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List of celebrities and famous people who were born on December 6th

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2009 - 2000

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 2009 - 2000

  • American actor John O'Hurley's first child with Lisa, a well-known American family. O'Hurley was 52 years old and his wife was 34 at the time the child's birth.

  • American child of country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Audrey is the third child of the couple. Audrey is the third child of the couple. Her older sisters are Maggie Elizabeth, who was born August 12, 1998, and Gracie Katherine on May 5, 1997.

  • Spanish royalty, the second son of Infanta Christina and IA+–aki UrdangarAn. Born at Clinica Teknon in Barcelona. He is seventh in succession to the Spanish Crown.

  • Pop Singer

1999 - 1990

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1999 - 1990

  • Portuguese footballer

  • Cuban refugee aged five, when he was saved from the ocean by his mother (Elisabeth Broton Rodriguez) sometimes at dawn. At 04:30AM Local Cuba Time on Sunday, November 21st 1999, the aluminum motorboat of 17 feet had left Cardenas with 14 people aboard, including Elian, Elian's mother Elisabeth Broton Rodriguez and Lazaro Munero, her boyfriend. They were fleeing Cuba. Boat …

  • Rapper

  • American family and the grandson of a Muslim terrorist victim, Tom Sutherland. Simone Keller is the older daughter of the Kellers.


1989 - 1980

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1989 - 1980


1979 - 1970

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1979 - 1970

  • English cricketer

  • Scottish soccer/football player-manager at Richmond SC, an Australian Victorian Premier League team. Brebner was 16 years old when he joined Manchester United in 1994. After being loaned to Hibernian and Cambridge United, he was sold to Reading in 1998 for APS300k. After returning to Hibernian, he made more than 100 appearances during a five year stint. This included a loan …

  • Irish footballer

  • American baseball coach and player

  • French sprinter who won bronze in the 4x100m relay at the 1997 World Championships in Athletics, and a gold in the same event at 2002 European Championships in Athletics.

  • American mixed martial artist and boxer

  • Canadian ice hockey player

  • soccer player (FC Groningen).

  • French ex-road racing cyclist who is now a sporting director at UCI Professional Continental team Cofidis. He was offered a contract to compete with them in 2011, but he decided to quit cycling and take over the management of the team. He was known for being one of the Tour de France's escapees on every stage.


1969 - 1960

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1969 - 1960

  • American homicide. He was found guilty in 1958 of attempted murder for shooting three shots at his ex-girlfriend and her brother. After that, he led police on chase, barricading his father's house to hide himself. He was released in 1990 after five years of imprisonment at Walpole state prison.

  • Canadian Football League defensive end (Saskatchewan Roughriders).

  • Estonian painter

  • He is a French actor and comedian, and was born to a gallery owner (mother). His satirical humor has been controversial. He is also well-known for his columns, radio-TV imitations and performances. In 2012, he was awarded a "cristal Globe" for the best one-man show.

  • French civil servant, head of EmmaA 1/4 France (2002-2007), High Commissioner for Active Solidarity against Poverty and High Commissioner For Youth in the government FranASSois Fillon (2007–2010). Hirsch was responsible for setting up Revenu de solidaritA (c) active. He resigned from the government in March 2010 in order to lead the state's Civic Service Agency.

  • Ulrich Thomsen

    Danish producer and actor

  • Jens Hultén
  • Canadian actor, radio and television personality, and son of Jean-Pierre Coallier, a popular TV host. He hosted "Club 100 Watts," which was a TV show for young people, from 1988 to 1995. He became the owner of ThA(c).AC/tre de la Marjolaine, Quebec in 2004.

  • French-born daughter of Jacques Chirac and Bernadette Chirac, a well-known French family. She was an effective political aide to her father.

  • Janine Turner

    American actress

  • Italian journalist and television host, she debuted on Telereporter in 1985 as a TV announcer. She switched to Rai 2 in 1987 and presented "Semaforo Giallo", "Oggi Sport" and later, two popular sports programs, “Dribbling” and "Domenica Sprint". She also presented "Ristorante Italia", "Segreti per voi" during the same period.

  • English singer-songwriter and producer (Everything but the Girl).

  • American magician and musician. Lovering was a drummer in the band the Pixies, which formed in the late 1980s. In 2004, the band gave in to popular demand, and regrouped for a concert that attracted strong support from a younger audience. Lovering, now known as The Scientific Phenomenalist, pursues his interests in magic, science, and physics onstage.

  • German race car driver

  • British-American Astrologer, who received her diploma from the Astrological Faculty of London (in 1990), taking over the class she had previously attended. Although she had studied Tarot in college, she had no prior astrological training. Kim received her diploma and became involved in all aspects of British astrological life, including the Urania Trust consortium, managing a local group, and working …

  • Gipe; WNBA forward/guard (New York Liberty).

  • Japanese photographer and journalist

1959 - 1950

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1959 - 1950

  • American musician. Rhoads, a pioneering guitarist in heavy metal, was also a founding member the band Quiet Riot. The group became successful after his passing. He left the band to join Ozzy OsbourneaEUR (tm), making their live debut in Glasgow on September 12, 1980.

  • American musician and guitarist, who is also a member of the band R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement), was founded in Athens in Georgia in 1980. For their concert debut, he joined Bill Berry, Mike Mills and Michael Stipe. They released their first single in the following year, and quickly rose up the charts.

  • California, USA; rocker. (Ozzy Osbourne-"Flying High Again".

  • Guide and mountaineer from Italy

  • He is an actor and comedian from the United States. In 1985, he released his first comedy album, "I Have a Pony", which established his reputation as a comedian. He has also appeared in a number of films, though in minor roles such as "Desperately Seeking Susie" in 1985.

  • Edward Tudor-Pole
  • English songwriter and producer of drummers (The Jam The Highliners, Time UK).

  • Scottish politician and educator

  • Texas, USA. Country singer "Something in the Rain".

  • New York, USA. Actor (French Postcards. Get Crazy. Funhouse).

  • French politician, former Member of European Parliament for the AZle-de-France. He is a member of Socialist Party, which is part of Party of European Socialists. He was vice-chair of European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism.

  • Playwright

  • Tom Hulce

    American actor

  • American sports commentator and athlete. He was the 1973 world record holder in high jump and won the Bronze Medal at 1972 Olympics. He was a self-declared crusader for amateur athletes and his mission was to change rules that govern amateur sports so that track athletes can make a decent living.

  • American engineer and CEO of Cadence Design Systems (an electronic design software company), is Costello holds a BS degree in Mathematics Physics and is known for being a fun-loving boss.

  • Florida, USA; actress (Melanie-Hizzoner, Mork, and Mindy).

  • New York, USA; twin brother to Wil Shriner; actor in Scott - General Hospital, Rituals

  • American founder of "Craig's List", the internet phenomenon.

  • American football player

  • American academic and biologist

  • English boxer and criminal

  • American baseball player

  • Canadian and Cree playwrights, novelists, and children's authors, best known for his plays, "The Rez Sisters" (Cree) and "Dry Lips Oughta Go to Kapuskasing," which earned him the Floyd S. Chalmers Award and the Dora Mavor Moore Award.

  • American microbiologist, assistant professor at University of Texas Dudley is a cancer researcher who specializes in the species genes of mammary tumour viruses in mice.

  • English football manager and player

  • English producer and ballerina

  • A French mother gave birth to a French athlete. Inspired by Eddy Ottoz, he practiced 110m hurdles. He won a silver medal at 1972 Olympics and a gold one at 1976 MontrA(c).al Olympics.

  • Japanese pianist composer and conductor

  • Baroness Liddell, of Coatdyke Scottish journalist, politician Secretary of State For Scotland

  • Moluks / Dutch singer / guitarist (Viva la Libertad)

1949 - 1940

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1949 - 1940

  • British Anglican bishop

  • American playwright and educator

  • American singer-songwriter (d. 1986).

  • Clergyman

  • Dutch manager and footballer

  • American family of note, the son Jacqueline Susann (and her husband Irving Mansfield). The boy's social growth and play stopped at age two-and-a-half. He stopped playing with toys and began throwing tantrums. At age three, he quit talking. He began screaming and rocking side to side for no apparent reason in the summer 1950.

  • British TV presenter and pop producer, he was arrested 11/23/2000 on charges of child sex offenses. Evidently, he lured teenage boys between 14-16 years old to perform sex acts alongside him.

  • England; singer "Everyone's Gone to the Moon".

  • Peter Handke

    Austrian avantgarde playwright and novelist, He gained national attention when he spoke at Princeton's Gruppe 47 meeting of avant-garde artists. The same year his play Publikumsbeschimpfung (Offending the Audience) appeared and made him a famous enfant terrible.

  • American keyboard player and songwriter, guitarist (Bread and The Pleasure Fair).

  • Pennsylvania, USA; rocker (Bristol Stomp).

  • American homicide: A mass murderer entered a dorm to kill student nurses. He knifed and strangled eight people and raped one on 7/14/1966. Speck was killed 12/05/1991, but he never confessed to his crimes.

  • American illustrator and sculptor

  • Vittorio Mezzogiorno

    Actor (Cafe Express) dies at 52 from heart failure

  • American actress and model (d. 1997).

  • American politician and academic


1939 - 1930

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1939 - 1930

  • Patrick Bauchau

    Belgian actor and psychoanalyst Henry's son. He is well-known for his roles in "La Collectionneuse (Eric Rohmer), James Bond "A View to a Kill" in 1985, Ray Charles biopic, Ray Charles' "Ray", "Ray", Ray Charles "A View to a Kill" in 1985, Ray Charles "Ray" with Sylvia Kristel, and "Universal Soldier” with Jean-Claude Van Damme (2012).

  • Comedian (Firesign Theater)

  • British politician and lawyer, he was a Member of Parliament since 1979. He was reelected at the General Election on June 11, 1987. He was an Attorney General and Solicitor General under Margaret Thatcher from 1987 to 1997.

  • Journalist

  • Canadian politician and actor

  • Movie Actor

  • American merchandise marketing financial accountant, CEO of AMR (the parent company of American Airlines). Crandall graduated from Wharton with a BS in Business and an MBA in Business. Crandall enjoys running to keep fit, even though he smokes.

  • American wrestling actor and sportscaster (d. 2015).

  • American banker and CEO of Hibernia Financial Institution. Miler holds a BA degree and an MBA.

  • American fashion model and pro astrologer who was featured on the cover of Vogue. A B.A. She graduated with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and then moved into astrology as an instructor and researcher. Elizabeth Palms was her psychological assistant and she trained her. She also worked as an astrological consultant. Past President of Los Angeles ISAR.

  • Indian author screenwriter and critic (d. 2007)

  • Ohio, USA; boxing promoter (Muhammud Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson).

  • Rolf Hoppe
  • Third Prime Minister of Zambia, a Zambian politician and banker (d. 2000).

  • France sport Champion

  • American public servant and businessman. He was a partner at Catto & Catto, an insurance brokerage in San Antonio from 1955 to 2000. He was vice chairman and president at H&C Communications from 1983 to 1989. This group operates network television stations.

1929 - 1920

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1929 - 1920

  • French journalist, television host, and presenter. He was born to Marcel Bouvard, an Alsatian jewish mom and to Marcel Bouvard, who left his family. He is well-known for his radio comedy show "Les Grosses TAates" (1977-194) on RTL. There he invited Jean Dutourd and Amanda Lear. Also, he hosted the TV program "Le Petit thA (c)AC/tre Bouvard" (1982-1986).

  • Producer and screenwriter in Switzerland

  • German-Austrian conductor and cellist

  • American theatre director, writer, composer, actor, and director. After appearing in Jack Smith's Underground Films Normal Love and Flaming Creatures and after performing in the "Happenings” of Robert Whitman, Walter DeMaria, and others, Vaccaro established the Play-House of the Ridiculous, New York City, in the summer 1965.

  • Actor/TV host (Make Me Laugh) dies at 49 from cancer

  • Achong; inventor (electron microscopist).

  • American discus and shot-put athlete. He was awarded bronze medals in shotput at the 1948 Summer Olympics, London and 1952 Summer Olympics, Helsinki. He passed away on the 8th of October 2010.

  • He is a French composer and musician who composed the theme song for the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble.

  • Neff; US Treasurer (1974-1977).

  • Japanese royalty, Princess Teru, the eldest child of Empress KAjun and Emperor ShAwa, was born to her parents. She was also the older sister of Emperor Akihito, the current Emperor of Japan. She was the wife Prince Morihiro Higashikuni. She was diagnosed with cancer and died on 23 July 1961.

  • Wally Cox

    American comedian and actor. He is best known for his role as Mr. Peepers, a TV actor. His stand-up comedy career began in New York, 1948. Cox was fluent in seven languages and co-authored a juvenile novel that was published in 1972. From 1966 to 1973, he was a regular host on Hollywood Squares' game show. He was married three …

  • American actress and singer. She was promoted in 1939 as a juvenile player by MGM in "The Great Victor Herbert," then followed by twelve singing pictures. Her film career lasted only six years, with her most memorable role in 1943's "The Phantom of the Opera." After 1956, her career ended. She continued singing in operettas and musicals. Foster began working …

  • Michigan, USA; actor (Mr Peepers and Hollywood Squares).

  • Illinois, USA; actress (Sierra).

  • Brazilian astrologer. Author of many astrology books. Self-published in Brazil. His esoteric ideas are based upon Alice Bailey's works. He is an astrologist, but he doesn't consult. This is because he does NOT want to interfere with the individual's karma. His peers regard him highly.

  • Italian jazz musician and actor.

  • Italian composer, pianist, organist, conductor, and conductor (Born 1921)

  • American athlete. He was the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns football team between 1946 and1955, a decade that is considered to be the Golden Age of the team.

  • Mexican author, Canon, Professor, and Academics. His specialization was in translations from Latin to Spanish. He was a professor at Theological Seminary of Mexico from 1948 to 1988, where he taught for more than fifty years. He was honored canon of Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral since 1986. The title of Monsignor was conferred by the Holy See in October 1998. …

  • German Nazi military figure, ObersturmfA 1/4 hrer (First Lt.) in the Waffen SS during World War II. To recognize Nazi Germany's extreme battlefield bravery and successful military leadership during World War II, he was presented with the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. He was 76 years old when he died in Bonn on October 10, 1998.

  • American basketball player who was a pro for one season from 1946 to 1947.

  • American composer, pianist and leader of a Jazz Quartet, one of the greatest jazz recording artists of all time.

  • Concord artists

  • American lawyer and CEO of Central Newspapers, a newspaper chain owned by the Dan Quayle Family. Russell holds an AB degree and a JD in Business, having pursued interests in finance, accounting, and the legal sector.

  • English sportscaster and producer (d.2015)

  • English chemist and Nobel Prize laureate in academic chemistry (d. 2002).

1919 - 1910

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1919 - 1910

  • American colonel and minister (d. 2015).

  • Baskin-Robbins was co-founded by Baskin-Robbins, a Canadian-American businessman (d. 2008).

  • Lebanese leader in the Lebanese Druze (d. 1977).

  • German soldier and lawyer (d. 2014.)

  • French aviator during World War II. He served as a pilot with the Fighter Squadron 1/30 Normandie-Niemen from 3 August to his death 13 October 1943.

  • French philosopher and infantryman, who was awarded the title of Compagnon de la LibA (c)ration' (English : Companion to the Liberation).

  • Besan?on EXecutives

  • American champion swimmer in the 100 m. backstroke at the L.A. Olympics 1932. She is best known for her participation in the Aquacade at New York World's Fair. This was where she met Billy Rose who was the producer of the show. He married her, and she was his favorite of his four wives. He trusted her and could talk …


1909 - 1900

Famous birthdays on December 6th for the celebrities who were born in the years 1909 - 1900

  • From 1964 to his death in 1982, he was the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. His 18-year tenure as General Secretary was only second to Joseph Stalin's in terms of duration. Brezhnev's reign saw a dramatic increase in the Soviet Union's global influence, partly due to the Soviet military's expansion during …

  • Belgian politician.

  • Clinton, Massachusetts -- Actress.

  • French writer (Born 1904)

  • Elissa Landi

    Italian actress, writer and actress. She was a star on the stage and in film, as well as having three novels written.

  • French pianist/author / Daughter of Madame Curie

  • Paris 13?me EXecutives

  • French writer, lecturer, and musician. She is the daughter of Pierre and Marie Curie, scientists. In 1925, she made her concert debut in Paris as a pianist. She later worked for the Free French in America and was a correspondent during WW II covering the battlegrounds.

  • Agnes Moorehead

    American actress, best known for her role in 1960s American TV comedy "Bewitched", in which she played the mother. She was already an actress, having previously performed on stage, radio, and vaudeville. Her first movie was in 1941. She had acted in over 60 Hollywood films by the end of her career and was nominated for four Oscars as best …

  • French supercentenarian. Age 112. She died 12 January 2013.

  • France sport Champion

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