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July 2015

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in July 2015.
The US president was Barack Obama (Democrat), the UK Prime Minister was David Cameron (Conservative), Pope Francis was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened on July 2015: find out below


Historical Events

Which were the important events of July 2015?


  • 01 Jul 2015 Yemeni Civil War (2015-present). At least 18 people have been killed by shells fired from Houthi forces near Aden, the southern port of Aden. Meanwhile, United Nations officials warn that dengue fever is quickly spreading in this war-torn nation.
  • 02 Jul 2015 Sinai insurgency: July 2015 Sinai attack: Egypt vows that it will continue its offensive on Sinai Peninsula until ISIL militants are removed. In the last two days, over 100 people were killed in fighting. (BBC). The Egyptian Air Force's air strikes on the Sinai Peninsula have killed at least 23 militants linked to ISIS, a day following the bloodiest clashes in the area in years.
  • 03 Jul 2015 Syrian Civil War: Turkey sends more troops to Syria's border as fighting escalates.
  • 04 Jul 2015 War in Donbass. A rally of veterans from war calls on Ukraine to end the Minsk II ceasefire and declare war against pro-Russian separatists operating in the Donbass. Combat operations, which included heavy artillery, ballistic missiles and heavy artillery, have not been stopped despite two ceasefire agreements signed in September.
  • 05 Jul 2015 American-led intervention in Syria
  • 06 Jul 2015 Iraqi Civil War (2014-2017: A Sukhoi Su-25 Su-25 aircraft of the Iraqi Air Force accidentally dropped a bomb on Baghdad after returning from a bombing raid in which ISIL militants were killed. According to American officials, as high as 65% of Iraqi Air Force bombers don't drop their bombs because they lack targets.
  • 07 Jul 2015 Boko Haram Insurgency, Timeline of Boko Haram Insurgency: A bombing attack in Zaria in northern Nigeria has left at least 25 dead and 32 more injured.
  • 08 Jul 2015 Boko Haram Insurgency, Timeline of Boko Haram Insurgency: 26 people were killed in an attack on two villages in Lake Chad, Chad by suspected militants of the Nigerian Islamist Group Boko Haram.
  • 09 Jul 2015 Chinese stock market crash: China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), imposes a six month ban on stockholders who own more than 5% of a company’s stock. This prevents them from selling these stocks.
  • 10 Jul 2015 Somali Civil War (2009-present). Al Shabaab militants stormed two hotels in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, killing at least 10 civilians.
  • 11 Jul 2015 Boko Haram insurgency. A suicide bomber attacked the Nigerian city Maiduguri, killing at least one person. (Reuters) A suicide bomber dressed in a burqa in Chad's capital, N'Djamena, kills 14 people.
  • 12 Jul 2015 Saudi-led military intervention (2015-present). Saudi-led coalition forces bomb Houthi targets across Yemen, killing at most 15 people despite a UN-brokered truce.
  • 13 Jul 2015 Burundi's army captures 170 rebels and kills 31 suspects in fighting in its north.
  • 14 Jul 2015 A stampede at the Godavari Mahila Pushkaram Hindu festival, in the Indian state Of Andhra Pradesh leaves at least 27 people dead.
  • 15 Jul 2015 Boko Haram: In northeastern Nigeria, at least 33 people have been killed in Boko Haram attack attacks.
  • 16 Jul 2015 2014-15 India-Pakistan border skirmishes
  • 17 Jul 2015 Boko Haram, Timeline of the Boko Haram insurgency. At least 64 people were killed in suicide bombings in Nigeria's northeastern towns of Damaturu and Gombe. (WSJ via AP),(Local 10) (BBC). The army of Nigeria killed at least 30 Boko Haram suspected fighters while searching for militants in villages near the Nigerian border.
  • 18 Jul 2015 Quetta Hazaras are being persecuted: A security guard stopped a suicide bomber in Quetta trying to enter Quetta's Hazara community. The guard and the suicide bomber were dressed in female clothes. They then detonated the device which contained 6 to 7 kilograms (13 to 15 lb). (Dawn).
  • 19 Jul 2015 Four people were killed in an explosion at a Cheshire mill.
  • 20 Jul 2015 War in Afghanistan (2001-present: A NATO air strike strikes an Afghan National Army outpost, Logar Province, approximately 30 miles east from Kabul. At least seven soldiers are killed and five others are injured.
  • 21 Jul 2015 Human rights groups and the Kurdish People's Protection Units, (YPG), claim that YPG fighters captured one juvenile prison and a power plant south of Al-Hasakah.
  • 22 Jul 2015 At least 15 people are killed in a suicide bombing attack in northern Afghanistan.
  • 23 Jul 2015 Turkey launches fighter jets, and Turkish tanks fire on ISIS positions at the border with Syria. This follows an exchange of fire that left one Turkish soldier injured and one Turkish soldier killed. These clashes were the first direct fighting between ISIS and Turkish forces. Multiple reports have indicated that Turkish ground forces crossed the official border into Syria.
  • 24 Jul 2015 Turkish involvement in the Syrian Civil War. Spillover of Syria Civil War. Turkish warplanes attacked ISIS positions in northern Syria. This was after a gunfight at the Turkish-Syrian border that left one Turkish soldier dead. According to reports, the airstrikes killed up to 35 ISIS militants.
  • 25 Jul 2015 Saudi Arabian-led intervention into Yemen: The Saudi-led military alliance announces that a five-day humanitarian ceasefire has been reached. It is scheduled to start just before midnight Sunday.
  • 26 Jul 2015 Boko Haram insurgency: A Cameroonian teenager suicide bomber attacks Maroua in Cameroon, killing 20 and injuring 70 more. (Voice of America). Following the recent string of suicide bombings, Cameroonian officials have ordered the closure of Islamic schools and mosques, and banned underage children from public places.
  • 27 Jul 2015 Gunmen attack a Punjabi police station, injuring many others and causing at least 7 deaths.
  • 28 Jul 2015 At least 29 people have been killed in Boko Haram attacks on northern Nigerian villages.
  • 29 Jul 2015 Afghanistan War (2001-present). The Afghan government claims that Taliban leader Mohammad Omar was killed in Pakistan in April 2013.
  • 30 Jul 2015 Turkey-PKK Conflict: Three Turkish soldiers are killed in an ambush by PKK militants on a Turkish military convoy. It took place in the south-eastern Sirnak Province.
  • 31 Jul 2015 Conflict in Afghanistan (2001-present: Jalaluddin Haqqani is reported to have died in 2014.
  • 04 Jul 2015 Chile claims its first title in international football by defeating Argentina in the 2015 Copa América Final.
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The Melody Lingers On by Mary Higgins Clark

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Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Real West by Bill O'Reilly and David Fisher

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A Full Life by Jimmy Carter

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"A warm, detailed memoir." --Los Angeles Times Jimmy Carter (thirty-ninth President and Nobel Peace Prize winner), international humanitarian, fisherman and international humanitarian) reflects with pride, humor and gratitude on his happy and fulfilling life.