Popular movies week 1 August 1976

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 01/August - 07/August - 1976. Do you remember Scandalo in famiglia by Marcello Andrei or Gus starring Edward Asner, Don Knotts, Gary Grimes, Tim Conway ?

Scandalo in famiglia

Directed by: Marcello Andrei

Starring: Gloria Guida, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Lucretia Love, Giuseppe Anatrelli


Directed by: Vincent McEveety

Starring: Edward Asner, Don Knotts, Gary Grimes, Tim Conway

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Jackson County Jail

Directed by: Michael Miller

Starring: Yvette Mimieux, Tommy Lee Jones, Lisa Copeland, Cliff Emmich

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Deep Jaws

Directed by: Perry Dell

Starring: Sandy Carey, Byron Clark, Michael Darrin, Roxanne Brewer

El perro y la calentura

Directed by: Raúl Kamffer

Starring: Sergio de Alba, Antonia Guerrero, Farnesio de Bernal, Max Kerlow


Directed by: Paolo Nuzzi

Starring: Christian De Sica, Tina Aumont, Jenny Tamburi, Carole André

Fury of the Dragon

Directed by: William Beaudine, Robert L. Friend, Seymour Robbie

Starring: Van Williams, Bruce Lee, Wende Wagner, Lloyd Gough

The Shootist

Directed by: Don Siegel

Starring: John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard, James Stewart

Country: United States

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