March 1995 calendar

March 1995

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in March 1995.
The US president was Bill Clinton (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was Sir John Major (Conservative), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on March 1995: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of March 1995?


  • 01 Mar 1995 Jozef Oleksy succeeds Waldemar Pawlak on as Premier of Poland
  • 02 Mar 1995 Space shuttle STS-67 (Endeavour 8), launches
  • 03 Mar 1995 Camilla Parker Bowles and her husband Andrew divorce.
  • 04 Mar 1995 Replacement New York Yankees beat the New York Mets 2-1
  • 05 Mar 1995 Graves of czar Nicholas and family found in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • 06 Mar 1995 American Express Travel begins charging for domestic air tickets
  • 07 Mar 1995 Dollar worth 1.5330 Dutch guilder (record).
  • 08 Mar 1995 Costis Stephanopoulos becomes President of Greece.
  • 09 Mar 1995 Baseball awards a franchise to Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  • 10 Mar 1995 Dow-Jones hits record 4035.64
  • 11 Mar 1995 Sinn Fein party leader, Gerry Adams, arrives in US
  • 12 Mar 1995 Ice Dance Championship at Birmingham UK won by Gritshuk and Platov (RUS)
  • 13 Mar 1995 David Daliberti and William Barloon, two Americans working for a military contractor in Kuwait, are arrested after straying into Iraq.
  • 14 Mar 1995 1st time 13 people in space
  • 16 Mar 1995 Dow-Jones hits record 4069.15
  • 17 Mar 1995 USt approves 1st chicken pox vaccine, Varivax by Merck and Company
  • 18 Mar 1995 Michael Jordan announces he is ending his 17 month NBA retirement
  • 19 Mar 1995 Translations opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 25 performances
  • 20 Mar 1995 Dow-Jones hits 4083.68 (record)
  • 21 Mar 1995 New Jersey officially dedicates the Howard Stern Rest Area along Route 295
  • 22 Mar 1995 Deputy Governor of Bank of England, Rupert Pennant-Rea, resigns following revelations of his affair with a freelance journalist.
  • 23 Mar 1995 How To Succeed in Business... opens at R Rodgers NYC for 548 performances
  • 25 Mar 1995 Boxer Mike Tyson released from jail after serving three years.
  • 26 Mar 1995 Defending the Caveman, opens at Helen Hayes Theater NYC for 671 performances
  • 27 Mar 1995 67th Academy Awards - Forest Gump, Jessica Lange and Tom Hanks win
  • 28 Mar 1995 Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett split up.
  • 29 Mar 1995 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Chicago IL on WCKG 105.9 FM
  • 30 Mar 1995 Arcadia opens at Vivian Beaumont Theater NYC for 204 performances
  • 31 Mar 1995 Federal judge orders injunction to end US baseball strike.
  • 20 Mar 1995 The Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo carries out a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, killing 13 and wounding over 6,200 people.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in March 1995?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Take A Bow
  2. - Creepyoutube
  3. - Candy Rain
  4. - On Bended Kneeyoutube
  5. - Baby

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Think Twice
  2. - Back For Good
  3. - Don't Give Me Your Life
  4. - Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)
  5. - Love Can Build A Bridge


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in March 1995?

Eyes Of A Child by Richard North Patterson

Eyes Of A Child


A gun in the mouth of a man was found lying dead. Although it appears that Ricardo Arias committed suicide, the evidence is not so clear.

Inca Gold by Clive Cussler

Inca Gold


A thrilling Dirk Pitt adventure! This movie is a classic and exciting Dirk Pitt adventure!

Border Music by Robert James Waller

Border Music


Texas Jack Carmine is an independent soul, a rider on roads and a man with deep secrets dating back to Vietnam. He also has hungers that prevent him from settling down.

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy


The #1 International Phenomenon Bestseller - NEW PREFACE

Raging Heart by Sheila Weller

Raging Heart


This book tells the story of Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J.