The Beatrice Daily Sun, Nebraska: a fascinating history and archive

  • The Beatrice Daily Sun is a newspaper that has been serving Southeast Nebraska and Northern Kansas for over 100 years.
  • The paper was founded by G.P. Marvin in 1902 and has undergone several ownership changes since then.
  • The Beatrice Daily Sun has a rich history and has been a vital source of news, sports, and entertainment for the community: its online archive includes over 440,000 searchable pages from 1902 to date.

As the oldest newspaper in Southeast Nebraska and Northern Kansas, the Beatrice Daily Sun has been a trusted source of news, sports, and entertainment since its first issue hit the presses in 1902.

From its humble beginnings on the second floor of the LePoidevin building, where the paper's press caused the floor to vibrate, to its current home in a remodeled building on Seventh and Ella streets, the Daily Sun has chronicled the history of the region for over a century.

Founded by G.P. Marvin in 1902, the Daily Sun has been a family-run business for much of its history. After G.P. Marvin's untimely death in 1908, his son E.M. Marvin took over and guided the newspaper through a series of changes and acquisitions, including the purchase of the competing Express newspaper in 1924 and the transition from a morning to an evening paper in 1927.

In the decades that followed, the Daily Sun faced stiff competition from the Beatrice Times, but ultimately emerged victorious when the Times ceased publication in 1952 and the Daily Sun acquired its building. In the modern era, the paper has undergone several ownership changes, but has always remained committed to bringing its readers the best possible coverage of their community.

As we look back on over 100 years of history, we invite you to explore the online archive and discover the rich history of the Beatrice Daily Sun. From its earliest days covering "Horrible Fires" and "Beatrice Floods" to its current role as a vital source of information and entertainment, the Daily Sun has always been a cornerstone of the community.