January 2005 calendar

January 2005

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in January 2005.
The US president was George W. Bush (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Tony Blair (Labour), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of January 2005?


  • 01 Jan 2005 Israeli troops allegedly misfire a tank shell and kill a 9-year-old Palestinian girl; her 11-year-old sister was also injured. (Al Bawaba)
  • 02 Jan 2005 Global tsunami aid donations exceed USD 2 billion (EUR 1.5 billion). (Xinhua)
  • 03 Jan 2005 Iraq War:: In Iraq, a spate of suicide bombings (including one near Iraqi National Accord headquarters) kills 27. Interim defence minister Hazim al-Shaalan hints that the assembly elections scheduled for 30 January could be delayed to allow for Sunni Muslim participation. (Oman Times) (Al Jazeera)
  • 04 Jan 2005 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami: Three Free Aceh Movement (GAM) rebels are killed in a clash with the Indonesian military in the northern Aceh province. Fighting broke out apparently when Indonesian troops attempted to escort aid trucks. Both sides claim the other are taking advantage of the devastation left from the tsunamis. (ABC Australia) (News.com.au)
  • 05 Jan 2005 Eris, the largest known dwarf planet in the solar system, is discovered by the team of Michael E. Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David L. Rabinowitz using images originally taken on October 21, 2003, at the Palomar Observatory.
  • 06 Jan 2005 Former South African President Nelson Mandela breaks a strong taboo when he announces that the death at age 54 of his sole surviving son, Makgatho Mandela, was caused by AIDS, which kills about 600 people daily in South Africa. His action is viewed as being critical of his successor, Thabo Mbeki, who has denied a link between HIV and AIDS. (ABC), (BBC).
  • 07 Jan 2005 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake:: Japan sends its largest military deployment since World War II to tsunami-hit countries, with around 1,000 troops on standby. (CNA)The Group of Seven Industrialised Nations (G7) agrees to a moratorium on the debt repayments of countries worst affected by the tsunamis in Asia, sources at the HM Treasury said. (CNA)FBI warn of fake disaster appeal scams (CNN)
  • 08 Jan 2005 The nuclear sub USS San Francisco collides at full speed with an undersea mountain south of Guam. One man is killed, but the sub surfaces and is repaired.
  • 09 Jan 2005 Elections are held to replace Yasser Arafat as head of the Palestine Liberation Organization. He is succeeded by Rawhi Fattouh.
  • 10 Jan 2005 A mudslide occurs in La Conchita, California, killing 10 people, injuring many more and closing U.S. Route 101, the main coastal corridor between San Francisco and Los Angeles, for 10 days.
  • 11 Jan 2005 Purged Chinese Communist leader Zhao Ziyang is hospitalized, but in stable condition, according to the People's Republic of China government. The announcement came after rumors spread that he had died. (BBC)
  • 12 Jan 2005 Steven Contursi and Donald Kagin purchase the unique (US) 1787 Brasher gold doubloon for US$2,990,000, third highest price ever paid for a rare coin at public auction.
  • 13 Jan 2005 Conflict in Iraq: Sheikh Al-Madaini, a senior aide to the Ayatollah Sistani, 4 bodyguards and his son have been killed in an attack in the Baghdad's suburb Salman Pak. (BBC)
  • 14 Jan 2005 Landing of the Huygens probe on Saturn's moon Titan.
  • 15 Jan 2005 ESA's SMART-1 lunar orbiter discovers elements such as calcium, aluminum, silicon, iron, and other surface elements on the moon.
  • 16 Jan 2005 Adriana Iliescu becomes the world's oldest woman to give birth, at age 66.
  • 17 Jan 2005 An Indian train fire that killed up to 60 Hindus and sparked deadly religious riots in 2002 was started by accident - not firebombs thrown by Muslims as had been reported, an Indian Railways inquiry headed by a retired Judge Bannerjee has said. Justice Banerjee said that according to eyewitness accounts people had been cooking in the carriage at the time it caught fire. (BBC)
  • 18 Jan 2005 The Airbus A380, the world's largest commercial jet, is unveiled at a ceremony in Toulouse, France
  • 19 Jan 2005 Anna Escobedo Cabral becomes the 42nd US Treasurer.
  • 20 Jan 2005 George W. Bush is inaugurated in Washington, D.C. for his second term as the 43rd President of the United States.
  • 21 Jan 2005 In Belize, the unrest continues for a second day. Water has been cut and government buildings have been torched. (Belize channel 5) (Belize channel 7)
  • 22 Jan 2005 The Washington Post alleges that the Pentagon is running a military organization known as the Strategic Support Branch which is under the direct control of U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Allegedly it is used to bypass the limitations of working with the Central Intelligence Agency. The Pentagon stated "There is no unit that is directly reportable to the secretary of defense for clandestine operations" and the department "is not attempting to 'bend' statutes to fit desired activities".
  • 23 Jan 2005 The Philadelphia Eagles win the 2004 NFC Championship game
  • 24 Jan 2005 Conflict in Iraq: A suicide car bomb is detonated near interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's Iraqi National Accord party office. Officials say Allawi was not in the area at the time and that seven policemen and three civilians were wounded. U.S. military officials confirm the death of one soldier in Mosul and state four of Iraq's 18 provinces, a quarter of the total population and predominantly Sunni, will be unsafe to vote in Sunday's elections. (Reuters)
  • 25 Jan 2005 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake: Indonesia has again raised its estimate of the number of people killed by December's earthquake and tsunami to 220,000; the total known to have been killed in the region is now 280,000. (BBC)
  • 26 Jan 2005 Glendale train crash: Two trains derail killing 11 and injuring 200 in Glendale, California, near Los Angeles.
  • 27 Jan 2005 President of the Royal Society warns of oil companies' funding of lobbies in the UK to cast skepticism over the debate on climate change. (Guardian)
  • 28 Jan 2005 Riggs Bank agrees to pay a $16 million fine after pleading guilty to violating the Bank Secrecy Act by hiding transfers of millions of dollars in accounts controlled by Chilean despot Augusto Pinochet and top officials of Equatorial Guinea. (The Seattle Times)
  • 29 Jan 2005 The first direct commercial flights from mainland China (from Guangzhou) to Taiwan since 1949 arrived in Taipei. Shortly afterwards, a China Airlines flight lands in Beijing.
  • 30 Jan 2005 Polls close in Iraq marking the first multi-party election in 50 years. Electoral officials estimate about a 50–70% turnout. A series of election day attacks across the country killed at least 44 people, mainly in Baghdad. The 275-member National Assembly will create a new constitution, choose a new president and two new vice presidents. Most candidate names on the various party lists remained anonymous. (BBC) Reuters News24
  • 31 Jan 2005 Arab–Israeli conflict: A ten-year-old Palestinian girl dies after being shot in the head as she played in her school playground in Rafah. The source of the gunfire is disputed. Hamas launches mortar shells in retaliation, damaging a house in an Israeli settlement. (Al Jazeera) (Reuters) (Jerusalem Post) (BBC) (CBS) (Haaretz)

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