February 19 Zodiac, Events, Birthdays and Holidays

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened throughout history on February 19. From 1900 until now. February 19 is under the sign of Pisces. Famous birthdays on this day include Benicio Del Toro (1967), Seal (musician) (1963) and Victoria Justice (1993). Several movies were released around February 19 over the years, such as The Company You Keep in 2023 directed by Robert Redford and Beyond Paradise in 2023 directed by J.J. Alani.
But much more happened on February 19 over the years: find out below

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Which were the most popular Movies released around February 19 over the years?
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The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep

Release year: 2023

Directed by: Robert Redford

Beyond Paradise

Beyond Paradise

Release year: 2023

Directed by: J.J. Alani

The Swarm

The Swarm

Release year: 2023

Directed by: Irwin Allen



Release year: 2023

Directed by: Rossana Jeran



Release year: 2022

Directed by: Larry Gottheim


Historical Events

Which were the important events of February 19?


  • Astrology: First day of sun sign Pisces
  • Astrology: Can also be last day of sun sign Aquarius depending on the time of birth and the astrologer's viewpoint.
  • Chaoflux (Discordianism)


  • 2019 Insurgency in Egypt (2013)-present: Sixteen militants were killed in two raids on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. The raids also include explosives and weapons.
  • 2018 Syrian Civil War: Rif Dimashq offensive. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 44 people were killed in air strikes by the Syrian Air Force on rebel-held eastern Ghouta.
  • 2017 Iraqi Civil War and Battle of Mosul: U.S.-backed Iraqi forces launched an operation to take back control of western Mosul under ISIL militants, according to Haider al-Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq. According to the United Nations, humanitarian agencies have been established in the older parts of the city, where food and fuel supplies are already low, running water is scarce and electricity is not reliable for many of the 800,000.
  • 2016 Libyan Civil War (2014-present), Military Intervention against ISIL: United States Air Force warplanes conduct airstrikes in western Libya on ISIL, near the Tunisian border. According to reports, at least 38 people were killed.
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vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in that special week of February 19 over the years?

Top #1 songs in the USA

  • 2018 - God's Plan
  • 2017 - Shape Of You
  • 2016 - Pillowtalk
  • 2015 - Uptown Funk!
  • 2014 - Dark Horse
  • 2013 - Thrift Shop
  • 2012 - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)youtube
  • 2011 - Black And Yellow
  • 2010 - TiK ToKyoutube
  • 2009 - My Life Would Suck Without Youyoutube
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Top #1 Rock songs

  • 2017 - Heathens
  • 2016 - Stressed Out
  • 2015 - Take Me To Church
  • 2014 - Let Her Go
  • 2013 - Ho Hey
  • 2012 - Lonely Boy
  • 2011 - Tighten Up
  • 2010 - Break


Which were the most popular books released around February 19 over the years?
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The Last Lion by William Manchester

The Last Lion

Year: 1989


The Last Lion: Defender of the Realm spans the years 1940-1965. It was written shortly after Winston Churchill became Prime Minister. This is when Great Britain stood against the overwhelming power of Nazi Germany.

Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

Teacher Man

Year: 2006


A book that is both enthralling and revealing about the life of a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and a mega-bestselling author about teaching, about how one great storyteller found her voice.

Moviola by Garson Kanin


Year: 1980


Garson Kanin's Moviola is the ultimate Hollywood novel. It tells the entire story of Hollywood, starting with the inventions of the nickelodeon and ending with today.

The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger

The Perfect Storm

Year: 1998


This bestselling book became the blockbuster movie starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. Three weather systems collided off Nova Scotia's coast in October 1991 to produce a storm of singular fury that swept waves over one hundred feet.

This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart

This Rough Magic

Year: 1965


Lucy visits her sister Lucy in Corfu for a visit. She is thrilled to learn that Sir Julian Gale is renting the castello over their villa to him, one of England's brightest lights.

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