October 1985 calendar

October 1985

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in October 1985.
The US president was Ronald Reagan (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher (Conservative), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of October 1985?


  • 01 Oct 1985 Israeli air raid on PLO-headquarter at Tunis, 68 killed
  • 02 Oct 1985 Russian party leader Gorbatsjov visits Paris
  • 03 Oct 1985 21st Shuttle Mission (51J) - Atlantis 1-all-military flight launched
  • 04 Oct 1985 Henry G Perry completes 157-day, 14,021 mile bicycle tour of Australia.
  • 06 Oct 1985 Police constable Keith Blakelock is murdered as riots erupt in the Broadwater Farm suburb of London.
  • 07 Oct 1985 21st Space Shuttle Mission (51-J) - Atlantis 1 lands at Edwards AFB
  • 08 Oct 1985 Rembrandt & Hitler or Me premieres in Amsterdam
  • 09 Oct 1985 Tango Argentino opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 198 performances
  • 10 Oct 1985 Sudan adopts interim constitution
  • 11 Oct 1985 US intercepts Egyptian Boeing with Achille Lauro terrorists
  • 12 Oct 1985 Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS 61A mission
  • 13 Oct 1985 Sunday in the Park with George closes at Booth NYC after 604 performances
  • 14 Oct 1985 19th Country Music Association Award: Ricky Skaggs wins
  • 15 Oct 1985 Nobel prize for economics awarded to Franco Modigliani
  • 16 Oct 1985 Challenger vehicle moves to launch pad for STS 61A mission
  • 17 Oct 1985 French Author Claude Simon won the Nobel Prize in literature
  • 18 Oct 1985 Nintendo releases the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the United States, in New York City. Special displays are set up in department, toy, and electronics stores. The NES comes with the Robotic Operating Buddy and the Zapper light gun. Price is US$125. Seventeen game cartridges are available with the launch of the game system.
  • 19 Oct 1985 The first Blockbuster Video store opens in Dallas, Texas.
  • 22 Oct 1985 Bret Saberhagen gives Kansas City Royals their 1st World Series win
  • 25 Oct 1985 Angels announce that they will not offer Rod Carew a new contract
  • 26 Oct 1985 On a poor call in 6th game, umpire Don Deckinger starts a string of events costing Saint Louis Cardinals the 82nd World Series.
  • 27 Oct 1985 16th NYC Marathon won by Orlando Pizzolato in 2:11:34
  • 28 Oct 1985 Ravi Ratnayeke takes 8-83 for Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan
  • 29 Oct 1985 Major General Samuel K. Doe is announced as the winner of the first multi-party election in Liberia.
  • 30 Oct 1985 22nd Space Shuttle Mission (61-A) - Challenger 9-launched
  • 01 Oct 1985 Israel-Palestinian conflict: Israel attacks the Palestine Liberation Organization's Tunisia headquarters during Operation Wooden Leg.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in October 1985?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Money For Nothing
  2. - Oh Sheila
  3. - Take On Me
  4. - Saving All My Love For You
  5. - Part-Time Loveryoutube

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Dancing In The Street
  2. - The Power Of Love
  3. - Holding Out For A Hero
  4. - If I Was
  5. - Part-Time Loveryoutube


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in October 1985?

Skeleton Crew by Stephen King

Skeleton Crew


Stephen King's brilliant collection of twenty-two stories is a treasure trove of imagination. It contains stories that will take you on paths only Stephen King could have imagined ...?. A supermarket becomes the last place humanity stands against.

Last Wish by Betty Rollin

Last Wish


At a time when tempers flare over the Oregon assisted suicide law and Jack Kevorkian's physician-aid-in-dying, Last Wish, Betty Rollin's groundbreaking New York Times bestseller, is due for a rereading.

Contact by Carl Sagan



A multinational team sets out on a journey to the stars in December 1999 to witness the most amazing encounters in human history. What, if anything, is out there? Cosmos was the first book by Carl Sagan that explained the …

The Secrets Of Harry Bright by Joseph Wambaugh

The Secrets Of Harry Bright


Mineral Springs is populated by lizards, drug addicts, and motorcycle gangs. It is therefore strange to see a body in a burnt-out Rolls Royce.

Jaguar Woman by Lynn V. Andrews

Jaguar Woman


Lynn V. Andrews will take the reader along with her on her inward journeys with the Sisterhood of the Shields. She also shares the stories of others.