January 1976 calendar

January 1976

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in January 1976.
The US president was Gerald Ford (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Harold Wilson (Labour), Pope St Paul VI was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on January 1976: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of January 1976?


  • 01 Jan 1976 Musical Jubilee closes at St. James Theater NYC after 92 performances
  • 03 Jan 1976 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site.
  • 04 Jan 1976 Candide closes at Broadway Theater NYC after 740 performances
  • 05 Jan 1976 MacNeil-Lehrer Report premieres on PBS
  • 06 Jan 1976 Ted Turner purchases Atlanta Braves for reported $12 million.
  • 08 Jan 1976 Franklin Mint strikes first gold coins for Netherlands Antilles.
  • 09 Jan 1976 Ringo releases Oh My My in the UK
  • 11 Jan 1976 Pacific Overtures opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 193 performances
  • 12 Jan 1976 The UN Security Council votes 11-1 to allow the Palestine Liberation Organization to participate in a Security Council debate (without voting rights).
  • 14 Jan 1976 Bionic Woman with Lindsay Wagner debuts on ABC
  • 15 Jan 1976 Sara Jane Moore sentenced to life for attempting to shoot US President Gerald Ford.
  • 16 Jan 1976 Donny & Marie Osmond musical variety show premieres on ABC TV
  • 17 Jan 1976 Hermes rocket launched by European Space Agency.
  • 18 Jan 1976 Super Bowl X: Pittsburgh Steelers beat Dallas Cowboys, 21-17 in Miami, Florida; Most Valuable Player: Lynn Swann, Wide Receiver.
  • 19 Jan 1976 Jimmy Carter wins the Iowa Democratic Caucus.
  • 20 Jan 1976 29th NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 7-5 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • 21 Jan 1976 Supersonic Concorde, first commercial flights, by Britain and France.
  • 22 Jan 1976 Bank robbery in Beirut, Lebanon, nets $20-50 million (record).
  • 23 Jan 1976 Paul Robeson, American actor, singer, and social activist (Born 1898)
  • 24 Jan 1976 Cleveland Cavaliers' biggest margin victory-43 points (beat Milwaukee Bucks 132-89).
  • 25 Jan 1976 Surinder Amarnath scores 124 on Test debut India versus New Zealand Auckland.
  • 26 Jan 1976 6th AFC-NFC pro bowl, NFC wins 23-20
  • 27 Jan 1976 Laverne & Shirley spinoff from Happy Days premieres on ABC TV
  • 28 Jan 1976 NBA Atlanta Hawks begin a 28 game road losing streak
  • 29 Jan 1976 Zeiss planetarium in Hague, Netherlands, destroyed by fire.
  • 30 Jan 1976 George Bush becomes 11th director of US Central Intelligence Agency (until 1977).
  • 31 Jan 1976 Lance Gibbs becomes highest Test wicket-taker at 308.
  • 05 Jan 1976 The Khmer Rouge announce that the new Constitution of Democratic Kampuchea is ratified.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in January 1976?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Saturday Night
  2. - Convoy
  3. - I Write The Songs
  4. - Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
  5. - Love Rollercoaster

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Bohemian Rhapsody
  2. - The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
  3. - Glass Of Champagne
  4. - I Believe In Father Christmas
  5. - Mamma Mia


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in January 1976?

The Choirboys by Joseph Wambaugh

The Choirboys


Los Angeles Police Department partners, they are haunted by the dark secrets of nightwatch-shared predawn drinks and the sex sessions they call "chore practice." Each one carries his cynicism as a bulletproof jockstrap. He has his horror story and his …

Bodyguard Of Lies by Anthony Cave Brown

Bodyguard Of Lies


This is the extraordinary, real story of the clandestine war with intricate deceptions that he the secrets of D-Day and secured the victory for the Allies.

The Age Of Napoleon by Will and Ariel Durant

The Age Of Napoleon


The Age of Napoleon examines the remarkable chain of events that pushed Europe out of the Enlightenment into the age of democracy.

Humboldt'S Gift by Saul Bellow

Humboldt'S Gift


"I consider it a work of genius, I believe it The Work of a Genius. I find it brilliant, magnificent, etc.

Dolores by Jacqueline Susann



This is Dolores Ryan's tragic, intense story. She was the young, fashionable widow of an assassinated American president. Dolores is too poor to support her extravagant lifestyle and too lonely for fulfillment as a woman after his death.