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June 21st famous deaths

List of celebrities and famous people who died on June 21st

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2029 - 2020

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 2029 - 2020


  • Winnie Ewing

    Scottish lawyer and politician (d. 2023)

2019 - 2010

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 2019 - 2010


  • Demitris Christofias

    Former President of Cyprus

  • Dimetri Christofias

    Former President of Cyprus and a prominent figure in Cypriot politics.

  • Demetres Christofias

    Former President of Cyprus known for his efforts towards reunification.


  • Charles Krauthammer

    Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative political commentator and columnist.

  • Charels Krauthammer

    Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and political commentator.

  • Harles Krauthammer

    Harles Krauthammer was an American political columnist and commentator who won the Pulitzer Prize for his work.


  • Pierre Lalonde

    Canadian television host and singer (b. 1941)


  • Gunther Schuller

    American jazz musician and composer.

  • Gunther Schuller

    American horn player, composer, and conductor (b. 1925)

  • Darryl Hamilton

    American baseball player and sportscaster (b. 1964)

  • Veijo Meri

    Finnish translator and author (d. 2015).

  • Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski

    German soldier and politician (b. 1932)


  • Garrit Kouwenaar

    Garrit Kouwenaar was a Dutch poet who was known for his experimental and avant-garde style.

  • Gerry Conlon

    Irish author known for his book 'Proved Innocent'.

  • Wong Ho Leng

    Malaysian lawyer and politician (b. 1959)

  • Yozo Ishikawa

    Japanese politician, japanese minister of defense (b. 1925)

  • Walter Kieber

    Austrian-liechtenstein politician, 7th prime minister of liechtenstein (b. 1931)


  • Elliott Reid
    Elliott Reid

    American screenwriter and actor (d. 2013).

  • James P. Gordon

    American physicist and engineer (d. 2013)


  • Dahir Siad

    Dahir Siad was a renowned Somali poet who contributed significantly to the development of Somali literature.

  • Anna Schwartz

    American author and economist (d. 2012).

  • Richard Adler

    Nyc, new york -- composer. (pajama game. damn yankees).

  • Abid Hussain

    Indian economist and diplomat, indian ambassador to the united states (b. 1926)

  • Sunil Janah

    Indian photographer and journalist (b. 1918)


  • Robert Kroetsch

    Canadian author and poet (b. 1927)


  • İlhan Selçuk

    Turkish journalist and author, turkish lawyer (d. 2010).

  • Russell Ash

    English journalist and author (d. 2010)

  • Irwin Barker

    Canadian actor and screenwriter (b. 1956)

2009 - 2000

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 2009 - 2000


  • Geeta Mukherjee

    An Indian communist politician who served as a member of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian parliament.

  • Amias Biddle

    Amias Biddle was a prominent politician known for his contributions to public service.


  • Scott Kalitta

    American race car driver (b. 1962)

  • Kermit Love

    American puppeteer and costume designer (d.2008)


  • Bob Evans

    American businessman, founded bob evans restaurants (d. 2007)


  • Jared C. Monti

    American sergeant, medal of honor recipient (b. 1975)

  • Jared C Monti

    Medal of honor recipient (born 1975)


  • Daliya Rabikovitch

    Israeli poet known for her powerful and emotional works.

  • Dalia Rabikovitch

    Israeli poet and translator, one of the most prominent Hebrew poets of her generation.

  • Jaime Sin

    Filipino cardinal archbishop, manila, prominent leader during people power revolution (born 1928).


  • Leonel Brizola

    Brazilian engineer and politician, governor of rio de janeiro (b. 1922)

  • Ruth Leach Amonette

    American businesswoman and author (d. 2004)

  • Leonel Brizola

    Brazilian politician (born 1922)


  • Leon Uris

    American novelist famous for books such as 'Exodus' and 'Mila 18.'

  • Jason Moran

    American jazz pianist, composer and educator

  • Roger Neilson

    Canadian ice hockey coach and player (d. 2003).


  • Timothy Findley

    Canadian author known for his novels and plays.


  • Carroll O'Connor
    Carroll O'Connor

    Carroll o'connor was an american actor best known for his role as archie bunker in the tv series 'all in the family'.

  • Soad Hosny
    Soad Hosny

    Egyptian actress and singer (b. 1942)

  • Carroll O'Connor

    Best known for his role as Archie Bunker in the TV series 'All in the Family.'

  • John Lee Hooker

    American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1917)

  • Souad Hosni

    Egyptian actress (born 1942).


  • Abdulloh Qahhor

    Abdulloh Qahhor was a prominent Uzbek novelist and playwright, known for his works that explored the social and political issues of his time.

  • Alan Hovhaness

    Somerville (massachusetts) -- composer (lousadzak and ukiyo).

1999 - 1990

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1999 - 1990


  • Gershom Legman

    An American folklorist, critic, and collector of erotic folklore.

  • Kami

    Japanese drummer (b. 1973)


  • Elvi Hale

    American actress who appeared in various films and TV shows.

  • Athol Rowan

    South African cricketer known for his spin bowling skills.

  • Anastasio Ballestrero

    Italian cardinal (b. 1913)

  • Harry Cranbrook Allen

    English historian (d. 1998)

  • Al Campanis

    American baseball player and manager (b. 1916)


  • Shintaro Katsu

    Japanese actor, singer, director, and producer (b. 1931)

  • Fidel Velázquez Sánchez

    Mexican trade union leader (b. 1900)

  • Art Prysock

    Jazz musician dies at 68

  • Fidel Velazquez Sanchez

    Mexican labour leader (born 1900)

  • Shintaro Katsu

    Japanese actor, director, and producer (d. 1997).


  • Tristan Jones

    Welsh author and sailor famous for his sea adventure books.

  • Tristan Jones

    Sailor dies at 71

  • Kenneth Henry Lowry Lamb

    Broadcaster dies at 71


  • William Wilson Morgan

    American astronomer and astrophysicist (b. 1906)

  • Mark Robert Isfeld

    Combat engineer dies at 31

  • William Wilson Morgan

    American astronomer (born in 1906).


  • Ticho Parly

    Danish actor and tenor (d. 1993).

  • Frank Moro


  • Jerry Strivelli

    Actor (out for justice lock up), dies in 61


  • Pierce Brodkorb

    Pierce Brodkorb was a renowned paleontologist known for his work on fossil birds.

  • Ben Alexander

    Australian rugby league player (b. 1971)

  • Arthur Gorrie

    Australian hobby shop proprietor (d. 1992)

  • Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah

    Bangladeshi poet, author, and playwright (b. 1956)

  • Li Xiannian

    Chinese captain and politician, 3rd president of the people's republic of china (b. 1909)


  • Shiro Kasamatsu

    Shiro Kasamatsu was a Japanese woodblock printmaker who was known for his landscape and nature-inspired prints.


  • Cedric Belfrage

    The national guardian, an english-american journalist and author, was co-founded by the english-american journalist and author.

  • June Christy

    American singer (d. 1990)

1989 - 1980

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1989 - 1980


  • Imre Németh

    Hungarian discus thrower who won a gold medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics.

  • Simon van Collem

    Dutch journalist/tv host dies at age 70

  • Lee Quencey Calhoun

    Hurdler (1956-60 olympics - gold medalist), is killed at 56


  • Bobby Dodd

    American football coach (b. 1908)

  • Robert Lee "Bobby" Dodd

    Us football coach


  • Abram Chasins

    American composer and pianist known for his classical music compositions.

  • Madman Muntz

    American engineer and businessman, founded the muntz car company (b. 1914)


  • Assi Rahbani

    Lebanese singer, composer (rahbani brothers), and producer (born 1923).


  • Ettore Boiardi

    Italian-American chef known for his food products and restaurants.

  • Tage Erlander

    Swedish lieutenant and politician, 25th prime minister of sweden (d. 1985)

  • Hector Boyardee

    Italian-american chef and businessman, founded chef boyardee (b. 1897)

  • Tage Erlander

    Swedish politician and lieutenant 25th prime minister of sweden


  • Webster Booth

    Renowned English tenor known for his operatic and concert performances.


  • Anton G J van de Velde

    Flemish director/writer (tijl) dies at 87


  • Don Figlozzi

    American illustrator and animator (b. 1909)

  • Gunnar Ek

    Composer, who dies at 81 years old


  • Bert Kaempfert

    German composer and leader of orchestras (d. 1980).

  • Muriel Foster

    Pioneering zoologist known for her research on marine invertebrates.

1979 - 1970

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1979 - 1970


  • Julian Orchard

    Actor (perfect friday bless this house), dies at 49

  • Angus MacLise

    American composer, drummer (velvet underground), mystic, and shaman. (born 1938).


  • Margaret Herrick

    American director of academy of motion picture arts and sciences (born in 1902)


  • Ishbel Ross

    Ishbel Ross was an American journalist and author who wrote extensively on historical and biographical subjects.

  • Heinz Lau

    Composer dies at 49


  • Frank Leahy

    At 64, a football coach (notre dame) dies.


  • Seth Bingham

    American composer and organist (d. 1972).


  • Sukarno

    President of indonesia (born 1901)

  • Ellsworth Buck

    American politician who served as the Governor of Delaware.

  • Sukarno

    Indonesian engineer and politician, 1st president of indonesia (d. 1970)

  • Piers Courage

    English race car driver (d. 1970)

  • Achmed Sukarno

    In 1933, a dutch official exiled an indonesian politician from java. he returned to indonesia in 1942 and joined the japanese occupation forces at power. he declared indonesia an independent nation three years later, fighting his dutch nemesis. after a four-year war, the netherlands gave indonesian sovereignty to sukarno on 12/27/1949.

1969 - 1960

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1969 - 1960


  • Maureen Connolly

    Maureen Connolly was an American tennis player who won nine Grand Slam singles titles in the 1950s.

  • Maureen "Little Mo" Connolly

    1st woman grand slam (1953), dies at the age of 34


  • Constance Georgina Tardrew

    South african botanist (b. 1883)


  • Theodore Sizer

    American professor of the history of art (b. 1892)


  • Bernard M Baruch

    At 94, the presidential advisor (termed "cold war") dies.


  • Michael Schwerner

    American civil rights activist (born 1939).

  • Andrew Goodman

    American civil rights activist (b. 1943)

  • Andrew Goodman

    American civil rights activist (born 1943).

  • James Chaney

    American civil rights activist (born 1943).


  • Zygmunt Klemensiewicz

    Polish physicist who made contributions to the field of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.


  • Ananda Kumaraswamy

    Noted painter known for his contributions to the Indian art scene.

1959 - 1950

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1959 - 1950


  • Johannes Stark

    German physicist and academic, nobel prize laureate (b. 1874)

  • Johannes Stark

    German physicist. he discovered the doppler effect in radiation produced by fast-moving charged particles. this is also known as the stark effect. in 1922, he quit physics to open his own porcelain-making company. it failed quickly. he tried to re-enter academia but his dreadful personality and increasing condemnation of "jewish physics" made him unpopular. six german universities had rejected him …

  • Claude Farrère

    French prolific author. farra"re, his father, embarked upon a military career. he entered the naval academy in 1894. in 1919, he resigned to focus solely on writing, mostly travel stories on marine and essays about international affairs.

  • Claude Farrere

    French writer (born 1876)

  • Frantisek Kupka

    Czech writer dies at 85


  • Gadge Bapat

    Gadge Bapat was an Indian social reformer who worked towards the upliftment of the underprivileged classes in Maharashtra.


  • Gideon Sundback

    The zipper was invented by a swedish-american engineer (d. 1954).


  • Wop May

    Canadian pilot and captain (d. 1952).

  • Wilfrid R ''Wop'' May

    Canadian aviation pioneer (born 1896).


  • Ville Kiviniemi

    Finnish politician (b. 1877)

  • Charles Dillon Perrine

    American astronomer (b. 1867)

  • Gustave Sandras

    French gymnast (b. 1872)

  • Charles Dillon Perrine

    American astronomer (born 1867).


  • Macedonio Fernández

    Macedonio Fernández was an Argentine soccer player who played as a midfielder in the early 20th century.

1949 - 1940

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1949 - 1940


  • Darcy Thompson

    Known for his work in mathematical biology and the study of growth patterns in plants and animals.

  • D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson

    Pioneering mathematical biologist who studied the growth and form of organisms.


  • Heinrich Kaminski

    Composer dies at 59


  • Josef Hora

    Czech poet / writer (sinking shadows), is killed at 53


  • Jan Bonekamp

    Hannie schaft, friend and dutch resistance fighter


  • Elise Richter

    Austrian historian and the first woman to receive a doctorate from the University of Vienna.


  • Janusz Kusocinski

    Polish middle-distance runner, Olympic gold medalist in the 10,000 meters at the 1932 Summer Olympics.

  • Smedley Butler

    American general, medal of honor recipient (b. 1881)

  • Édouard Vuillard

    French painter, lithographer, and set decorator. he was an early member of nabis, which serusier founded.

  • Smedley Butler

    American general medal of honor winner (d. 1940).

  • W Hasenclever

    Writer dies at 49

1939 - 1930

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1939 - 1930


  • Denman Waldo Ross

    Denman Waldo Ross was an American mathematician known for his work in the field of projective geometry.


  • Thorne Smith

    American author (born 1892)

  • [James] Thorne Smith

    United states -- sci-fi author (stray lamb, turnabout)


  • Major Taylor

    Major Taylor was an American professional cyclist who became the first African American world champion in cycling.

1929 - 1920

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1929 - 1920


  • Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse

    English sociologist, journalist, and academic (b. 1864)

  • Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse

    British politician (born 1864)


  • Jan H Leopold

    Poet/classical (translated omar khayyam), died at 60

1919 - 1910

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1919 - 1910


  • Matthias Zurbriggen

    Swiss mountaineer (born 1856)


  • Bertha von Suttner

    Austrian journalist and author, nobel prize laureate (b. 1843)

  • Bertha Felicie Sophie von Suttner

    Bertha von Suttner was an Austrian pacifist and the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905.

  • Gerta Von Suttner

    Gerta von Suttner was an Austrian novelist and peace activist, the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905.

  • Bertha von Suttner

    Bertha von Suttner was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905 for her work in the peace movement.

  • Glauco Velasquez

    Composer dies at the age of 30


  • Stefan O Iosif

    Romanian poet (beautiful irine) dies at 37

1909 - 1900

Famous deaths on June 21st for the celebrities who died in the years 1909 - 1900


  • Nikolaj Rimsky-Korsakov

    Russian composer known for his orchestral compositions.

  • Crosby Noyes

    American newspaper editor and politician who served as the Mayor of Washington, D.C.

  • Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

    Russian composer and academic (d. 1908).

  • Nikolai A Rimski-Korssakov

    Russian composer sheherazade dies at 64


  • Avedis Pasha

    Avedis Pasha was an influential Ottoman statesman who served as a Grand Vizier and played a key role in modernizing the Ottoman Empire.


  • Polibo Fumagalli

    Composer dies at 69

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