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June 14th famous deaths

List of celebrities and famous people who died on June 14th

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2029 - 2020

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 2029 - 2020


  • A. B. Yehoshua

    Israeli novelist, essayist, and playwright (b. 1936)


  • Darlen Erikson

    Darlen Erikson was a renowned Norwegian geologist who made significant contributions to the understanding of plate tectonics and the formation of mountain ranges.

  • Celica Montague

    Celica Montague was a renowned British sculptor known for her abstract metal sculptures.

  • Sushant Singh Rajput

    Indian film actor (b. 1986)

2019 - 2010

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 2019 - 2010


  • Faustino Velasco

    Mathematician known for his contributions to number theory and algebra.


  • Tanaka Chikao

    Renowned Japanese voice actor known for his work in anime and video games.

  • Elizeth Gomes

    Elizeth Gomes was a celebrated Brazilian playwright whose works explored social and political themes.


  • Ann Morgan Guilbert

    American actress and singer (b. 1928)

  • Gilles Lamontagne

    Canadian lieutenant and politician, 24th lieutenant governor of quebec (d. 2016)


  • Thedford Jenkins

    Innovative playwright known for pushing the boundaries of traditional theater.

  • Kayman Hernandez

    Kayman Hernandez was a celebrated artist known for his vibrant and abstract paintings.

  • Swannie Hernandez

    Swannie Hernandez was a renowned Mexican-American essayist known for her insightful and thought-provoking writings.

  • Gar Lipow

    Gar Lipow was an American poet and activist who wrote extensively on environmental and social justice issues.

  • Qiao Shi

    Chinese politician (b. 1924)


  • James E. Rogers

    American lawyer, businessman, and academic (b. 1938)

  • Alberto Cañas Escalante

    Costa rican journalist and politician (b. 1920)

  • Isabelle Collin Dufresne

    French actress and author (d. 2014)

  • Robert Lebeck

    German photographer and journalist (b. 1929)


  • Elroy Schwartz

    Known for his work on classic TV shows like Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch.

  • Elroy Schwartz

    Known for his work on classic TV shows like Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch.


  • Bard Carpenter

    Pioneer in computer graphics, known for his work on the B-Cube system.

  • Bob Chappuis

    American football player and soldier (b. 1923)

  • Peter Archer

    Baron archer of sandwell, english lawyer and politician, solicitor general for england and wales (b. 1926)

  • Margie Hyams

    American pianist and vibraphone player (b. 1920)

  • Karl-Heinz Kämmerling

    German pianist and academic (b. 1930)


  • Fronnie Dubois

    Fronnie Dubois was a renowned French ballet dancer who performed with the Paris Opera Ballet.

  • Beatrice Swan

    Beatrice Swan was an American novelist known for her novels exploring themes of family and identity.

  • Bentli Ellison

    Bentli Ellison was an American chemist who made significant contributions to the field of organic chemistry.

2009 - 2000

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 2009 - 2000


  • Ivan Della Mea

    Italian journalist, novelist, singer-songwriter, and political activist.

  • Bob Bogle

    American musician (b. 1934)

  • William McIntyre

    Canadian soldier, lawyer, and judge (b. 1918)

  • Bob Bogle

    American guitarist and bassist (the ventures), (born 1934).


  • Kees Fens

    Prominent Dutch writer and critic known for his insightful literary analyses.

  • Esbjorn Svensson

    Swedish jazz pianist (born 1964)

  • Jamelao

    Brazilian samba singer (born 1913)


  • Kurt Waldheim

    Austrian president 1986-1992. lawyer and diplomat. he was the fourth secretary general for the united nations 1972-1981. he attended the diplomatic academy and vienna university. he was drafted into the army in 1939 and worked as an interpreter for staff officers in the balkans. his first assignment abroad was as a secretary at the embassy in paris 1948-1951, after he …

  • Robin Olds

    American world war ii and vietnam war ace fighter pilot (d. 2007).

  • Ruth Graham

    Chinese-american author, poet, and painter (b. 1920)

  • Kurt Waldheim

    Secretary-general of the united nations, austrian politician, 9th president of austria (b. 1918)


  • Haleem Barakat

    Haleem Barakat was a renowned Egyptian poet known for his lyrical and introspective works.

  • Issam Mahfouz

    Issam Mahfouz was a Lebanese poet and playwright who was known for his contributions to Arabic literature.

  • Jean Roba

    Belgian illustrator and author (d. 2006).

  • Monty Berman

    English director, producer, and cinematographer (b. 1905)


  • Carlo Maria Giulini

    Italian musician and conductor (d.2005)

  • Heyden Wilkins

    Heyden Wilkins was an American poet who explored themes of nature and spirituality.

  • Carlo Maria Giulini

    Italian conductor and director (d. 2005)

  • Mimi Parent

    Canadian-swiss painter (d. 2005)


  • Ulrich Inderbinen

    Swiss mountaineer and guide (b. 1900)

  • Eamonn McGirr

    Irish-born entertainer and singer


  • Bosten Terence

    Renowned novelist known for his captivating storytelling.

  • Dale Whittington

    American racing driver (born 1959).


  • June Jordan

    June Jordan was a prominent poet known for her powerful works on civil rights and feminism.


  • Barnaby Barnes

    British poet known for his collections 'The Somnambulist' and 'The Canticle of the Rose'.


  • Sinclair Beiles

    Sinclair Beiles was a South African poet and novelist who was associated with the Beat Generation.

  • Attilio Bertolucci

    Italian poet and writer (born in 1911).

1999 - 1990

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1999 - 1990


  • Bernie Faloney

    American-canadian sportscaster and football player (d. 1999).


  • Everlina Montague

    Everlina Montague was a celebrated stage and film actress, known for her versatile performances.

  • Osiah Walters

    Osiah Walters was a celebrated American photographer known for his documentary-style street photography.

  • Tranquilino Sáenz

    Tranquilino Sáenz was a Mexican professional boxer who competed in the featherweight and lightweight divisions.

  • Ginette Mathiot

    French chef and author of many popular cookbooks.


  • Richard Jaeckel
    Richard Jaeckel

    New york, united states -- actor (3.10 to yuma sands of iwo jima).

  • Henry C Gordon

    Usaf/ astronaut (dynasoar) dies at 71


  • Noemí Gerstein

    Argentinian sculptor and illustrator (b. 1908)

  • Thomas Edward Montgomery

    Drummer dies at 73

  • Ted Nightingale

    At 91, former colonial governor dies


  • Rory Gallagher

    Irish blues and rock guitarist known for his passionate performances.

  • Roger Zelazny

    American fantasy and science-fiction writer. he has been a regular contributor to scifi magazines since 1962. his stories included "damnation alley" 1967, "creators of light," 1968, and "lord of light", 1968 which won the hugo award. zelazny was a fencing instructor and a nike missile crewman.

  • Gesualdo Bufalino

    Italian novelist and writer. he was 60 years old when he became famous. he became a reference point for both his writing and literature in europe, becoming instantly commercially viable.

  • Els Aarne

    Ukrainian-estonian pianist, composer, and educator (d. 1995)

  • Anthony Joly de Lotbiniere

    Television producer dies at 69


  • Henry Mancini

    American composer, arranger, conductor, writer, and composer. he created memorable melodies such as "moon river" in blake edward's "breakfast at tiffany's". mancini was a universally loved composer and conductor who produced a lot of film music. he won four oscars as well as 20 grammy awards. mancini was awarded the oscars for "moon river," 1962 and "days of wine and …

  • Marcel Mouloudji
    Marcel Mouloudji

    French actor and singer (born in 1922)

  • Michel Vitold

    Russian / french actor (madame et le mort), dies at 78

  • Lionel Grigson

    English pianist, composer, and educator (b. 1942)

  • Marianne Kunvari

    Writer dies at 81


  • Vincent T Hamlin

    At 93, alley oop, cartoonist, dies


  • Peggy Ashcroft

    Croydon, england -- actress

  • Joy Finzi [Joyce A Black]

    British painter dies at 84

  • Dame Peggy Ashcroft

    British actress (born in 1907)


  • Erna Berger

    German coloratura lyric singer, opera singer, and interpreter german lieder. berger started singing in a dresden opera in late 1920s. she made her metropolitan opera (new york city) debut in 1949. she retired from opera in 1955 but continued recitals until 1968. she died june 14, 1990.

  • Erna Berger

    German soprano and actress (b. 1900)

1989 - 1980

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1989 - 1980


  • Kit Bond

    American politician who served as a U.S. Senator from Missouri.

  • Pete de Freitas

    Spanish producer and drummer (echo & the bunnymen), (d. 1989).


  • Stanisław Bareja

    Polish actor, director, and screenwriter (b. 1929)


  • Alfonsa Borges

    Alfonsa Borges was an Argentine writer and librarian, known for his innovative and influential works of fiction.

  • Xavyer Borges

    Xavyer Borges was an Argentine short-story writer, essayist, and poet, and a central figure in Spanish-language literature.

  • Luis Borges

    Argentinian writer known for his magical realism and philosophical works.

  • Jorge Luis Borges

    Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator (b. 1899)

  • Marlin Perkins

    Renowned zoologist known for hosting the television program 'Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.'


  • Eulla Morgan

    Influential playwright whose works continue to inspire audiences.

  • Briselda Cavendish

    Innovative playwright known for pushing the boundaries of theater.


  • Emelynn Fitzgerald

    Emelynn Fitzgerald was a celebrated American actress who starred in numerous films during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

  • Marie Rambert [Cyviam Ramberg]

    Polish/british ballerina dies at 94

  • Marjorie Bennett

    Actress (blossom dobie gillis), who dies from cancer at 87


  • Orton Hicks

    Orton Hicks was an American musician and composer who was known for his work in the field of electronic music.


  • Ellard Sims

    Ellard Sims was an American athlete who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics, winning a gold medal in the 4x400 meter relay.

  • Charles Miller

    American ceo of avery, a company that manufactures office supplies products. miller holds a bachelor of arts in business and is interested in marketing, merchandising, and manufacturing.

1979 - 1970

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1979 - 1970


  • Ahmad Zahir

    Legendary Afghan singer known as the 'Elvis of Afghanistan' for his unique voice and style.

  • Ahmad Zahir

    Afghan politician and singer who was a popular figure in Afghanistan during the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Burwell Cary

    Burwell Cary was an American playwright known for his works in the theater.


  • Carmino Gallipoli

    Carmino Gallipoli was an Italian playwright known for his contributions to the theater.

  • Theodore Karyotakis

    Composer dies at 74


  • Robert Middleton

    American composer and educator. he composed "life goes to a party", a one-act opera in 1947. his other notable works include "harmony in modern counterpoint", a 1967 release. middleton earned his m.a. his b.a. was also earned at cambridge. from harvard, he joined the vassar staff in 1953. he was promoted to professorship in 1966.

  • Masaichi Nagata

    Masaichi Nagata was a Japanese politician who served as a member of the House of Councillors.

  • Alan Reed

    Nyc, new york -- actor ("mr adams & eve") / voice ("fred flintstone")

  • Robert Middleman

    Actor (barney monroes), died at 66


  • Cedrik Bergström

    Cedrik Bergström was a Swedish composer known for his orchestral and chamber works.

  • Pablo Antonio

    Filipino modernist architect (born 1902)


  • Arty Kahler

    Arty Kahler was an American professional football player who played in the National Football League from 1924 to 1931.

  • Knud Christian Jeppesen

    Composer dies at 81


  • Dündar Taşer

    Turkish soldier and politician (b. 1925)


  • Breyer Henley

    Breyer Henley was an American football player who played as a tackle in the 1920s and 1930s.

  • Ransom Riggs

    An American poet known for his contributions to modernist poetry.

  • Carlos P. Garcia

    8th president of the republic of the philippines (b. 1896)


  • Branch McCracken

    Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1960.

1969 - 1960

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1969 - 1960


  • Marek Hłasko

    Renowned Polish writer known for his works depicting social issues and life in post-World War II Poland.


  • Salvatore Quasimodo

    Italian novelist and poet, nobel prize laureate (b. 1901)

  • Salvatore Quasimodo

    Italian poet, translator and writer who was awarded the nobel prize for literature in 1959. quasimodo died 6/14/1968, naples, italy.

  • Karl-Birger Blomdahl

    Swedish opera composer (aniara) dies at 51


  • Itzabella Rossi

    Itzabella Rossi was a celebrated Italian opera singer who performed on stages across Europe and North America.

  • Cannie Langston

    Cannie Langston was an American poet known for her lyrical and introspective works.

  • Eddie Eagan

    American boxer and bobsledder (d. 1967).


  • H V Kaltenborn

    Newscaster (who said this? ), is killed at 86

  • Guido Guerrini

    Composer dies at 74


  • [Hei]ko E Arnoldi

    Actor/director (3 drops of water), dies at 81


  • Brinsley MacNamara

    Brinsley MacNamara was an Irish novelist and playwright, known for his novel The Valley of the Squinting Windows.


  • Anna Sleasers

    Boston strangler is the first victim.

  • Mykhaylo Verikivsky

    Composer dies at 65


  • Aleric Rossi

    Aleric Rossi was an Italian composer known for his operatic works and symphonic pieces.

  • Oriya Govinda Bhanjadeo

    He was an Indian mathematician and scholar who made significant contributions to the field of mathematics.

  • Vladimir Nikolayevich Kryukov

    Composer dies at 57

  • Ana Pauker-Rabensohn

    Romanian foreign minister (1945-1952), dies at 67

1959 - 1950

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1959 - 1950


  • Knightley Turner

    Renowned astronomer known for his work on stellar evolution.


  • Maille Jacquet

    French sculptor who created public monuments and statues.


  • Linwood Vrooman

    American author and educator.


  • Tom Cole

    Welsh-american racing driver (b. 1922)


  • Hendrik Baels

    Belgian politician dies at 73

1949 - 1940

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1949 - 1940


  • Adelheid Storck

    Adelheid Storck was a German poet who wrote lyrical and nature-inspired poems.

  • Albert II

    Rhesus macaque, animal astronaut, and first mammal in space[4]


  • Gertrude Atherton

    Gertrude Atherton was an American journalist and novelist who wrote extensively about California and the lives of wealthy and powerful women.

  • Girtrude Atherton

    Girtrude Atherton was an American novelist and journalist who wrote extensively about California and its history.

  • John Blackwood McEwen

    Composer dies at age 80

  • Ernst Henrik Ellberg

    Composer dies at 79


  • John Logie Baird

    Inventor of the world's first practical, publicly demonstrated television system.

  • Jorge Ubico

    21st president of guatemala (b. 1878)

  • John Logie Baird

    Scottish tv pioneer (born 1888).


  • Lubor Niederle

    Czech archaeologist/slavist, died at 78

  • Robert H Iseley

    Us pilot/lt-comdr (saipan), killed in combat


  • Pieter J Kromsigt

    John knox, the publicist/theologist, dies at 74


  • Axten Fitzgerald

    Axten Fitzgerald was an acclaimed British author known for their novels exploring themes of social justice.

  • Blease Simmons

    Blease Simmons was a British essayist and social critic who wrote extensively on political and cultural issues.

  • Roselene Moreau

    Roselene Moreau was a Belgian essayist known for her insightful and thought-provoking writings on art and culture.

1939 - 1930

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1939 - 1930


  • Gilbert Chesterton

    Renowned English writer known for his diverse literary works.

  • Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    English writer known for his detective fiction and Christian apologetics.

  • Hans Poelzig

    German architect, painter, and designer, designed the ig farben building (b. 1869)

  • G. K. Chesterton

    English essayist, poet, playwright, and novelist (b. 1874)

  • Gilbert K Chesterton

    English writer/poet (father brown).


  • John Gray

    Irish poet and playwright associated with the Celtic Revival movement.


  • Justinien de Clary

    French target shooter (b. 1860)

  • Albert Ross Parsons

    Composer dies at 85


  • Dorimène Roy Desjardins

    Canadian businesswoman, co-founded desjardins group (b. 1858)

  • Dorimene Roy Desjardins

    Canadian business pioneer (born in 1858)

1929 - 1920

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1929 - 1920


  • Minor Keith

    Minor Keith was a prominent American businessman and politician known for his involvement in the development of the banana industry in Central America.


  • Clarence Barron

    Clarence Barron was an American journalist and publisher who founded Barron's financial newspaper.

  • Emaline Pankhurst

    British suffragette and author known for her activism in the women's suffrage movement.

  • Emmaline Pankhurst

    Leader of the British suffragette movement and a prominent political activist.

  • Emmeline Pankhurst

    English activist and academic (b. 1857)

  • Emmeline Pankhurst
    Emmeline Pankhurst

    British feminist social activist for women who established the "women's franchise league" (1889) and worked for women's rights her entire life.


  • Jerome K. Jerome

    English writer best known for his humorous novels and plays.

  • Ottavio Bottecchia

    Italian cyclist (born in 1894)

  • Jerome K Jerome

    British author (born 1859)

  • Johanna C P Barbiers

    Actress (voddenraper in paris), dies at the age of 79


  • Mary Cassatt

    American impressionist artist, well-known for her warm and loving mother-child studies. her work is bright and original. her portrayals of gentle kisses, which she is known for being a master of, are tender and voluptuous.


  • Gerhart Hessenberg

    German mathematician who made contributions to the field of geometry.


  • Isabelle Bogelot

    French philanthropist (b. 1838)


  • Belle Bennett

    Belle Bennett was a prominent educator and women's rights advocate.


  • Max Weber

    German philosopher, sociologist, and political economist. he profoundly influenced sociology, social theory, and social research. his thesis on the aeuroeprotestant ethics, aeur relating protestantism and capitalism, and his ideas about bureaucracy are his most well-known works.

  • Kasch Weber

    Kasch Weber was a prominent German sociologist and political economist who made significant contributions to the field of social theory.

  • Max Weber

    German sociologist and one of the founders of modern sociology.

  • Max Weber

    German philosopher, sociologist, and political economist. he profoundly influenced sociology, social theory, and social research. his thesis on the aeuroeprotestant ethics, aeur relating protestantism and capitalism, and his ideas about bureaucracy are his most well-known works.

1919 - 1910

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1919 - 1910


  • Seattle

    Founder of Seattle, Washington

  • João Simões Lopes Neto

    Brazilian author (b. 1865)

  • Joao Simoes Lopes Neto

    Brazilian writer (born 1865)


  • Adlai Stevenson

    American politician who served as Vice President of the United States

  • Adlai Stevenson I

    Vice President of the United States

  • Adlai Stevenson I

    American lawyer and politician, 23rd vice president of the united states (b. 1835)

  • Adlai Stevenson I

    American politician, 23rd u.s. vice president (born 1835)


  • Johan Severin Svendsen

    Composer dies at age 70

1909 - 1900

Famous deaths on June 14th for the celebrities who died in the years 1909 - 1900


  • Frederick Stanley

    16th earl of derby, english captain and politician, 6th governor general of canada (b. 1841)

  • Frederick Arthur Stanley

    British governor general of canada (born 1841).


  • Bartolomé Masó

    Cuban soldier and politician (b. 1830)

  • William Le Baron Jenney

    American architect and engineer, designed the home insurance building (b. 1832)

  • William Le Baron Jenny

    American engineer and architect (born 1832).

  • A Adolf Daens

    Belgian priest / politician (cvp)


  • John Cowan

    Scottish scientist and engineer who made significant contributions to the development of the telegraph.

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