Financial news on May 29, 2019

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Apps That Blast Out Crime Alerts Don’t Have to Rattle You

Neighborhood-watch networks are on the rise, even though crime is not. Here’s how to put the data into perspective. Read more..

By Brian X. Chen - The New York Times

Fiat Merger With Renault: The Rewards, Risks and Unknowns

If all goes well, the carmakers could have the financial and industrial brawn to dominate. But the history of auto mega-mergers is not encouraging. Read more..

By Jack Ewing, Neal E. Boudette and Ben Dooley - The New York Times

Huawei Revs Up Its U.S. Lawsuit, With the Media in Mind

The Chinese telecommunications giant has filed for summary judgment against the White House as it challenges limits against it via the courts and public opinion. Read more..

By Paul Mozur - The New York Times

Nancy Pelosi Criticizes Facebook for Handling of Altered Videos

Ms. Pelosi said the company’s decision to leave up manipulated videos of her demonstrated how the social network contributed to Russian manipulation of the 2016 election. Read more..

By Cecilia Kang - The New York Times

New York Regulator to Investigate Exposure of Mortgage Documents

The agency is using its authority under a new cybersecurity regulation to investigate a mistake by a title insurer that revealed a trove of sensitive data. Read more..

By Stacy Cowley - The New York Times

Nissan and Renault Discuss Fiat Merger Proposal

The longtime partners said they had carried out “an open and transparent discussion” on the proposed deal between the European carmakers. Read more..

By Ben Dooley - The New York Times

On Migrant Journeys With WhatsApp and Google Translate

Miriam Jordan, who covers immigration for The Times, says that migrants crossing the border often use WhatsApp and that Google Translate can break the ice. Read more..

By Miriam Jordan - The New York Times

Pokémon Sleep Wants to Make Snoozing a Game Too

Pokémon Go got people walking for hours in the summer of 2016. Now, its makers want to make sleep the next frontier. Read more..

By Tiffany May - The New York Times

This Boutique Bike Shop Shows How Trump’s Tariffs Can Hit the Little Guy

It’s hard for a small, China-dependent company to reorient its supply chain on a dime. Read more..

By Jeanna Smialek - The New York Times

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