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June 2013

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in June 2013.
The US president was Barack Obama (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was David Cameron (Conservative), Pope Francis was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of June 2013?


  • 01 Jun 2013 At least seven al-Qaeda militants were killed in two drone strikes in Yemen's Abyan Governorate.
  • 02 Jun 2013 Syrian Civil War: A car bomb explodes close to a Damascus police station in Jobar. At least eight security personnel are killed and civilians are injured.
  • 03 Jun 2013 Protests in Turkey 2013: Riot police use tear gas against protestors in Istanbul and Ankara, amid calls for the fall of the current Turkish government. (Al Jazeera), (RT) (RFERL). The Turkish Doctors' Union, (TTB), reports that one person was killed in Taksim Gezi Park. (Xinhua).Turkey's public-sector unions begin a two-day strike to support the anti-government protests.
  • 04 Jun 2013 Protests in Turkey 2013: Turkish public employees go on a two day strike to support the protests. (AFP via The Daily Telegraph). Support for the protests against Turkey spread throughout Europe, with demonstrators gathering in front of the EU Parliament in Brussels and France.
  • 05 Jun 2013 Turkey's Ahmet Davyoglu announced an investigation into police actions against civilians using tear gas and water cannons in cities across the country.
  • 06 Jun 2013 Ten border police officers and five civilians are killed when gunmen ambush a bus in Al Anbar Governorate.
  • 07 Jun 2013 Drone attacks in Pakistan: At least seven Americans are killed in a drone attack in Pakistan.
  • 08 Jun 2013 (Voice of America) (Voice of America). In a separate incident, an Italian soldier was killed and three others were injured when a child threw a grenade at the NATO convoy in West Afghanistan's Farah Province.
  • 09 Jun 2013 Outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, a Lebanese man who protested against Hezbollah’s involvement in the civil war in Syria is killed.
  • 10 Jun 2013 After a month of bloody attacks that were worse than any since June 2008, bombs exploded across Iraq, injuring at least 70 and killing many others.
  • 11 Jun 2013 2013 Protests in Turkey: Turkish police arrest dozens of lawyers. Reports indicate that some were kicked in their heads and other assaults. (RT) (The Guardian). Police move past protesters' barricades at Istanbul's Taksim Square. (AP via CBC News). Police fill Taksim Square in tear gas while clashes between police and protesters continue into the evening.
  • 12 Jun 2013 Syrian Civil War: United Nations peacekeepers form Austria begin to withdraw from the Golan Heights.
  • 13 Jun 2013 Syrian civil war: The United Nations estimates that there were just under 93,000 deaths as of the end April. (New York Times). The United States concludes that Syrian President Bashar al Assad's regime used chemical weapons.
  • 14 Jun 2013 Syrian civil War:: The United States provides unspecified military equipment for rebels in the wake of the discovery that the Syrian regime used chemical weapon against the opposition.
  • 15 Jun 2013 Libyan factional fighting 2011-present: At least six soldiers were killed in clashes between the army of Libya and armed protesters at Benghazi.
  • 16 Jun 2013 At least twenty people are killed in a series of car bombings carried out by insurgents in central and southern Iraq.
  • 17 Jun 2013 In Northern Ireland, the 39th G8 summit will be held. The agenda includes the Syrian civil War.
  • 18 Jun 2013 Following an attack on an army in Dondo, Mozambique, several Mozambican soldiers are murdered.
  • 19 Jun 2013 Nigerian Sharia Conflict: Nine children are killed by Boko Haram gunmen in an attack on Maiduguri school.
  • 20 Jun 2013 Conflict between Israel and Palestine: The Committee on the Rights of the Child charges Israeli soldiers with torturing Palestinian children, as well as using them to serve human shields.
  • 21 Jun 2013 In Peshawar, a suicide bomber kills and injures 15 people in a Shi'ite mosque.
  • 22 Jun 2013 Protests in Turkey 2013: Police use tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets against thousands of civilians who gathered at Istanbul's Taksim Square to remember the 4 protestors who were killed during previous days.
  • 23 Jun 2013 Syrian civil war spillover to Lebanon: Six Lebanese Army Soldiers are killed and many others are injured in clashes at an checkpoint near Sidon.
  • 24 Jun 2013 Syrian civil war spillover to Lebanon: Clashes between Lebanese Army supporters and Salafist cleric Ahmed Al-Assir continue for a third day around Ain el-Hilweh Camp near Sidon. As the government promises to crack down on ethnic strife in the country, it reports that at least 15 soldiers were killed and 38 more were injured.
  • 25 Jun 2013 Afghanistan War: Taliban Forces Attack the Presidential Palace in Kabul
  • 26 Jun 2013 A bomb that was meant to strike Justice Maqbool Baqar, a judge at the Sindh High Court, explodes in Karachi, Pakistan. It kills nine people and injures several more.
  • 27 Jun 2013 After a deal has been reached on a rebate for Britain, European leaders have agreed to support a deal on the European Union’s long-term budget.
  • 28 Jun 2013 In an ambush in Mountain Province, one trainee member of the Philippine National Police was killed and six others were injured.
  • 29 Jun 2013 Eight Royal Thai Army soldiers were killed in an ambush at Krong Pinang District, Yala Province in Southern Thailand.
  • 30 Jun 2013 Armed gunmen free 175 prisoners from the town of Akure in southern Nigeria and also kill 2 civilians during the raid.
  • 03 Jun 2013 The trial of United States Army private Chelsea Manning for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks begins in Fort Meade, Maryland.
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  1. - Can't Hold Us
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Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in June 2013?

Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot by Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard

Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot


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The Hit by David Baldacci

The Hit


The most exciting novel of the year comes from David Baldacci, #1 bestselling author and widely-read storyteller. THE HIT Will Robie is a master at killing.

The Eye Of Moloch by Glenn Beck

The Eye Of Moloch


The final battle for freedom is underway. A small group of Americans are ready to defend freedom and self-rule.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

The Devil Wears Prada


This delightfully savage novel is about the most difficult boss in history. It was also the basis of the major motion picture with Anne Hathaway & Meryl Streep.

The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank

The Last Original Wife


This funny and moving tale tells the story of an ambitious woman who sets out to find the love of her dreams.