan 2017 Boko Haram insurgency. A Nigerian Air Force plane mistakenly bombs a refugee settlement in Borno State near the border to Cameroon. At least 90 people were killed and more than 100 were injured. According to reports, the pilot believed that he was attacking Boko Haram militants.
  • 18 Jan 2017 Northern Mali conflict: A suicide bomber explodes a vehicle laden with explosives at a military camp near Gao, Mali. This is Mali's most deadly terrorist attack.
  • 19 Jan 2017 According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 12 civilians were executed in Syria Civil War by ISIL militants.
  • 20 Jan 2017 Syrian Civil War: ISIL militants demolish part of Palmyra’s ancient Roman theatre. (BBC). An airstrike inflicts death on more than 40 Jabhat fateh al-Sham militants at a jihadist camp east of Aleppo. The exact cause of the attack is unknown. (Reuters),
  • 21 Jan 2017 War in North-West Pakistan: Parachinar bombing 2017: Around 90 people were injured and 22 are killed in the explosion at a Parachinar vegetable market, Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. (Al Jazeera), (AP), (Bernama via AstroAwan), (Radio Pakistan)Lashkar-i-Jhangvi al-Alami and Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan released joint statements claiming responsibility through text messages sent to journalists. (Dawn News),
  • 22 Jan 2017 A 7.9 magnitude earthquake strikes west of Panguna in Papua New Guinea below Bougainville Island. There are no immediate reports of major injuries or casualties. The Tsunami Alert for Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and New Guinea has been canceled.
  • 23 Jan 2017 Yemeni Civil War - The Yemeni Army claims it has retaken the port of Mocha from Houthi rebels.
  • 24 Jan 2017 89th Academy Awards: The nominees for 2017 Academy Awards have been announced. Hidden Figures, Moonlight, and La La Land are some of the most popular.
  • 25 Jan 2017 Somali Civil War (2009-present). Twenty-eight people were killed in an attack on central Mogadishu's Dayah Hotel. Al-Shabaab, a terrorist group, claims responsibility.
  • 26 Jan 2017 Libyan Civil War (2014-present). Forces of Libyan National Army claim that they have captured one of Benghazi's last strongholds from Ansar al-Sharia.
  • 27 Jan 2017 Somali Civil War (2009-Present): Al-Shabaab militants attacked a remote AMISOM headquarters in southern Somalia. They claimed to have killed many Kenyan soldiers.
  • 28 Jan 2017 Iraqi Civil War (2014-2017). The World Food Programme reduces food aid for more than 1.4 million displaced Iraqis 50%. This is due to payment delays by donor countries.
  • 29 Jan 2017 Yemeni Civil War (2015): Yakla raid: U.S. military forces raid southern Al Bayda Governorate in Yemen. According to Reuters, around 30 people were killed in the attack, including at least three senior Al-Qaeda leaders and at least one U.S. soldier.
  • 30 Jan 2017 War in Donbass - The Ukrainian military reports that seven soldiers were killed by pro–Russian separatists over the past week. Separatists claim that they have been subject to artillery strikes by the Ukrainian side for more than five days.
  • 31 Jan 2017 Syrian Civil War: The Syrian opposition agrees that they will surrender the remaining villages between the Wadi barada area and Lebanon-Syria borders, as well the Rankous borderange to transport at least 250 rebel fighters from their stronghold in Idlib Governorate.
  • 01 Jan 2017 An attack on a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey, during New Year's celebrations, kills 39 people and injures 79 others.