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January 21st famous birthdays

List of celebrities and famous people who were born on January 21st

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2019 - 2010

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 2019 - 2010

  • British-American family. The first child and only son of One Direction member Louis Tomlinson, stylist Briana Jungwirth.

  • His mother, Doutzen Kroes, a Dutch model and actress, is from a well-known Dutch family. Sunnery James is the father of the child.

2009 - 2000

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 2009 - 2000

  • American son of a noted parent. His dad is Scott Hamilton, an Olympic skater.

  • Norwegian royalty, the elder child of Crown Prince Haakon and second in line to succeed her grandfather, King Harald V. A member of the House of Glücksburg, she is expected to become Norway's second female monarch, after the 15th-century Queen Margaret.


1999 - 1990

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1999 - 1990


1989 - 1980

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1989 - 1980

  • French tennis player, who participated in the longest tennis match at Wimbledon in June 2010. American John Isner from North Carolina was his opponent.

  • German footballer

  • Japanese professional wrestler

  • English footballer


1979 - 1970

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1979 - 1970


1969 - 1960

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1969 - 1960

  • American professional baseball pitcher. He has been a player in the American League for one season and in the National League for seven. After graduating from Alabama-Birmingham College in 1985, Hammond was selected by Cincinnati Reds as a sixth-round free-agent draft selection. He was placed on the disabled list in 1991 and was traded to Florida Marlins 3/7/1993. Hammond has …

  • Denmark; Miss Denmark (1984).

  • English musician

  • American voice actress

  • French international football player, midfielder. He is the son of Camille Passi, a Senegalese. He played for Montpellier and Monaco, Toulouse, St-Etienne and ended his career in Japan.

  • Italian TV personality, actor, and disc jockey.

  • French actress and daughter of Jean-Louis Trintingnant, actor and actress/director, and Nadine Marquand Trintingant, actress/director

  • American academic and economist

  • American wrestler referee (d. 1999).

  • Scala Theater's main Italian dancer and fiancA(c), Marina Berlusconi, 2002 (daughter-of-the-premier).

  • Arizona, USA; actress (Andrea-Beverly Hills 90210).

  • Virginia, USA; actress (Trish Madison - As The World Turns).

  • Politician

  • Belgian fashion designer of Italian origin, who specializes in hats. He created Barbie doll dresses as a child. His creations are loved by celebrities like John Collins, Sharon Stone and Madonna, Yannick Noah and Axelle Red.


1959 - 1950

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1959 - 1950

  • American soccer coach

  • NFL defensive end (Seattle Seahawk).

  • He is a British actor, writer and producer. His father, George Martin, was the record producer for The Beatles. Martin was a part of an 1984 mini-series with Richard Burton ("Ellis Island"), and has since acted in more than 60 plays, many television programs, and movies, including 1995's "Walk in the Clouds".

  • Massachusetts, USA; actress (Beetlejuice and The Fly).

  • Geena Davis

    American actress. Six-foot tall, she won an Oscar for her role as "Accidental Tourist" in 1989. She was also nominated for an Oscar for "Thelma and Louie" in 1991. She is a Mensa Member and a former fashion model. She graduated from Boston University and was a senior-year exchange student in Sweden, where she met her first significant other. She …

  • American actor, singer and director

  • New York, USA. Drummer (Berlin – "Take My Breath Away")

  • NYC, New York -- Drummer

  • American sculptor and painter

  • French magistrate, President of High Court of Lisieux (France). He was married on 9/05/1981 and had two children.

  • Texas, USA. Actor (One on One and Running Brave), The Chosen Ice Castles, Beauty and the Beast, The Chosen and The Chosen

  • New Jersey, United States -- Tennis player (US Open Doubles 1979, 81, 83)

  • American actress and stuntwoman

  • Paul Allen

    American entrepreneur and co-founder of Microsoft

  • American entrepreneur and co-founder of Microsoft

  • Mexico -- Actor (Gaucho-Renegades)

  • American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Resurrection Band).

  • American politician and lawyer, 82nd United States Attorney general


1949 - 1940

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1949 - 1940

  • Swiss singer-songwriter. She was the first recipient of the Grand Prix der Volksmusik in 1986 with Bella Musica, a song she wrote herself. Martinetti approached Celine Dion, a young singer, to ask her to represent Switzerland at the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest.

  • TV Producer

  • American baseball manager and player (d. 2004).

  • Martin Shaw

    British actor and star of "The Professionals", a TV series that ran from December 1977 to February 1983. In 1969-1970, he was a star in British theater and he played Hamlet in America.

  • French choreographer and dancer, who was one the most important figures in contemporary French dance.

  • President of New York City Council (Democrat).

  • A talented Italian violinist, whose talent was evident from his childhood. UghiaEUR (tm), who was seven years old, performed his first performance in Milan. He played the Chaconne from BachaEUR (tm)'s Partita No. 2, as well as many Paganini Capriccios. Since then, he has been pursuing a long and intense concert career. Georges Enescu was his teacher. In 1959, he …

  • Graham Lyle and a member of the Scottish songwriting team, who began their professional career together in 1964. They moved to London, where they became the in-house composers at Apple Label. They formed a partnership with McGuinness Flint in April 1970. After that, they began their individual careers. In 1976, they had two top-ten hits. Lyle was awarded a Grammy …

  • Composer

  • American TV producer and director. Second child. Stewart Productions was founded by him while he also worked for NBC-TV News in 1982.

  • Opera Singer

  • Opera Singer

  • American singer, guitarist, songwriter. He is widely known for his stunning rendition of DylanaEUR(tm's "Just Like A Woman" and is a well-respected interpreter of Bob Dylan songs. His 1968 album "Something Else Again" was his first entry on the Billboard charts. However, it was his amazing performance of "Freedom" at the Woodstock Festival 1969 that made him a star. HavensaEUR(tm) …

  • Polish-born American professional wrestler

  • Saudi Arabian prince (d. 2013)

  • American professional golfer, who became a pro in 1962. He won the U.S. Open in 1967 and 1962, and the Masters in 1965, 1966, 1972, and 1986, at the age 46. Arnold Palmer is the only person who has won the Masters four times.

  • American Captain Medal of Honor winner (d. 2014).

  • Ohio, USA; golfer

  • English large landowner / multi-millionaire

1939 - 1930

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1939 - 1930

  • French track and field star and pro-field French athlete who ran the 4 X 100 meter relay together with Bernard Laidebeur and Claude Piquemal at the Tokyo Olympics 1964.

  • American CEO and executive in charge of Colgate-Palmolive (a manufacturer of personal and home-use products). Mark graduated from Harvard with an AB and MBA in Economics. He also has a passion for helping inner-city children through the "I Have A Dream Foundation."

  • New York, USA: DJ (Midnight Special)

  • American choreographer and experimental dancer. His training began in gymnastics, and he continued his training with Merce Cunningham for three years. He also spent a year with JosA (c) LimA3n. He performed works by Yvonne Rainer, Trisha Brown and more as a founding member the Judson Dance Theater. He was a founder of Grand Union, an experimental group. In 1972, …

  • Illinois, United States -- Poet ("Dance of the Zygotes")

  • Martial artist Japanese-French (d. 2013).

  • American metaphysician and author of several metaphysical books. He also founded one of America's most successful New Age communities. Reverend Parrish Hara is a practical mystic who manages her Sparrow Hawk Village, located in northeast Oklahoma's Ozark foothills. Her commune is not only spiritual but also a business venture. It houses real-estate development and a press. Over 100 students are …

  • Texas, USA; actress

  • Ann Wedgeworth

    American actress who appeared on Another World (1967aEUR'70), Somerset (1970aEUR'73), Three's Company (1979), Three's Company (1979) and Evening Shade (90aEUR'94). She won the Tony Award in 1978 for Best Performance by a Featured Artistress in a Play for Chapter Two.

  • Audrey Dalton

    Irish actress

  • He is a French painter who creates whimsical landscapes and portraits. Sometimes he uses more realistic details, other times he uses more abstract ones. He studied at the Ecole du Louvre and has a. Certificat d'A(c)ducateur Artistique de l'AcadA(c)mie du Jeudi (Arno Stern) and holds the honor of Chevalier des Arts et Lettres.

  • France sport Champion

  • American basketball coach and player

  • English businessman (d. 2013)

  • Russia -- Gymnast (1956, 60, 64 Olympics - Gold Medalist)


1929 - 1920

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1929 - 1920

  • Steve Reeves

    American physical culturist. He is 6'1" and 215 lb tall. He was the winner of the contests for Mr. America 1947 and Mr. Universe 1950. Since 1953, he was a leading actor in Italian muscle-man shows like "Goliath and the Barbarians", "The Giant of Marathon" and the "The Thief of Baghdad". In the films he made between the 1950s and …

  • French banker who died in Paris, 3 April 2008

  • English organist composer and leader (d. 1995).

  • Indian artist with more than 100 solo exhibitions, including nine in Paris where he lived for ten years (1951-1961).

  • American actor. He is best known for his roles in "Invasion of the Saucer Men", (1957) and as "Cadet Happy" on "Space Patrol".

  • Benny Hill

    British comedian, who was well-known for his funny and humorous style. He was also voted the Funniest man on TV in Britain. He was also elected to the Television Hall of Fame. He made his showbiz debut in 1941, when he appeared in "Stars in Battledress", a review.

  • American basketball player, he was a one-season pro in 1948-1949.

  • Long Island, New York USA; actor (Acapulco and Kojak).

  • Telly Savalas

    American actor, singer, and director (d. 1994).

  • Paul Scofield

    Hurst, England -- Actor. (Man for all Seasons, Train).

  • Canadian identical twins, Canada's pioneers in women's skiing and champions of the 1940s & 1950s. They formed the 1948 Olympic Women's Alpine Team for Canada.

  • Vroom Dutch sculptor.


1919 - 1910

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1919 - 1910

  • Jinx Falkenburg

    Barcelona, Spain -- Actress (Masquerade Party).

  • American pro-astrologer, educator, lecturer, counselor, and writer since 1960. Gina founded The Academy of Astrological Studies, which opened San Diego, California, to astrology in 1970. As an advisor, professional member of AFA, former Vice President and Director, ISAR, and NCGR Coordinator, she was also a member of AFAN Steering Committee. She is currently the chair of Regulus Awards.

  • Pilots and Scottish pilots

  • Scottish test pilot

  • French Communist resistance, also known as Colonel Fabien was one of two members of France's Communist Party that carried out the first assassinations of German personnel in the Occupation of France during World War II. Colonel Fabien was killed by a mine blast at Habsheim on the Alsace front on 27/12 1944.

  • American executive. He was a mechanical engineer with NACA, which became NASA in January 1958. He was a Mercury Man-in-Space project engineer and created the lunar lander "the bug" for the Gemini program in September1961. He retired from NASA in 1970 and established an engineering firm with Gordo Cooper. The company was involved in both marine salvage and engineering.

  • Italy sport Champion

  • Songwriter / vocalist

  • French differential geometer, and math physicist of Polish heritage, was one of the first researchers hired by the Centre national de la recherche scientifique.

  • American athlete who earned his fame in track and field events at University of Southern California during the 1930s. He set a pole vaulting record on April 10, 1937. Earle Meadows tied it the next day.

  • NYC, New York -- Actor (Det Brennan-My Favorite Martian)

  • Italian sprinter (d. 1981)

  • American pole vaulter (d. 1982).

  • Polish-American author and philanthropist, founded the National Envelope Corporation (d.2013).

  • Thai bandleader and composer (Born 1910).

  • American politician and lawyer, 15th Governor of Washington (d.2011).

  • French clergyman who was Bishop of Mende (1957-1983) and bishop emeritus (1983-1994).

  • British financier / swcheeps magnate / multi-millionaire

1909 - 1900

Famous birthdays on January 21st for the celebrities who were born in the years 1909 - 1900

  • Macedonian composer, conductor (d.2004)

  • Calufa is a Costa Rican communist leader and writer. Fallas is often regarded as the most significant and emblematic Costa Rican literature author. His unique ability to mix humor with the raw and gritty of the time he lived was a hallmark of his works of realism. Fallas's work was crucial to Costa Rican literature. However, Pablo Neruda, the Nobel …

  • French fashion designer (Born 1905)

  • French fashion designer (Born 1905)

  • Mexican architect, he was also a proponent of functionalism, a modernist movement that included Mexican artists and architects like Juan O'Gorman and Carlos ObregA3n Santacilia. This movement was based on innovative ideas presented by Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, as well as Die Stijl. It remodeled Mexico City's profile and other cities.

  • French couturier, the inventor of the "New Look", Parisian design after WWII.

  • American-born German highwire artist. He began performing at the age of 6 with his family. The "Flying Wallendas" is a daredevil circus act. The strong winds caused Wallenda Dynasty's "patriarch", the Wallenda Dynasty's father, to die on 22 March 1978.

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