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  • The Reporter is a daily newspaper that covers local news, sports, weather, and more in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
  • The newspaper has been under a number of different owners over the years, including The Thompson Newspaper Group and Lee Enterprises.
  • Gannett Co., Inc. acquired The Reporter in 2000.

The Reporter online archive includes over 700,000 searchable pages including marriage announcements, social pages, birth announcements, obituaries, local sports and news from 1912–2022.

For over 150 years, The Fond du Lac Reporter has been providing readers with news and information. Nowadays, it continues to serve more than 50,000 readers each week in both print and online platforms. The newspaper pay-off is “We write the words that speak to you”

The Reporter through History

The Fond du Lac (FdL) Daily Reporter owes its origins to the Fond du Lac Commonwealth, a weekly newspaper that began daily circulation in 1870. Nevertheless, the first version of the Daily Reporter didn't start publishing until 1883, when L. A. Lange founded a new paper to compete with the Commonwealth. The Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter formed in 1926 from the merger of the two competing papers, the Fond du Lac Daily Commonwealth and Fond du Lac Daily Reporter. The paper was sold in 1970 to Thomson Newspapers. The Saturday edition of the paper was also switched to a Sunday morning delivery around this time. Eventually in 2000 the newspaper was sold to Gannet Co Inc.