Financial news on February 06, 2017

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Daily Report: Tech’s Continuing Immigration Debate

The tech world’s pushback against President Trump’s policies is set to escalate if, as expected, he signs an executive order concerning H-1B visa holders. Read more..

By PUI-WING TAM - The New York Times

Escapism Reigns in Super Bowl Commercials, but Politics Proves Inescapable

Many brands chose whimsy, but a few that bucked the trend with social commentary were rewarded. Read more..

By SAPNA MAHESHWARI - The New York Times

In Airbnb’s Super Bowl Ad, Implied Criticism of Trump’s Travel Ban

The San Francisco company produced the last-minute piece when its executives learned last week that advertising spots were still available. Read more..

By KATIE BENNER - The New York Times

Lorenzo Servitje, a Founder of the World’s Biggest Bakery, Dies at 98

Mr. Servitje helped build Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican conglomerate whose trademarks include Wonder Bread, Sara Lee and Entenmann’s. Read more..

By SAM ROBERTS - The New York Times

Morning Agenda: Trump’s Immigration Order, (Modest) Diversity Gains

The confrontation over President Trump’s immigration order has reached the courts, foreshadowing years of legal battles. Read more..

By AMIE TSANG - The New York Times

Not Everyone in Tech Cheers Visa Program for Foreign Workers

Tech companies say the H-1B program is needed to find highly skilled employees. But it has also been used to lower labor costs and cut jobs. Read more..


Tech Opposition to Trump Propelled by Employees, Not Executives

In a court filing, nearly 100 technology companies cited the “tremendous impact” of immigrants on the United States in opposing the Trump immigration ban. Read more..

By DAVID STREITFELD - The New York Times

The Massacre That Wasn’t, and a Turning Point for ‘Fake News’

The internet, with the help of dogged reporting, acted quickly to shut down a Trump adviser’s false claim about a terrorist attack in Bowling Green, Ky., our media columnist writes. Read more..

By JIM RUTENBERG - The New York Times

Trump’s Travel Ban Hits Close to Home for Corporate Travelers

The executive order has had repercussions for the professionals who oversee and coordinate everything from small board meetings to huge conventions. Read more..

By MARTHA C. WHITE - The New York Times

Why Windows 10 Wants to Automatically Restart

Microsoft intends to make sure the current version of Windows on your PC is always the newest version of its operating system. Read more..

By J. D. BIERSDORFER - The New York Times

Stock Markets

Values are reported in US Dollars

StockTicker symbolOpenHighLowCloseVolume
General ElectricGE29.6829.7529.5729.6623.7M
Cisco SystemsCSCO31.2931.3131.1231.3016.8M
Verizon CommunicationsVZ48.6748.6747.9448.0316.1M
Wells Fargo & Co.WFC57.0857.4156.4956.5513.9M
General MotorsGM36.4136.8336.2636.8313.9M
JPMorgan ChaseJPM86.7987.4586.6186.7711.8M
AT&T Inc.T41.2741.2740.9841.0611.4M
Wal-Mart StoresWMT66.3766.8766.3766.409.1M
Abbott LaboratoriesABT42.5742.7542.2342.438.74M
Bristol-Myers SquibbBMY50.6551.0950.5651.048.26M
HP Inc.HPQ15.1715.3015.0915.267.98M
Oracle Corp.ORCL40.4440.4440.0840.107.87M
Gilead SciencesGILD72.0272.6771.4472.397.63M
Procter & GamblePG87.5087.7987.1387.407.48M
Walt Disney & Co.DIS109.92110.15109.30109.576.89M
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ113.46113.59112.62113.406.18M
United TechnologiesUTX109.81111.25109.68110.684.23M
Home DepotHD137.43137.90136.45136.493.86M
UnitedHealth GroupUNH161.51162.53160.22160.513.48M
Union PacificUNP108.36108.69107.58107.692.86M
Berkshire HathawayBRK.B163.88163.93163.04163.422.8M
International Business MachinesIBM175.31175.98174.38175.862.65M
Exchange Rates of February 06, 2017
CurrenciesExchange Rates
US DollarEuro1 USD = 0.930 EUR1 EUR = 1.076 USD
US DollarJapanese Yen1 USD = 111.793 JPY1 JPY = 0.009 USD
US DollarPound Sterling1 USD = 0.803 GBP1 GBP = 1.246 USD
US DollarAustralian Dollar1 USD = 1.306 AUD1 AUD = 0.766 USD
US DollarCanadian Dollar1 USD = 1.308 CAD1 CAD = 0.765 USD
US DollarSwiss Franc1 USD = 0.991 CHF1 CHF = 1.010 USD
US DollarChinese Yuan1 USD = 6.860 CNY1 CNY = 0.146 USD
US DollarMexican Peso1 USD = 20.564 MXN1 MXN = 0.049 USD
US DollarSwidish Krona1 USD = 8.826 SEK1 SEK = 0.113 USD
EuroJapanese Yen1 EUR = 120.154 JPY1 JPY = 0.008 EUR
EuroPound Sterling1 EUR = 0.862 GBP1 GBP = 1.160 EUR
EuroAustralian Dollar1 EUR = 1.404 AUD1 AUD = 0.712 EUR
EuroCanadian Dollar1 EUR = 1.405 CAD1 CAD = 0.712 EUR
EuroSwiss Franc1 EUR = 1.065 CHF1 CHF = 0.939 EUR
EuroChinese Yuan1 EUR = 7.372 CNY1 CNY = 0.136 EUR
EuroMexican Peso1 EUR = 22.092 MXN1 MXN = 0.045 EUR
EuroSwidish Krona1 EUR = 9.486 SEK1 SEK = 0.105 EUR
Japanese YenPound Sterling1 JPY = 0.007 GBP1 GBP = 138.889 JPY
Japanese YenAustralian Dollar1 JPY = 0.012 AUD1 AUD = 85.470 JPY
Japanese YenCanadian Dollar1 JPY = 0.012 CAD1 CAD = 85.470 JPY
Japanese YenSwiss Franc1 JPY = 0.009 CHF1 CHF = 112.360 JPY
Japanese YenChinese Yuan1 JPY = 0.061 CNY1 CNY = 16.313 JPY
Japanese YenMexican Peso1 JPY = 0.184 MXN1 MXN = 5.435 JPY
Japanese YenSwidish Krona1 JPY = 0.079 SEK1 SEK = 12.674 JPY
Pound SterlingAustralian Dollar1 GBP = 1.628 AUD1 AUD = 0.614 GBP
Pound SterlingCanadian Dollar1 GBP = 1.630 CAD1 CAD = 0.613 GBP
Pound SterlingSwiss Franc1 GBP = 1.235 CHF1 CHF = 0.810 GBP
Pound SterlingChinese Yuan1 GBP = 8.556 CNY1 CNY = 0.117 GBP
Pound SterlingMexican Peso1 GBP = 25.651 MXN1 MXN = 0.039 GBP
Pound SterlingSwidish Krona1 GBP = 10.995 SEK1 SEK = 0.091 GBP
Australian DollarCanadian Dollar1 AUD = 1.001 CAD1 CAD = 0.999 AUD
Australian DollarSwiss Franc1 AUD = 0.759 CHF1 CHF = 1.318 AUD
Australian DollarChinese Yuan1 AUD = 5.254 CNY1 CNY = 0.190 AUD
Australian DollarMexican Peso1 AUD = 15.754 MXN1 MXN = 0.063 AUD
Australian DollarSwidish Krona1 AUD = 6.742 SEK1 SEK = 0.148 AUD
Canadian DollarSwiss Franc1 CAD = 0.758 CHF1 CHF = 1.320 CAD
Canadian DollarChinese Yuan1 CAD = 5.245 CNY1 CNY = 0.191 CAD
Canadian DollarMexican Peso1 CAD = 15.726 MXN1 MXN = 0.064 CAD
Canadian DollarSwidish Krona1 CAD = 6.737 SEK1 SEK = 0.148 CAD
Swiss FrancChinese Yuan1 CHF = 6.924 CNY1 CNY = 0.144 CHF
Swiss FrancMexican Peso1 CHF = 20.765 MXN1 MXN = 0.048 CHF
Swiss FrancSwidish Krona1 CHF = 8.900 SEK1 SEK = 0.112 CHF

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