The Morning Sun - Tallahassee, Florida: search the Archive

The Morning Sun was a newspaper serving Tallahassee, Florida and the surrounding area

The Tallahassee Morning Sun was published by the Sun Company from 1907 to 1909. There are around 390 searchable pages from the The Morning Sun historical archive.

This newspaper was a continuation of the Tallahassee Daily Capital and considered itself a "Democratic" newspaper. The reason for its suspension is unknown, but a weekly edition known as the Sun was also published in Jacksonville.

About the Editor

Claude L’Engle (1868-1919), a Jacksonville local and United States Representative for Florida from 1913 to 1915, edited the Morning Sun. L’Engle was also responsible for editing the Dixie, located in Jacksonville from 1910 to around 1913. The latter reflected his anti-Catholic sentiments and would eventually face criticism because of its opposition against free speech.

“If it's right we're for it"

The Morning Sun's masthead displayed the phrase, “If it's right we're for it" in 1909.

The paper regularly covered legislative proceedings and was published every day except Monday when the state legislature wasn't in session. Some of the topics the Morning Sun addressed during its time included African-American disfranchisement by both houses of Congress in 1907 and naval stores production, which was a vital part of northern Florida's economy back then.