Popular movies week 6 January 1991

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 06/January - 12/January - 1991. Do you remember Slumber Party Massacre III by Sally Mattison or Watchers II starring Marc Singer, Tracy Scoggins, Jonathan Farwell, Irene Miracle ?

Slumber Party Massacre III

Directed by: Sally Mattison

Starring: Keely Christian, Brittain Frye, Michael Harris, David Greenlee

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Watchers II

Directed by: Thierry Notz

Starring: Marc Singer, Tracy Scoggins, Jonathan Farwell, Irene Miracle

Graffiti Bridge

Directed by: Prince

Starring: Prince, Morris Day, Ingrid Chavez, Jerome Benton

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Too Much Sun

Directed by: Robert Downey Sr.

Starring: Allan Arbus, Robert Downey Jr., Howard Duff, Laura Ernst

Midnight Ride

Directed by: Bob Bralver

Starring: Michael Dudikoff, Mark Hamill, Savina Gersak, Robert Mitchum

The Final Alliance

Directed by: Mario DiLeo

Starring: David Hasselhoff, Bo Hopkins, John Saxon, Jeanie Moore

Body Moves

Directed by: Gerry Lively

Starring: Lindsley Allen, Kirk Rivera, Steve Messina, Dianne Granger

Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound

Directed by: Roger Corman

Starring: John Hurt, Raul Julia, Nick Brimble, Bridget Fonda

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