September 1996 calendar

September 1996

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in September 1996.
The US president was Bill Clinton (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was Sir John Major (Conservative), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of September 1996?


  • 01 Sep 1996 Baltimore Ravens (Cleveland Browns) 1st NFL game, beat Oakland Raiders, 17-14
  • 02 Sep 1996 Michelle McGann wins LPGA State Farm Rail Golf Classic
  • 03 Sep 1996 Nintendo releases the Game Boy Pocket portable game system in the USA.
  • 04 Sep 1996 13th MTV Awards: Alanis Morrisett and Smashing Pumpkins wins
  • 05 Sep 1996 Summer & Smoke opens at Criterion Theater, New York City
  • 07 Sep 1996 American Hip-Hop star Tupac Shakur is fatally shot four times on the Las Vegas strip after leaving the Tyson-Seldon boxing match.
  • 08 Sep 1996 7 Guitars closes at Walter Kerr Theater, New York City
  • 10 Sep 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) signed (it will be ratified 180 days after ratification by 44 Annex 2 countries).
  • 11 Sep 1996 Union Pacific Railroad purchases Southern Pacific Railroad.
  • 12 Sep 1996 Ricardo López sends a package, containing an acid bomb, to Icelandic singer Björk with the intention to kill or disfigure her, and then commits suicide. The package is intercepted by the Scotland Yard four days later, before doing any harm.
  • 13 Sep 1996 Phil Simmons scores 171 and takes 6-14 for Leics vs. Durham
  • 14 Sep 1996 New York Met Todd Huntley sets record of 41 HRs by a catcher
  • 15 Sep 1996 Bangladesh beat UAE by 104 runs to win the ACC Trophy Final
  • 16 Sep 1996 1st one-day international in Canada, India vs. Pakistan at Toronto
  • 17 Sep 1996 Dodger Hideo Nomo no-hits Colo Rockies, 9-0 at Coors Field
  • 18 Sep 1996 Roger Clemens ties his own major league record with 20 strikeouts
  • 19 Sep 1996 Skylight opens at Royale Theater, New York City
  • 20 Sep 1996 Leader of Pakistani opposition party Pakistan Peoples Party Murtaza Bhutto is killed during a gun battle with police.
  • 21 Sep 1996 Christie Brinkey gets married for 4th time, she marries Peter Cook
  • 22 Sep 1996 4th Solheim Cup: US beats Europe 17-11 at St. Pierre Wales
  • 23 Sep 1996 Howard Stern radio show premieres in West Palm Beach Florida
  • 24 Sep 1996 Representatives of 71 nations sign the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty at the United Nations.
  • 25 Sep 1996 IBM launches OS/2 Warp 4, in San Francisco, California. New features include Java technology, voice recognition software, and Open32 Win32 APIs. Price is US$249; upgrade is US$149. It is the first operating system to include built-in speech navigation and recognition.
  • 26 Sep 1996 Space Shuttle STS 79 (Atlantis 17), lands
  • 27 Sep 1996 Baltimore Oriole Roberto Alomar spits in face of umpire John Hirschbeck
  • 28 Sep 1996 1st ODI played in Kenya between home team and Sri Lanka
  • 29 Sep 1996 Delicate Balance closes at Plymouth Theater, New York City
  • 30 Sep 1996 Congress passes the Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act of 1997; the Bureau of the Mint is renamed the United States Mint.
  • 05 Sep 1996 Hurricane Fran makes landfall near Cape Fear, North Carolina as a Category 3 storm with 115 mph sustained winds. Fran caused over $3 billion in damage and killed 27 people.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in September 1996?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)
  2. - I Love You Always Forever
  3. - Hit Me Off
  4. - Twisted
  5. - It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Ready Or Not
  2. - Flava
  3. - Wannabe
  4. - I've Got A Little Puppy
  5. - I'm Alive


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in September 1996?

Between Hope And History by Bill Clinton

Between Hope And History


Publication Date: 1996 Between Hope & History is the President’s expression of his political philosophy. This philosophy will guide all his policies and programs in America's twenty-first century.

The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams

The Dilbert Principle


Dilbert is the creator of the most popular comic strip in America (syndicated in almost 1000 newspapers). This author takes a look at corporate America's glorious lunacy.

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy


The #1 International Phenomenon Bestseller - NEW PREFACE

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence


We all know that IQ alone is not a guarantee of success, happiness or virtue. However, until Emotional Intelligence was developed, we couldn't be certain why.

The Burning Man by Phillip Margolin

The Burning Man


Phillip Margolin is the bestselling author of this fast-paced legal thriller. Peter Hale, a young lawyer trying to make his mark in his father’s venerable firm of lawyers, is an example of Phillip Margolin's skillful writing.