1949 TV Series and Shows

From gripping dramas and groundbreaking comedies to beloved sitcoms, the TV series of 1949 delivered unforgettable moments and iconic characters that have endured through the years. Join us as we take a nostalgic look back at the top TV series of 1949, celebrating the shows that defined the year and continue to be cherished by fans today.

  • Cavalcade of Stars
  • The Admiral Broadway Revue
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Captain Video and His Video Rangers
  • Crusade in Europe
  • Man Against Crime
  • Casper
  • What Do You Think?
  • Masters of Magic
  • Roller Derby
  • Think Fast
  • Bon Voyage
  • Make Mine Music
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Your Witness
  • Escape
  • The Voice of Firestone
  • MotoGp
  • The Silver Theatre
  • Music and the Spoken Word
  • The Fred Waring Show
  • Fireside Theatre
  • One Man's Family
  • The Herb Shriner Show
  • A Woman to Remember

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