March 1984 calendar

March 1984

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in March 1984.
The US president was Ronald Reagan (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher (Conservative), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on March 1984: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of March 1984?


  • 01 Mar 1984 Landsat 5 and ham satellite Oscar 11 launched into polar orbit
  • 02 Mar 1984 John Long (Detroit) begins NBA free throw streak of 51 games
  • 03 Mar 1984 Peter Ueberroth is elected baseball commissioner (Effective October 1).
  • 04 Mar 1984 Nancy Lopez wins Uniden LPGA Golf Invitational.
  • 05 Mar 1984 US accuse Iraq of using poison gas
  • 06 Mar 1984 A year-long strike action begins in the British coal industry (see UK Miners' Strike (1984-1985)).
  • 09 Mar 1984 John Lennon releases Borrowed Time
  • 10 Mar 1984 Heavyweight Tim Witherspoon KOs Greg Page
  • 11 Mar 1984 Chris Johnson wins LPGA Samaritan Turquoise Golf Classic.
  • 12 Mar 1984 National Union of Mine Workers in England begin a 51 week strike
  • 14 Mar 1984 Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS 41-C mission
  • 15 Mar 1984 10th People's Choice Awards: Brooke Shields wins.
  • 16 Mar 1984 Gunmen kidnap William Buckley, CIA station chief in Beirut
  • 18 Mar 1984 Chris Johnson wins LPGA Tucson Conquistadores Golf Open.
  • 19 Mar 1984 Kate & Allie, premieres
  • 20 Mar 1984 US Senate rejects amendment to permit spoken prayer in public schools.
  • 21 Mar 1984 NFL owners passed the infamous anti-celebrating rule
  • 22 Mar 1984 Teachers at the McMartin preschool in Manhattan Beach, California are charged with satanic ritual abuse of the children in the school. The charges are later dropped as completely unfounded.
  • 23 Mar 1984 Ice Dance Championship at Ottawa won by J Torvill and Chris Dean
  • 24 Mar 1984 IOC agrees to 6-team exhibition baseball tournament in Olympics
  • 29 Mar 1984 NFL Baltimore Colts move to Indianapolis under cover of night.
  • 30 Mar 1984 US ends participation in multinational Lebanon peace force.
  • 31 Mar 1984 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.
  • 06 Mar 1984 In the United Kingdom, a walkout at Cortonwood Colliery in Brampton Bierlow signals the start of a strike that lasted almost a year and involved the majority of the country's miners.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in March 1984?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Jumpyoutube
  2. - Footlooseyoutube
  3. - 99 Luftballons
  4. - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  5. - Somebody's Watching Me

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - 99 Red Balloons
  2. - Helloyoutube
  3. - Joanna / Tonight
  4. - You Take Me Up
  5. - A Love Worth Waiting For


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in March 1984?

Rainsong by Phyllis A. Whitney



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Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Pet Sematary


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Who Killed The Robins Family? by Thomas Chastain

Who Killed The Robins Family?


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Tough Times Never Last by Robert H. Schuller

Tough Times Never Last


You can name your problem and we will help you find solutions! This is the message Dr. Robert H. Schuller's new book, Tough Times Never Lasts, But Tough People Do! Dr.

The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss

The Butter Battle Book


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