Sunday February 26, 2006: Zodiac, Events, Birthdays and Holidays

US date format: 2/26/2006, UK date format: 26/2/2006

February 26th, 2006 was the 57th day of the year 2006 in the Gregorian calendar, under the sign of Pisces. The day of the week was Sunday.

The number one song in US was Check On It by Beyonce. Nasty Girl by The Notorious BIG featuring Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge & Avery Storm was #1 song in the UK.

Shooter, directed by Antoine Fuqua, was one of the most viewed movie released in 2006 while Cell by Stephen King was one of the best selling book.

On TV people were watching Conviction. If you liked videogames you were probably playing Atlantis Sky Patrol or ARMA: Armed Assault.

The US president was George W. Bush (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Tony Blair (Labour), Pope Benedict XVI was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened that day: find out below.

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You can also have a look at February 26 across the years or at February 2006 calendar.

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February 26, 2006 Events

What happened on February 26, 2006?

Historical Events

  • Olivier Awards: George Maguire, James Lomas, and Liam Mower win the Best Actor in Musical Award for their roles in Billy Elliot. They are the first to do this in a joint capacity. Mower, aged 13, is the youngest recipient of this award.
  • 2006 Winter Olympics: During the Closing Ceremony for the 2006 Winter Olympics, the Olympic flag was passed to Vancouver's mayor, who is also the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
  • Al Askari Mosque Bombing: The International Crisis Group issues a warning to the international community about the possibility of civil war in Iraq. The Al Askari Mosque Bombing has resulted in at least 250 deaths.
  • Portia Simpson Miller, the People's National Party's first female president, will be Jamaica's first female Prime Minister. In a matter of weeks, she will replace P. J. Patterson.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s World Population Clock, the world’s population reaches 0016 UTC.
  • Queen Mary 2, the Cunard liner Queen Mary 2, meets Queen Mary, its predecessor, for the first time at Long Beach, California, Queen Mary’s permanent base.

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February 26, 2006 Famous Birthdays

Other February 26th famous birthdays

See all famous people born on February 26th

How old am I?

If February 26, 2006 is your birthday you are 17 years old. Find out how old you are in years, months, weeks and days and how long until your next birthday on February 26.

How to find someone’s birthday?

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February 26, 2006 Famous Deaths

Who died on February 26, 2006?

Other February 26th famous deaths

See all famous people who died on February 26th


February 26, 2006 Zodiac

Western Zodiac - Astrological Sign

 zodiac sign


Pisces personality

Who should a Pisces marry?

Babies born in February are either Aquarius or Pisces. People born before February 18th are Aquarius, while people born from February 19th have the sign of Pisces

Personality of February born

Chinese Zodiac

Dog chinese zodiac sign

Sign: Dog

Element: Fire

Dog personality

Find out your Moon Sign

Can the numbers in February 26, 2006 reveal something about your future ? Find out


February 26, 2006 Day of the Week and Calendar

What day of the week was February 26, 2006?

The day of the week was Sunday.

February 26th marks the 56th day of the Gregorian calendar for the year 2006.

There are 308 days remaining until the end of the year. Calculate the number of days between two dates.


February 26, 2006 Holidays and Observances

What is special on February 26, 2006?


  • Blessed Edigna
  • Blessed Leo of Furnes (d. 1163)
  • Liberation Day in Kuwait (1991).
  • Nation of Islam - Savior's Day - commemoration of the birthdate of Wallace Fard Muhammad, believed to be Allah in human form, the saviour of the black race.


  • Saint Mechtild (d. 1154)
  • Saint Victor
  • Saint Alexander of Alexandria
  • Saint Nestor (died 251)
vinyl songs

Music charts

What was the number one song on February 26, 2006? Which were the top hits on February 26, 2006?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Check On It
  2. - You're Beautifulyoutube
  3. - Grillz
  4. - Be Without You
  5. - I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Nasty Girl
  2. - Thunder In My Heart Again
  3. - Boys Will Be Boys
  4. - Check On It
  5. - Run It!

Top #5 R&B songs

  1. - Be Without You
  2. - Unpredictable
  3. - Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
  4. - So Sickyoutube
  5. - Check On It

Top #5 Latin songs

  1. - Rompe
  2. - Contra Viento Y Marea
  3. - Ella Y Yo
  4. - Ven Bailalo
  5. - Rakata

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Which were the most popular Movies released in those months?
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See other popular movies of the week



Release year: 2006

Directed by: Antoine Fuqua

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peña, Rhona Mitra, Danny Glover

Country: United States of America



Release year: 2006

Directed by: Gregory Hoblit

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling, David Strathairn, Rosamund Pike

Country: United States of America

Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia

Release year: 2006

Directed by: Gabor Csupo

Starring: Josh Hutcherson, AnnaSophia Robb, Zooey Deschanel, Robert Patrick

Country: United States of America

The Kingdom

The Kingdom

Release year: 2006

Directed by: Peter Berg

Starring: Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman

Country: United States of America



Release year: 2006

Directed by: Adam Shankman

Starring: John Travolta, Queen Latifah, Nikki Blonsky, Michelle Pfeiffer

Country: United States of America

TV Series

Which were the most popular TV Series released in those months?
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Release year: 2006

Directed by: Tony Goldwyn

Tierra de Pasiones

Tierra de Pasiones

Release year: 2006

Directed by: José Benavides Jr



Release year: 2006

Directed by: Julius Schultheiß

The Chaser's War on Everything

The Chaser's War on Everything

Release year: 2006

Directed by: Andrew Hansen

Starring: Julian Morrow, Andrew Hansen, Chris Taylor, Chas Licciardello

Country: Australia

Classical Destinations

Classical Destinations

Release year: 2006

Magazine Covers

What news were making the headlines those days in February 2006?


Which were the most popular books released in the last weeks?
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Cell by Stephen King



This terrifying bestseller from Stephen King, #1 New York Times Bestseller, could make you the last call in your life. Now a major motion movie starring Samuel L.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell



Malcolm Gladwell revolutionized how we see the world in his bestseller The Tipping Point. He revolutionizes how we see the world with Blink.

Manhunt by James L. Swanson



The greatest manhunt in American History was launched by the murder of Abraham Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth was the Union's assassin and led detectives from April 14 through April 26, 1865.

The World Is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman

The World Is Flat


The Phenomenal #1 Bestseller is Back in New Edition

The 5th Horseman by James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

The 5th Horseman


It's a race against the clock as Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer, and Yuki Castellano (the newest member to the Women's Murder Club), lead an investigation into mysterious patient deaths. They also reveal the hospital administration that is determined to protect its …

Birth chart on this day

Discover the planets positions on February 26th, 2006 as well as what the sky looked like at your place

see zodiac and birth chart for February 26, 2006
Planetary positions on  - Geocentric view


What videogames would you be playing back in the days?

Atlantis Sky Patrol

Atlantis Sky Patrol

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS

Genre: Puzzle

Publisher: Big Fish Games

ARMA: Armed Assault

ARMA: Armed Assault

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Genre: Tactical shooter

Publisher: 505 Games Atari

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Platform: PlayStation 2

Genre: Combat flight simulator

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

Blazing Souls

Blazing Souls

Platform: PlayStation 2 Xbox 360 PlayStation Portable Android iOS

Genre: Tactical role-playing

Publisher: JP Idea Factory; NA Aksys Games (PSP); EU Rising Star Games (PSP)

American Dragon: Jake Long – Attack of the Dark Dragon

American Dragon: Jake Long – Attack of the Dark Dragon

Platform: Nintendo DS

Genre: Action

Publisher: Buena Vista Games


February 26, 2006 Lunar and Planetary phase

Lunar phase

New Moon

The moon phase for February 26, 2006 is New Moon.

See Moon rising and setting times on February 26, 2006

Sport Games on February 26, 2006

Sport Games on February 26, 2006

Serie A

Italian Football
  • Ascoli - Messina : 1 - 0
  • Cagliari - Chievo : 2 - 2
  • Empoli - Treviso : 1 - 1
  • Inter - Udinese : 3 - 1
  • Juventus - Lecce : 3 - 1
See all Football game results of February 26, 2006

Jupiler League

Football (Belgium)
  • Club Brugge - Standard : 1 - 1
  • FC Brussels - Gent : 0 - 1
See all Football game results of February 26, 2006

Bundesliga 1

Football (Germany)
  • Duisburg - Hertha : 2 - 1
  • Hamburg - Stuttgart : 0 - 2
See all Football game results of February 26, 2006

Bundesliga 2

Football (Germany)
  • Ahlen - Aachen : 0 - 2
  • Dresden - Bochum : 0 - 0
  • Hansa Rostock - Siegen : 2 - 0
  • Offenbach - Braunschweig : 2 - 0
  • Unterhaching - Karlsruhe : 4 - 1
See all Football game results of February 26, 2006

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