The Evening Review, East Liverpool: explore the online archive of this local treasure.

  • The East Liverpool Evening Review, known today as “The Review” is a daily newspaper that serves the city of East Liverpool, Ohio and surrounding areas.
  • The newspaper was born on October 29th 1879 and changed several names over the years.
  • You can explore The Evening Review archive from 1885 to 1977 including over 380,000 searchable pages.

The Review (formerly The Evening Review) is a daily newspaper that serves the city of East Liverpool, Ohio, southern Columbiana County, Ohio, and northern Hancock County, West Virginia.

The newspaper was born on October 29th 1879 as “The Saturday Review”, a weekly paper founded by William McCord, the former Pittsburgh Gazette city editor.

From 1885 it became a daily newspaper, changing name several times. From “The Saturday Review” it was renamed “The Evening News Review” then shortened to “The Evening Review” at the beginning of 1900.

By the 1930s it became “The East Liverpool Review” and today it is simply known as “The Review”. The newspaper is owned by Ogden Newspapers Inc. a West Virginia based publisher of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines.

The East Liverpool Evening Review is more than just a newspaper. It's a source of information and entertainment for residents of East Liverpool. It's a source of history and nostalgia. It's a fixture in the community that everyone can count on.

As all local newspapers In recent years, the Review has faced some challenges. The rise of the internet has made it difficult for newspapers to compete for readership. And as advertising dollars have shifted online, newspapers have struggled to stay afloat. But the East Liverpool Evening Review has persevered and updated its offer including digital and paper versions. Thanks to the support of its readers and advertisers, the newspaper has been able to weather the storm and remain an important part of the community.