October 1983 calendar

October 1983

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in October 1983.
The US president was Ronald Reagan (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher (Conservative), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of October 1983?


  • 01 Oct 1983 Denise Wallace, 18, of Virginia crowned Miss Teen of America
  • 02 Oct 1983 Art Monk begins NFL streak of 136 plus consecutive game receptions
  • 03 Oct 1983 Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson release Say, Say, Say in the UK
  • 04 Oct 1983 Richard Noble sets a new land speed record of 1019 kph (633.468 mph), driving Thrust 2 jet-powered car at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.
  • 05 Oct 1983 Lech Walesa of Poland wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 06 Oct 1983 New York Jets announce they are leaving Shea Stadium for the Meadowlands Coliseum.
  • 07 Oct 1983 In New York, a magnitude 5.3 earthquake occurs.
  • 08 Oct 1983 1st regular season Islander OT game beat Caps 8-7
  • 09 Oct 1983 4 South Korean government ministers assassinated in Rangoon Burma
  • 10 Oct 1983 17th Country Music Association Award: Alabama wins
  • 11 Oct 1983 Last hand-cranked telephones in the US go out of service as 440 telephone customers in Bryant Pond, Maine, are switched over to direct-dial.
  • 12 Oct 1983 5225 Loral and 5424 Covington
  • 13 Oct 1983 Ameritech Mobile Communications (now AT&T) launched the first US cellular network in Chicago, Illinois.
  • 14 Oct 1983 US Marine peacekeeper Sargeant Allen Soifert killed by sniper in Beirut, Lebanon.
  • 15 Oct 1983 Black Hawks and Maple Leafs combine for fastest 5 goals
  • 16 Oct 1983 Zorba opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 362 performances
  • 17 Oct 1983 Nobel prize for economy awarded to Gerard Debreu
  • 19 Oct 1983 Columbia moves to Orbiter Processing Facility
  • 20 Oct 1983 IBM-PC DOS Version 2.1 released
  • 21 Oct 1983 Pope John Paul II names 3 new Dutch bishops
  • 22 Oct 1983 Two correctional officers are killed by inmates at the United States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois. The incident inspires the Supermax model of prisons.
  • 23 Oct 1983 14th NYC Marathon won by Rod Dixon in 2:08:59
  • 25 Oct 1983 US invades Grenada, a country 1 / 2,000 its population
  • 29 Oct 1983 550,000 Dutch demonstrate against cruise missile
  • 30 Oct 1983 The first democratic elections in Argentina, after seven years of military rule, are held.
  • 31 Oct 1983 Paul McCartney releases Pipes of Peace album
  • 04 Oct 1983 Richard Noble sets a new land speed record of 633.468 miles per hour (1,019.468 km/h) at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in October 1983?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  2. - Islands In The Stream
  3. - Tell Her About Ityoutube
  4. - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
  5. - The Safety Dance

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Karma Chameleonyoutube
  2. - They Don't Know
  3. - Modern Love
  4. - All Night Long (All Night)youtube
  5. - New Song


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in October 1983?

Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon

Blue Highways


Blue Highways, a landmark in American travel writing, is a memorable journey through our country's backroads. William Least Heat-Moon started his journey with a simple need to put something together.

The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

The One Minute Manager


Millions of managers from Fortune 500 companies and small business nationwide have used The One Minute Manager's methods for more than 20 years. This has helped them increase their productivity, job satisfaction, personal and professional relationships, and in turn, increased …

Who Killed The Robins Family? by Thomas Chastain

Who Killed The Robins Family?


As they look for clues to the murders of eight Robins family members, mystery lovers have the chance to uncover the killer and receive a cash prize.

In Search Of Excellence by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman Jr

In Search Of Excellence


In Search of Excellence is the "Greatest Business Book of All Time" by Bloomsbury UK. It has been a staple in every business school, boardroom and bedside table.

Jane Fonda'S Workout Book by Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda'S Workout Book


Jane Fonda's Book of Workouts