Popular movies week 13 February 2005

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 13/February - 19/February - 2005. Do you remember Fat Slags by Ed Bye or G.O.R.A. starring Cem Yilmaz, Rasim Öztekin, Özkan Ugur, Idil Firat ?

Fat Slags

Directed by: Ed Bye

Starring: Fiona Allen, Sophie Thompson, Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Head


Directed by: Ömer Faruk Sorak

Starring: Cem Yilmaz, Rasim Öztekin, Özkan Ugur, Idil Firat

School for Seduction

Directed by: Sue Heel

Starring: Sabina Loddo, Kelly Brook, Jake Canuso, Antonio Pellegrino


Directed by: Charles Shyer

Starring: Jude Law, Sienna Miller, Susan Sarandon, Renée Taylor

Rory O'Shea Was Here

Directed by: Damien O'Donnell

Starring: James McAvoy, Steven Robertson, Romola Garai, Alan King

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Coach Carter

Directed by: Thomas Carter

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Rick Gonzalez, Robert Ri'chard, Rob Brown

Dear Wendy

Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg

Starring: Jamie Bell, Alison Pill, Chris Owen, Bill Pullman

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Hami Tin Bhai

Directed by: Shiva Regmi

Starring: Salon Basnet, Rabi Giri, Rajesh Hamal, Nandita K.C.

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