The Indian Arrow, Goodland and Vinita - Oklahoma: search the Archive

In a small town like Goodland, Oklahoma, the local newspaper is often the only source of news and information. For residents of Goodland, that paper was the Indian Arrow.

The Indian Arrow has been serving the good people of Goodland since 1925.

If you’re looking for old articles from this newspaper you can search The Indian Arrow online archive which contains 240 searchable pages from 1928–1941.

But the Indian Arrow wasn't just a source of news; it's also a source of community. In a town where everyone knows each other, the paper helps to keep residents informed about what's going on in their neighbours' lives. From births and deaths to weddings and graduations, the Indian Arrow was there to document it all.

The Indian Arrow covered a variety of topics including local news, sports, entertainment, and more. The paper also featured a monthly column from the Cherokee Nation's Principal Chief, Bill John Baker.

There’s also another newspaper called The Indian Arrow, based in Vinita Oklahoma: only a few pages from 1893 are searchable online for this newspaper.