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May 2013

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in May 2013.
The US president was Barack Obama (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was David Cameron (Conservative), Pope Francis was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of May 2013?


  • 01 May 2013 South Thailand insurgency - Six people are killed by insurgents, including a 2-year-old boy in a shooting attack in Pattani (Thailand).
  • 02 May 2013 The Chad government announced that it stopped a coup attempt, which "had been in preparation since several months."
  • 03 May 2013 Syrian civil war: Israeli warplanes bomb an weapons facility in Syria overnight.
  • 04 May 2013 Five US soldiers die in Afghanistan's War on Terror: A bomb explodes in Kandahar. Three more soldiers are also killed in separate incidents.
  • 05 May 2013 Syrian civil war: Israeli aircraft struck at least six targets near Damascus. They also targeted Iranian-made Fateh-110 missiles en route to Hezbollah. (BBC). (The Times of Israel). The foreign ministry of Syria accuses Israel of working with the rebels in Syria to coordinate airstrikes
  • 06 May 2013 Afghanistan-Pakistan skirmishes : A border guard from Afghanistan is killed, and two Pakistani soldiers are wounded in border violence.
  • 07 May 2013 Syrian civil war: Four Filipino UN peacekeepers have been kidnapped while they were patrolling the demilitarized zone between Syria and the Israeli-annexed Golan Height. (Al Jazeera),
  • 08 May 2013 War in North-West Pakistan :: A suicide bomber attacks a Bannu District police station, killing at least 2 people and injuring 20.
  • 09 May 2013 War in North-West Pakistan: Ali Haider Gillani is taken by unidentified gunmen during an election rally in Multan, two days before the May 11 general elections.
  • 10 May 2013 Two police stations in Benghazi's eastern region were hit by bombs.
  • 11 May 2013 War in North-West Pakistan: A bomb explodes in Karachi near the offices of Awami National Party, killing 11 people.
  • 12 May 2013 Syrian civil war: Four Filipino UN peacekeepers taken hostage by rebels in Syria on May 7, are now free.
  • 13 May 2013 Aftermath to the Libyan civil War:: A car bomb explodes in close proximity to a hospital located in Benghazi, Libya. At least nine people are killed.
  • 14 May 2013 War in Afghanistan (2001 to present): Four US soldiers are killed by the Taliban in Kandahar Province in Afghanistan.
  • 15 May 2013 Insurgency in Iraq (post-U.S. withdrawal:) Gunmen using silenced guns attack at least nine liquor stores in western Baghdad, killing 12 people. (Al Jazeera). Three police officers and thirty-five others are killed in bombings in Shi'ite areas of Baghdad, as well as parts of northern Iraq.
  • 16 May 2013 Afghanistan War (2001-present).: Many people die in suicide bombings in Afghanistan. At least 15 are killed in Kabul by a suicide bomber belonging to Hizb-i-Islami. This Taliban affiliate targeted a convoy of foreign troops and injured 40 more.
  • 17 May 2013 Iraqi insurgency after the U.S. withdrawal: A series of bombings in Sunni areas of Iraq have resulted in at least 90 deaths and more than 200 injuries.
  • 18 May 2013 Iraqi insurgency, post-U.S. withdrawal: Gunmen enter the Baghdad suburbs home of an antiterrorism officer and kill him and his family.
  • 19 May 2013 Syrian civil war: Heavy fighting reported in Qusair (Syria) as the Syrian army launches major counter-offensive to rebel forces.
  • 20 May 2013 Iraqi insurgency after the U.S. withdrawal: Violence continues with attacks on various parts of the country killing 133 people and leaving 283 more injured. As tribal leaders warn about civil war, nearly 400 people were killed in the past six days.
  • 21 May 2013 Syrian civil war: Israel and Syria exchange gunfire over the Golan Heights. (Reuters) Hezbollah elite reinforcements cross the border from Lebanon to Al-Qusayr, Syria. Activists claim that the city was almost completely destroyed.
  • 22 May 2013 Eric Holder, Attorney-General of America, confirmed that four Americans have been killed by drone aircraft strikes since 2011, including radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in 2011.
  • 23 May 2013 Syrian Civil War: Friends of Syria ask Iran and Hezbollah, its Lebanese ally, to withdraw from Syrian territory.
  • 24 May 2013 Afghanistan War: Afghan security forces fight Taliban insurgents at central Kabul. A policeman from Afghanistan and a soldier from Nepal are among the many insurgents who were killed.
  • 25 May 2013 Mokhtar Belmokhtar, commander of Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, claims responsibility for the suicide bombings that claimed 30 lives in Niger on May 23, 2001.
  • 26 May 2013 Two rockets struck Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, in the predominantly Shiite suburbs. This area also acts as Hezbollah's stronghold.
  • 27 May 2013 A New People's Army landmine in Allacapan, Cagayan kills seven Philippine police officers.
  • 28 May 2013 Syrian civil war: Senator John McCain of the United States travels to Syria in order to meet rebel fighters and discuss America's involvement in the country's civil war. (Reuters)Le Monde has reported that the Assad regime continues to use chemical weapons in Syria. Russia evacuates 130 Syrians as the situation continues to get worse.
  • 29 May 2013 War in North-West Pakistan: Drone attacks in Pakistan. Pakistani intelligence officials claim that 5 alleged foreign militants were killed in a drone attack by the United States in Miran Shah, North Waziristan.
  • 30 May 2013 Syrian civil war: An Israeli official claims that the Israeli government is investigating reports that Syria received S-300 missiles. (The Jerusalem Post). Doctors in Qusayr are requesting urgent medical assistance as they run out supplies to treat the eight-hundred injured. (The Jerusalem Post). According to Syrian state television, forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad have killed three westerners, including an American woman as well as a British soldier fighting for the Opposition.
  • 31 May 2013 After days of unrest, police forcefully expelled Turkish protestors from Gezi Park, Taksim Square in Istanbul.
  • 06 May 2013 Three women, kidnapped and missing for more than a decade, are found alive in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States.
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