Tuesday November 05, 2019

US date format: 11/5/2019, UK date format: 5/11/2019

It was Tuesday, under the sign of Scorpio (see birth chart on November 5, 2019). The US president was Donald John Trump (Republican). Watchmen, directed by Zack Snyder, was one of the most viewed movies released in 2019 On TV people were watching Helvetica.
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Which were the most popular Movies released in those months?

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Directed by: Zack Snyder

Starring: Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson, Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman

Country: United States of America

The Shed

Directed by: Frank Sabatella

Starring: Jay Jay Warren, Cody Kostro, Sofia Happonen, Frank Whaley

Richard Jewell

Directed by: Clint Eastwood

Starring: Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Jon Hamm, Kathy Bates

Frozen II

Directed by: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Starring: Kristen Bell, Jason Ritter, Evan Rachel Wood, Jonathan Groff


Directed by: M. Padmakumar

Starring: Mammootty, Neeraj Madhav, Unni Mukundan, Sudev Nair


Historical Events

Which were the important events of November 05, 2019?


  • R.C. Saints - November 5th is the feast day of the following Roman Catholic Saints: St. Bertilia
  • St. Laetus
  • Pope Zachary
  • St. Sylvia
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TV Series

Which were the most popular TV Series released in those months?


Directed by: Gary Hustwit


Directed by: Stephen Tolkin

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Directed by: Not specifed

Ghost Nation

Directed by: Simon Maxwell

Nancy Drew

Directed by: Andrew Fleming

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  • b'After Deadspin Chaos, an Executive Exits' b'G/O Media\xe2\x80\x99s editorial director, Paul Maidment, followed the staff of Deadspin out the door.' [..]
  • b'A Katy Perry Song Drops a Gift in Harley\xe2\x80\x99s Lap' b'\xe2\x80\x9cHarleys in Hawaii\xe2\x80\x9d has been streamed and viewed millions of times, by a demographic the motorcycle maker has had a hard time reaching.' [..]
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