June 1981 calendar

June 1981

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in June 1981.
The US president was Ronald Reagan (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher (Conservative), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of June 1981?


  • 01 Jun 1981 Production of Chevrolet Corvette cars begins at a new plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. The first Corvette is a two-tone Beige over Dark Brown 1981 model.
  • 02 Jun 1981 Barbara Walters asks Katharine Hepburn what kind of tree she would be
  • 03 Jun 1981 Pope John Paul II released from hospital after assassination attempt
  • 04 Jun 1981 54th National Spelling Bee: Paige Pipkin wins spelling sarcophagus
  • 05 Jun 1981 Center of Disease Control reports of a pneumonia affecting gays
  • 06 Jun 1981 113th Belmont: George Martens aboard Summing wins in 2:29
  • 07 Jun 1981 35th Tony Awards: Amadeus and 42nd Street win
  • 08 Jun 1981 15th Music City News Country Awards: Mandrell Sisters
  • 10 Jun 1981 Seven Brothers Square in Bronx named honoring 7 Santini Bro Moving Company
  • 11 Jun 1981 Cannibal Issei Sagawa kills Dutch student
  • 12 Jun 1981 Raiders Of The Lost Ark starring Harrison Ford premieres
  • 13 Jun 1981 39 Unification church couples wed in Germany
  • 14 Jun 1981 27th LPGA Championship won by Donna Caponi Young
  • 17 Jun 1981 Battle between Moslems and Christians in Cairo, 14 killed
  • 18 Jun 1981 Vaccine to prevent hoof and mouth disease announced
  • 19 Jun 1981 Boeing commercial Chinook 2-rotor helicopter is certified.
  • 20 Jun 1981 Guitarist Gerry Cott quits Boomtown Rats
  • 21 Jun 1981 81st US Golf Open: David Graham shoots 273 at Merion Golf Club - Ardmore, Pennsylvania
  • 22 Jun 1981 Iran President Bani Sadr deposed
  • 23 Jun 1981 This Was Burlesque opens at Princess Theater NYC for 28 performances
  • 24 Jun 1981 The Humber Bridge is opened to traffic, connecting Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. It would be the world's longest single-span suspension bridge for 17 years.
  • 25 Jun 1981 Supreme Court upholds male-only draft registration, constitutional
  • 26 Jun 1981 For Your Eyes Only premieres in US
  • 27 Jun 1981 Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes returns to #1 slot
  • 28 Jun 1981 Piaf closes at Plymouth Theater NYC after 165 performances
  • 29 Jun 1981 Bomb attack on headquarters of Islamic Party in Teheran, 72 killed
  • 07 Jun 1981 The Israeli Air Force destroys Iraq's Osiraq nuclear reactor during Operation Opera.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in June 1981?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Bette Davis Eyesyoutube
  2. - Medley
  3. - Being With You
  4. - Sukiyaki
  5. - A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Being With You
  2. - More Than In Love
  3. - One Day In Your Life
  4. - Funeral Pyre
  5. - Stand And Deliver


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in June 1981?

God Emperor Of Dune by Frank Herbert

God Emperor Of Dune


Dune is alive and well after hundreds of years. Leto, the son and savior of Dune, is alive, but far from human. This is the fate of all humanity

Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith

Gorky Park


"Brilliant . . . enough enigmas in enigmas in enigmas to reel in the mind."-The New YorkerTriple murder at Moscow amusement center: Three corpses were found frozen in snow. Faces

The Cardinal Sins by Andrew M. Greeley

The Cardinal Sins


When it was first published, the Cardinal Sins became a global sensation. Andrew M. was the first to sell more than 3 million copies.

Sirens by Eric Van Lustbader



This film is set in Hollywood, with its broken dreams and twisted ideals. One dramatic story is told before the cameras.

Reflex by Dick Francis



Philip Nore, a long-time jockey, suspects that the fatal accident at the racetrack was murder. He also reveals some dark secrets about corruption, blackmail and murder.