Indiana Gazette and Indiana Evening Gazette: discover the online Archive

  • The Indiana Gazette is a daily newspaper located in Indiana, Pennsylvania, that serves as a source of information for the local community.
  • It was founded in 1890 by the Ray family and is currently run by the Indiana Printing and Publishing Company, a family-owned business.
  • The newspaper covers local and national news, sports updates, and features a selection of comics. It also has a mascot, "Diggy," who represents the newspaper at local events.
  • There are a couple of online archives for this newspaper: The Indiana Gazette Archive covering over 320,000 pages from 1890–2008 and The Indiana Evening Gazette archive including almost 400,000 searchable pages from 1868 - 2006

Nestled in the heart of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, the Indiana Gazette serves as a beacon of information for the surrounding community. Founded in 1890 by the esteemed Ray family, this daily newspaper has been keeping residents informed on local and national news, sports updates, and everything in between.

Delivered every day except for holidays and special occasions (estimated circulation as of 2022 it is , the Indiana Gazette is a go-to source for all things news in the area. Located on Water Street in Indiana, Pennsylvania, the newspaper is proudly printed by the Indiana Printing and Publishing Company, a family-owned business that has been passed down through the generations.

The current president of the Indiana Printing and Publishing Company, Michael J. Donnelly, is the son of Joseph Donnelly and Lucille Ray, who married into the Ray family and took over the newspaper. Together, Joseph and Lucy had three children: Hastie, Stacie, and Michael.

In addition to providing up-to-date news and information, the Indiana Gazette also offers a selection of comics and features the beloved mascot "Diggy," who can often be seen representing the newspaper in local parades and events. So whether you're looking for the latest police reports or just want to catch up on the day's events, the Indiana Gazette has you covered.