Financial news on February 07, 2017

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A Quiet Giant of Investing Weighs In on Trump

Seth Klarman is not a household name, but his letter to investors, warning about the new administration, is the most sought-after read on Wall Street. Read more..

By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN - The New York Times

Daily Report: Dizzying Regulatory Changes for Tech Industry

The tech industry is bracing for overhauls from the Trump administration, including a new F.C.C. chairman and possible adjustments in H-1Bs. Read more..

By JIM KERSTETTER - The New York Times

Decade After Crisis, No Resolution for Fannie and Freddie

Fannie Mae is now backing single-family home rentals, a sign that the government-sponsored mortgage entities are still alive after being left for dead. Read more..


Dodd-Frank Rollback May Fall Short of G.O.P. Hopes

A White House directive asks only for a review, and Congress would have to make any major changes. Alternatives may not please bankers or their critics. Read more..

By GINA CHON - The New York Times

How to Make America Greater: More Immigration

While President Trump promises to curb immigration, research suggests a straightforward way to bulk up the economy would be to let more immigrants in. Read more..

By EDUARDO PORTER - The New York Times

How to Save iPhone Voice Mail Messages

Recent versions of Apple’s mobile operating system let you archive a voice mail message on your iPhone as an audio file. Read more..

By J. D. BIERSDORFER - The New York Times

Morning Agenda: Investing in the Trump Era, a Travel Ban, Gorsuch Nomination

Seth A. Klarman, one of the few hedge fund managers Warren Buffett has praised, has issued a private letter to investors, warning they have focused too much on pro-growth policies while ignoring protectionism. Read more..

By AMIE TSANG - The New York Times

Recent Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Recent commercial real estate transactions in New York City. Read more..

By ROSALIE R. RADOMSKY - The New York Times

Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ Tops ‘Tonight Show’ in Total Viewers

For the week of Jan. 30, Mr. Colbert averaged roughly 2.8 million viewers, eclipsing Jimmy Fallon’s audience by a slim margin of 12,000 viewers. Read more..

By JOHN KOBLIN - The New York Times

Times Names Wall Street Journal Editor to Its Masthead

Rebecca Blumenstein, deputy editor in chief of The Journal, will be a deputy managing editor and one of the highest-ranking women at The New York Times. Read more..

By SYDNEY EMBER - The New York Times

Stock Markets

Values are reported in US Dollars

StockTicker symbolOpenHighLowCloseVolume
General MotorsGM35.7535.9634.8035.1039.5M
General ElectricGE29.7529.8129.5329.5623.8M
Cisco SystemsCSCO31.3831.6431.3331.4518.4M
AT&T Inc.T41.0841.1740.8241.1217.3M
Bristol-Myers SquibbBMY51.4952.3251.2651.6615.7M
Wells Fargo & Co.WFC56.8657.1956.2756.3414.9M
Gilead SciencesGILD72.5673.3072.4173.1313.3M
Verizon CommunicationsVZ48.1348.1647.8048.0412.8M
HP Inc.HPQ15.2615.4415.1615.4312.3M
Walt Disney & Co.DIS109.65109.73108.77109.0010.2M
JPMorgan ChaseJPM87.1487.4086.4886.729.39M
Oracle Corp.ORCL40.1640.3040.0440.078.84M
Abbott LaboratoriesABT42.5742.9842.5042.898.7M
Procter & GamblePG87.6488.2887.4888.016.65M
Wal-Mart StoresWMT66.5667.0066.5166.895.81M
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ113.60113.62113.05113.485.51M
International Business MachinesIBM176.00178.62175.90178.463.87M
Union PacificUNP108.19108.76107.35107.653.49M
Home DepotHD137.16137.70136.33136.653.24M
UnitedHealth GroupUNH161.05161.68159.54160.532.94M
United TechnologiesUTX111.38111.73110.97111.252.77M
Berkshire HathawayBRK.B163.62163.85162.58162.932.45M
Exchange Rates of February 07, 2017
CurrenciesExchange Rates
US DollarEuro1 USD = 0.936 EUR1 EUR = 1.068 USD
US DollarJapanese Yen1 USD = 112.310 JPY1 JPY = 0.009 USD
US DollarPound Sterling1 USD = 0.799 GBP1 GBP = 1.251 USD
US DollarAustralian Dollar1 USD = 1.311 AUD1 AUD = 0.763 USD
US DollarCanadian Dollar1 USD = 1.318 CAD1 CAD = 0.759 USD
US DollarSwiss Franc1 USD = 0.998 CHF1 CHF = 1.002 USD
US DollarChinese Yuan1 USD = 6.882 CNY1 CNY = 0.145 USD
US DollarMexican Peso1 USD = 20.599 MXN1 MXN = 0.049 USD
US DollarSwidish Krona1 USD = 8.869 SEK1 SEK = 0.113 USD
EuroJapanese Yen1 EUR = 119.934 JPY1 JPY = 0.008 EUR
EuroPound Sterling1 EUR = 0.854 GBP1 GBP = 1.171 EUR
EuroAustralian Dollar1 EUR = 1.401 AUD1 AUD = 0.714 EUR
EuroCanadian Dollar1 EUR = 1.408 CAD1 CAD = 0.710 EUR
EuroSwiss Franc1 EUR = 1.065 CHF1 CHF = 0.939 EUR
EuroChinese Yuan1 EUR = 7.350 CNY1 CNY = 0.136 EUR
EuroMexican Peso1 EUR = 22.007 MXN1 MXN = 0.045 EUR
EuroSwidish Krona1 EUR = 9.471 SEK1 SEK = 0.106 EUR
Japanese YenPound Sterling1 JPY = 0.007 GBP1 GBP = 140.845 JPY
Japanese YenAustralian Dollar1 JPY = 0.012 AUD1 AUD = 85.470 JPY
Japanese YenCanadian Dollar1 JPY = 0.012 CAD1 CAD = 85.470 JPY
Japanese YenSwiss Franc1 JPY = 0.009 CHF1 CHF = 112.360 JPY
Japanese YenChinese Yuan1 JPY = 0.061 CNY1 CNY = 16.340 JPY
Japanese YenMexican Peso1 JPY = 0.184 MXN1 MXN = 5.450 JPY
Japanese YenSwidish Krona1 JPY = 0.079 SEK1 SEK = 12.674 JPY
Pound SterlingAustralian Dollar1 GBP = 1.640 AUD1 AUD = 0.610 GBP
Pound SterlingCanadian Dollar1 GBP = 1.649 CAD1 CAD = 0.606 GBP
Pound SterlingSwiss Franc1 GBP = 1.248 CHF1 CHF = 0.801 GBP
Pound SterlingChinese Yuan1 GBP = 8.609 CNY1 CNY = 0.116 GBP
Pound SterlingMexican Peso1 GBP = 25.757 MXN1 MXN = 0.039 GBP
Pound SterlingSwidish Krona1 GBP = 11.092 SEK1 SEK = 0.090 GBP
Australian DollarCanadian Dollar1 AUD = 1.005 CAD1 CAD = 0.995 AUD
Australian DollarSwiss Franc1 AUD = 0.760 CHF1 CHF = 1.315 AUD
Australian DollarChinese Yuan1 AUD = 5.249 CNY1 CNY = 0.191 AUD
Australian DollarMexican Peso1 AUD = 15.726 MXN1 MXN = 0.064 AUD
Australian DollarSwidish Krona1 AUD = 6.752 SEK1 SEK = 0.148 AUD
Canadian DollarSwiss Franc1 CAD = 0.757 CHF1 CHF = 1.322 CAD
Canadian DollarChinese Yuan1 CAD = 5.220 CNY1 CNY = 0.192 CAD
Canadian DollarMexican Peso1 CAD = 15.640 MXN1 MXN = 0.064 CAD
Canadian DollarSwidish Krona1 CAD = 6.725 SEK1 SEK = 0.149 CAD
Swiss FrancChinese Yuan1 CHF = 6.898 CNY1 CNY = 0.145 CHF
Swiss FrancMexican Peso1 CHF = 20.666 MXN1 MXN = 0.048 CHF
Swiss FrancSwidish Krona1 CHF = 8.888 SEK1 SEK = 0.113 CHF

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