El Paso's Prospector Newspaper: History and Digital Archive

  • The Prospector is a newspaper in El Paso, Texas with a long and storied history, having been founded in 1859.
  • The Prospector covers local news, sports, weather, businesses, and events.
  • The paper has played an important role in the development of El Paso and remains an integral part of city life today.
  • Explore the Prospector online newspaper archive: you can search over 4,300 pages from 1941–1977.

The Prospector newspaper in El Paso, Texas has a long and storied history. Founded in 1859, the Prospector was one of the first newspapers in the region and played a vital role in the city's development. Today, the Prospector is still going strong and continues to be an important part of El Paso life.

The Prospector covers local news, sports, weather, and features local businesses and events. You can find stories about the El Paso area, as well as Texas and national news. The sports section includes coverage of local high school and college teams, as well as professional teams. The weather section provides up-to-date forecast information for the El Paso area. And the business and events sections feature local businesses and upcoming events in the area.

Here's a look at the history of this iconic newspaper.

The Early Years

The Prospector was founded in 1859 by a group of businessmen who saw the need for a local newspaper to promote the city's rapidly growing businesses and population. The paper quickly became an important voice in the community, reporting on local news and events as well as national and international news of interest to El Pasoans. In its early years, the Prospector was known for its lively writing style and colorful reporters, who often wrote under pseudonyms.

The 20th Century

During the early 20th century, the Prospector continued to be an important part of El Paso life. In addition to reporting on local news, the paper also featured stories about the city's burgeoning Mexican-American community. The paper was also instrumental in promoting El Paso's booming tourism industry, which took off in the 1920s. In later years, the Prospector would play an important role in covering some of the biggest stories to come out of El Paso, including the assassination of President Kennedy and the 1968 riots following Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

Today and Tomorrow

Today, the Prospector is still going strong. The paper has adapted to changing times and now offers its content online as well as in print. And while it may not be as influential as it once was, it still remains an important part of El Paso life and culture.