October 1992 calendar

October 1992

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in October 1992.
The US president was George H. W. Bush (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Sir John Major (Conservative), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of October 1992?


  • 01 Oct 1992 Cartoon Cable Network premieres
  • 02 Oct 1992 VP Itamar Franco becomes President of Brazil
  • 03 Oct 1992 Atlanta Braves win franchise record 98th game
  • 04 Oct 1992 Anna Karenina closes at Circle in the Square Theater NYC after 46 performances
  • 05 Oct 1992 1st overturn of a George Bush veto (cable bill)
  • 07 Oct 1992 Tampa Bay Lightning become 1st NHL expansion team to win opener (7-2)
  • 08 Oct 1992 Nobel Prize for literature is given to West Indies Poet Derek Walcott
  • 09 Oct 1992 Great meteorite seen from Kentucky to New York
  • 10 Oct 1992 Actress Ally Sheedy weds actor David Lansbury
  • 11 Oct 1992 1st 3-way presidential debate (Bush-Clinton-Perot)
  • 12 Oct 1992 5.8 earthquake at Cairo (at least 510 die)
  • 13 Oct 1992 An Antonov An-124 operated by Antonov Airlines registered SSSR-82002, crashes near Kiev, Ukraine killing 8.
  • 14 Oct 1992 Atlanta Braves beat Pittsburgh Pirates in 7 games for NL pennant
  • 15 Oct 1992 Charles Taylor launches an offensive against Monrovia Liberia
  • 16 Oct 1992 1,700th David Letterman Show
  • 17 Oct 1992 1st World Series with non-US team, Toronto loses 3-1 to Braves
  • 18 Oct 1992 1st non-US team to win a World Series Game; Toronto 5, Atlanta 4
  • 19 Oct 1992 The Communist Party of China promotes several market-oriented reformers to the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, signaling a defeat for hard-line ideologues.
  • 20 Oct 1992 1st World Series game outside of US - Toronto beats Atlanta
  • 21 Oct 1992 Tens of thousands of coal miners march in London to protest government plans to close coal mines and reduce the number of coal miners.
  • 22 Oct 1992 Atlanta, becomes 1st US team to win a World Series game out of US
  • 23 Oct 1992 Emperor Akihito becomes the first Emperor of Japan to stand on Chinese soil.
  • 24 Oct 1992 Toronto Blue Jays beat Atl Braves, 4 games to 2, in 88th World Series
  • 25 Oct 1992 Dancing at Lughnasa closes at Plymouth Theater NYC after 421 performances
  • 26 Oct 1992 The Charlottetown Accord fails to win majority support in a Canada wide referendum.
  • 27 Oct 1992 Don Baylor appointed 1st manager of Colorado Rockies
  • 28 Oct 1992 Lee Jang Rim predicts that today would be the end of the world!
  • 29 Oct 1992 The Food and Drug Administration approves Depo Provera for use as a contraceptive in the United States.
  • 30 Oct 1992 MTA begins installing automated fare collection turnstiles
  • 31 Oct 1992 Don Keller makes his 18,000th sky diver
  • 02 Oct 1992 Military police storm the Carandiru Penitentiary in São Paulo, Brazil during a prison riot. The resulting massacre leaves 111 prisoners dead.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in October 1992?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - End Of The Road
  2. - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
  3. - Humpin' Around
  4. - Jump Around
  5. - Erotica

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Ebeneezer Goode
  2. - End Of The Road
  3. - Rhythm Is A Dancer
  4. - Sleeping Satellite
  5. - Baker Street


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in October 1992?

Driving Force by Dick Francis

Driving Force


New York Times bestselling grandmaster of crime fiction Jockey Freddie Croft uncovers a high-stakes plot that exposes horse-racing's dark side. He faces even greater odds of survival.

Gerald'S Game by Stephen King

Gerald'S Game


Stephen King's bedtime story is a different one. It tells the tale of a game between husband and wife that ends in death.

Best Destiny by Diane Carey

Best Destiny


There have been four Star Trek: The Next Generation hardcovers, and two Star Trek: The Original Series hardcovers. Pocket Books now presents the long-awaited story about a young James

Young Men & Fire by Norman Maclean

Young Men & Fire


A crew of 15 elite airborne firefighters from the United States Forest Service, the Smokejumpers, took to the skies on August 5, 1949 to battle a Montana forest fire.

The Volcano Lover by Susan Sontag

The Volcano Lover


Based on Sir William Hamilton's life and Emma Hamilton, Lord Nelson's celebrated wife, the story was set in 18th-century Naples and populated with many of the greatest figures of the time.