July 2014 calendar

July 2014

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in July 2014.
The US president was Barack Obama (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was David Cameron (Conservative), Pope Francis was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on July 2014: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of July 2014?


  • 01 Jul 2014 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine: The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko states that the Ukraine government's forces will resume offensive operations against pro-Russian rebels. (Reuters)
  • 02 Jul 2014 Taliban insurgency: A suicide bomber attacks an Afghan National Army air force bus in Kabul killing at least five people. (BBC)
  • 03 Jul 2014 On the anniversary of Mohamed Morsi's ouster last year, three attacks took place in Kerdasa, Cairo and Assiut, during which one suspected militant was killed when the homemade bomb he was handling prematurely exploded. A late night bomb in Alexandria exploded in a passenger train, wounding 9 people. (ABC News) (allAfrica)
  • 04 Jul 2014 An 11-story building under construction collapses in the Indian city of Chennai, crushing to death 61 people, most of them workers on site. (CNN) (BBC News)
  • 05 Jul 2014 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine: Ukrainian forces recapture the pro-Russian armed separatists' main strongholds of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk after the separatists defending it escaped an encirclement. (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)
  • 06 Jul 2014 Israeli–Palestinian conflict: 6 Israeli nationals are arrested in relation to the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir as Palestinians continue to riot and clash with police in East Jerusalem and Nazareth. (Jerusalem Post)In response to over 25 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel on Sunday, the IAF carries out airstrikes killing 6 Hamas militants. Over 150 rockets and mortars have been fired into Israeli civilian areas over the past three weeks. (Jerusalem Post)
  • 07 Jul 2014 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine: Minister of Defense of Ukraine Valeriy Heletey says that special forces have retaken the city of Kostiantynivka, Donetsk from armed insurgents. (Presidential administration)Ukrainian forces retake Artemivsk and Druzhkivka from pro-Russian armed separatists. (BBC)
  • 08 Jul 2014 Gaza–Israel conflict: The Israeli cabinet approves the call up of 40,000 reserve soldiers as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns of a ground operation against Palestinian rockets attacks and infiltration attempts into Israel. (The Times of Israel)The Israel Defense Forces launch an air and artillery offensive in the Gaza Strip to quell rocket attacks and the Israeli Air Force conducts more air strikes against the Gaza Strip after Hamas fires rockets into Israel. (BBC) (AP)
  • 09 Jul 2014 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine: A spokesman for Russia's Investigative Committee confirms that Nadiya Savchenko, the female military aviator who was captured by pro-Russian separatists on June 18, is now held in Voronezh, Russia, where she has been charged with killing two Russian journalists. (Radio Free Europe), (AP)
  • 10 Jul 2014 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine: Ukrainian forces reclaim control of the city of Siversk from pro-Russian insurgents, and move on to consolidate their position by repairing damaged infrastructure and funneling aid into recently recaptured territory. (Wall Street Journal)
  • 11 Jul 2014 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine: Ukrainian forces in recently reclaimed city of Sloviansk discover documents that show pro-Russian insurgent leader Igor Strelkov handed down at least four death sentences under a Stalin-era law of 1941. (Kyiv Post)Twenty-three Ukrainian Army soldiers die as rebels fire a BM-21 Grad missile at an armoured brigade near the Russian border. (Reuters)
  • 12 Jul 2014 Operation Protective Edge:: The death toll in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of Israeli air strikes reaches 120. The IAF has performed over 1,300 airstrikes since the beginning of the operation. (AP)
  • 13 Jul 2014 Operation Protective Edge:: Israel Defense Forces special forces raid a missile launch site in the Gaza Strip and destroy it. (CNN)
  • 14 Jul 2014 Korean maritime border incidents:: South Korea claims that North Korea has fired dozens of artillery shells into the sea near the disputed border. (AP via Fox News)
  • 15 Jul 2014 Operation Protective Edge:: A ceasefire deal, brokered by Egypt, is accepted by Israel but rejected by Hamas. (The Guardian) (Haaretz)Despite the suspension of airstrikes by the IDF for 6 hours as the ceasefire agreement comes into effect, rockets continue to be fired from Gaza and the IDF resumes its military operation as the death toll in Gaza reaches 190. (Reuters)The IDF reports that a rocket which started a fire in the Golan Heights was launched from Syria. (Jerusalem Post)
  • 16 Jul 2014 2014 insurgency in Donbass:: The US widens sanctions against Russia, targeting major banks and energy companies, Russian defense industry, and individuals it said were responsible for the continuing support of separatists battling government forces in eastern Ukraine. (The New York Times) (U.S. Department of Treasury)The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, criticises Russia for failing to meet commitments to end the violence in Ukraine, and said Russia might face further EU sanctions. (BBC)
  • 17 Jul 2014 2014 insurgency in Donbass:: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 carrying 298 people from multiple countries is shot down near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. (BBC) (Reuters)Ukraine accuses a Russian Air Force jet of shooting down a Ukrainian warplane over its territory. (Sky News Australia)
  • 18 Jul 2014 2014 insurgency in Donbass:: US President Barack Obama says the United States has "increasing confidence" that the missile that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 came from Russian separatists in Ukraine - and that Russia bears responsibility for the crisis. (New York Times)
  • 19 Jul 2014 War in North-West Pakistan:: A US drone strike kills eleven insurgents in a Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan compound in North Waziristan. (AFP via Global Post)
  • 20 Jul 2014 Post-civil war violence in Libya: Islamist militia renew their attack on Tripoli International Airport. (Sky News Australia)
  • 21 Jul 2014 Operation Protective Edge: The United Nations Security Council calls for an immediate ceasefire on the Gaza Strip after an emergency meeting. (BBC)
  • 22 Jul 2014 Operation Protective Edge:: For the second time, an inspection by United Nations officials reveals rockets being stored in a UNWRA run school in Gaza. Rockets discovered in a school a week ago were returned to Hamas by UNWRA workers. (Times of Israel)
  • 23 Jul 2014 Pro-Russian separatist commander Alexander Khodakovsky of the Vostok Battalion confirms that the rebels did possess the BUK missile system - believed to have shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 - originating from Russia, and it could have been sent back to Russia subsequently to remove proof of its presence. (Reuters)
  • 24 Jul 2014 Ukrainian Government forces recapture the city of Lysychansk from pro-Russian rebels. (Kyiv Post)
  • 25 Jul 2014 Indian Air Force landing chopper-307 crashed in the Sitapur area of Uttar Pradesh, taking the lives of 7 people. (Patrika Group)
  • 26 Jul 2014 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict:: Israel agrees to pause its offensive on the Gaza Strip while negotiations continue for a broader ceasefire while Hamas violates the ceasefire. (New York Times)The death toll from the offensive exceeds 900. (AFP via Manila Bulletin)Fox News reports that Israel has extended the ceasefire by four hours with further extensions under consideration while Hamas rejects an extension. (Fox News)
  • 27 Jul 2014 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict:: Israel extends a humanitarian ceasefire on the Gaza Strip but Hamas refuses to do so unless Israel withdraws its tanks. Fighting has resumed. (PTI via Business Standard)An Israel Defence Force soldier dies from mortar fire as Hamas fires more rockets at Israel. The Israeli ceasefire ends early due to continued Hamas attacks. (Haaretz) (NBC News)
  • 28 Jul 2014 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine:: Ukrainian forces recapture control of the strategic height of Savur-Mohyla in Donetsk oblast from pro-Russian insurgents. (Interfax)Ukrainian forces recapture control of Debaltseve, Shakhtarsk, Torez, and Lutuhyne in Donetsk oblast from pro-Russian separatists. (Kyiv Post)The US and the EU increase sanctions against Russia. (The New York Times)
  • 29 Jul 2014 The Ukrainian Azov Battalion say that they and the 39th battalion of the Dnipropetrovsk territorial defense have recaptured control of Novy Svit in Donetsk Oblast from pro-Russian insurgents. (Kyiv Post)
  • 30 Jul 2014 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine: War in Donbass:: Fighting intensifies in the east as Ukraine forces recapture control of the strategic town of Avdiivka from pro-Russian insurgents. (BBC)
  • 31 Jul 2014 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine: War in Donbass:: The Ukrainian government declares a unilateral one-day cease-fire in order to facilitate for a team of forensics experts and crash investigators to reach the site where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down two weeks ago, after days of delay caused by heavy fighting in the area. (Washington Post)At least 120 soldiers of the Ukrainian military have been confirmed killed in battle since July 17. (Kyiv Post)

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Guardians of the Galaxy

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Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hector and the Search for Happiness

Release year: 2014

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Let's Be Cops

Let's Be Cops

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Directed by: Luke Greenfield

Starring: Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Rob Riggle, Nina Dobrev

The Giver

The Giver

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