August 1979 calendar

August 1979

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in August 1979.
The US president was Jimmy Carter (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher (Conservative), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of August 1979?


  • 01 Aug 1979 Maria de Lurdes Pintasilgo forms government in Portugal
  • 02 Aug 1979 Gilda Radner Live From New York opens on Broadway
  • 03 Aug 1979 Fastest jai-alai shot (188 mph), Jose Arieto at Newport Jai Alai, Rhode Island.
  • 04 Aug 1979 Italian government of Cossiga begins
  • 05 Aug 1979 But Never Jam Today closes at Longacre Theater NYC after 7 performances
  • 06 Aug 1979 61st PGA Championship: David Graham shoots a 272 at Oakland Hills, Michigan
  • 07 Aug 1979 Several tornadoes struck the city of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and the surrounding communities.
  • 08 Aug 1979 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein executes 22 political opponents
  • 09 Aug 1979 English seaside resort Brighton gets 1st British nude beach
  • 10 Aug 1979 Ecuador adopts its constitution
  • 11 Aug 1979 Phillies Tug McGraw gives up record 4th grand slam of year
  • 12 Aug 1979 Whoopee! closes at ANTA Theater NYC after 204 performances
  • 13 Aug 1979 Lou Brock, is 14th to get 3,000 hits
  • 14 Aug 1979 Rainbow seen in Northern Wales for a three hour duration.
  • 15 Aug 1979 Andrew Young resigns as United Nations ambassador.
  • 17 Aug 1979 2 Russian passenger planes collide above Ukraine, 173 killed
  • 18 Aug 1979 Iran Ayatollah Khomeini demands Saint War against Kurds
  • 19 Aug 1979 My Sharonna by the Knack hits #1 (stays for 42 days)
  • 20 Aug 1979 India Premier Charan Singh resigns
  • 21 Aug 1979 Mets win a protested game against Astros, 5-0
  • 22 Aug 1979 200 black leaders, meet in NY, to support Andrew Young
  • 23 Aug 1979 Iran army opens offensive against Kurds
  • 24 Aug 1979 Cars play concert in New York Central Park
  • 25 Aug 1979 Madwoman of Central Park West closes at 22 Steps NYC after 86 performances
  • 26 Aug 1979 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Patty Berg Golf Classic
  • 27 Aug 1979 18 British militia die in ambush / bomb attack in Northern Ireland
  • 28 Aug 1979 IRA bomb explodes on Brussels Great Market
  • 29 Aug 1979 Sheridan Broadcasting Corp purchases Mutual Black Network
  • 30 Aug 1979 1st recorded occurrance-comet hits sun (energy=1 mil hydrogen bombs)
  • 31 Aug 1979 16 yr old Tracy Austin defeats 14 yr old Andrea Jaeger at US Open
  • 05 Aug 1979 In Afghanistan, Maoists undertake the Bala Hissar uprising against the Leninist government.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in August 1979?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Bad Girls
  2. - Good Times
  3. - My Sharona
  4. - Ring My Bell
  5. - The Main Event & Fight

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - I Don't Like Mondays
  2. - We Don't Talk Anymore
  3. - Cars
  4. - Angeleyes / Voulez Vous
  5. - Bang Bang


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in August 1979?

Broca'S Brain by Carl Sagan

Broca'S Brain


Carl Sagan, scientist and writer, returns to the frontier to share his insights about the world. He explores and explains the amazing future of intelligent people in his charmingly down-to earth style.

Martha by Winzola McLendon



Martha Mitchell is the fascinating, behind-the scenes story of Martha Mitchell, the most controversial and famous woman in American politics. It tells the story of Martha Mitchell's motivations and what actually happened to Martha after she died.

Cruel Shoes by Steve Martin

Cruel Shoes


Cruel Shoes

War and Remembrance by Herman Wouk

War and Remembrance


These two classic works capture the current world events and tell the story of one American family caught up in the middle of the war's chaos.

The Vicar Of Christ by Walter F. Murphy

The Vicar Of Christ


The 35th Anniversary Edition of The New York Times Bestseller features a new introduction by Justice Samuel Alito, U.S.