Sunday September 30, 1984: Zodiac, Events, Birthdays and Holidays

US date format: 9/30/1984, UK date format: 30/9/1984

September 30th, 1984 was the 274th day of the year 1984 in the Gregorian calendar, under the sign of Libra. The day of the week was Sunday.

Famous birthdays on this day include Keisha Buchanan and Mónica Jaramillo.

The number one song in US was Let's Go Crazy by Prince. I Just Called To Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder was #1 song in the UK.

Dang doi lai ming, directed by Po-Chih Leong, was one of the most viewed movie released in 1984 while The Miko by Eric Van Lustbader was one of the best selling book.

On TV people were watching Mensch Bachmann. If you liked videogames you were probably playing Montezuma's Revenge or Flicky.

The US president was Ronald Reagan (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher (Conservative), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

But much more happened that day: find out below.

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September 30, 1984 Events

What happened on September 30, 1984?

Historical Events

  • Browns set a team record for allowing most sacks (11), Kansas City wins 10-6
  • New York Yankees' Don Mattingly wins American League batting crown with .343 average.
  • Bowie Kuhn ends career as Baseball Commissioner.
  • California Angels' Mike Witt pitches a perfect game over Texas Rangers, 1-0.

Old Newspapers from September 30, 1984

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September 30, 1984 Famous Birthdays

Who was born on September 30, 1984?

Other September 30th famous birthdays

See all famous people born on September 30th

How old am I?

If September 30, 1984 is your birthday you are 39 years old. Find out how old you are in years, months, weeks and days and how long until your next birthday on September 30.

How to find someone’s birthday?

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September 30, 1984 Famous Deaths

Who died on September 30, 1984?

Other September 30th famous deaths

See all famous people who died on September 30th


September 30, 1984 Zodiac

Western Zodiac - Astrological Sign

 zodiac sign


Libra personality

Who should a Libra marry?

Babies born in September are either Virgo or Libra. People born before September 22nd are Virgo, while people born from September 23rd have the sign of Libra

Personality of September born

Chinese Zodiac

Rat chinese zodiac sign

Sign: Rat

Element: Wood

Rat personality

Find out your Moon Sign

Can the numbers in September 30, 1984 reveal something about your future ? Find out


September 30, 1984 Day of the Week and Calendar

What day of the week was September 30, 1984?

The day of the week was Sunday.

September 30th marks the 273rd day of the Gregorian calendar for the year 1984.

There are 92 days remaining until the end of the year. Calculate the number of days between two dates.


September 30, 1984 Holidays and Observances

What is special on September 30, 1984?


  • Spo TomT and Prfncipe - Agricultural Reform (Nationalization) Day
  • September 30 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • International Translation Day
  • Botswana - Independence Day (1966)
  • RC Saints - Saint Jerome
  • French Republican Calendar - Panais (Parsnip) Day, ninth day in the Month of VendTmiaire
vinyl songs

Music charts

What was the number one song on September 30, 1984? Which were the top hits on September 30, 1984?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Let's Go Crazy
  2. - Missing Youyoutube
  3. - Drive
  4. - She Bop
  5. - I Just Called To Say I Love You

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - I Just Called To Say I Love You
  2. - The War Song
  3. - Freedom
  4. - Ghostbusters
  5. - Drive

Top #5 R&B songs

  1. - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)
  2. - Let's Go Crazy
  3. - The Last Time I Made Love
  4. - I Just Called To Say I Love You
  5. - You, Me And He

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Which were the most popular Movies released in those months?
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See other popular movies of the week

Dang doi lai ming

Dang doi lai ming

Release year: 1984

Directed by: Po-Chih Leong

Starring: Yun-Fat Chow, Cecilia Yip, Alex Man, Kien Shih

Maria's Lovers

Maria's Lovers

Release year: 1984

Directed by: Andrey Konchalovskiy

Starring: Nastassja Kinski, John Savage, Keith Carradine, Robert Mitchum



Release year: 1984

Directed by: Arthur Hiller

Starring: Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams, Judd Hirsch, Ralph Macchio

Ghost Warrior

Ghost Warrior

Release year: 1984

Directed by: J. Larry Carroll

Starring: Hiroshi Fujioka, John Calvin, Janet Julian, Charles Lampkin



Release year: 1984

Directed by: Richard Pearce

Starring: Jessica Lange, Sam Shepard, Wilford Brimley, Matt Clark

TV Series

Which were the most popular TV Series released in those months?
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Mensch Bachmann

Mensch Bachmann

Release year: 1984

Miami Vice

Miami Vice

Release year: 1984

Directed by: Michael Mann

Vereda Tropical

Vereda Tropical

Release year: 1984

Directed by: Javier Torre



Release year: 1984

Country: United States of America

Tales from the Darkside

Tales from the Darkside

Release year: 1984

Country: United States of America

Magazine Covers

What news were making the headlines those days in September 1984?


Which were the most popular books released in the last weeks?
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The Miko by Eric Van Lustbader

The Miko


The Ninja author is a New York Times bestseller. A martial artist from America travels to Tokyo, and becomes the victim of an international conspiracy.

First Among Equals by Jeffrey Archer

First Among Equals


Charles Seymour is the second-born son of his father. He will never be an earl, but he did inherit the strength and will to fulfill his destiny...Simon

The Aquitaine Progression by Robert Ludlum

The Aquitaine Progression


Joel Converse, an American lawyer, meets in Geneva a man he's not seen for twenty years. He is a covert agent who falls at his feet and whispers words that give Converse a shocking legacy of death: "The Generals.

Strong Medicine by Arthur Hailey

Strong Medicine


Arthur Hailey, a master storyteller, takes readers behind-the scenes of the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry in his New York Times bestseller. It begins as a routine case: Mary Rowe is diagnosed with hepatitis.

Tough Guys Don'T Dance by Norman Mailer

Tough Guys Don'T Dance


Norman Mailer looks into the hidden virtues and recesses of modern American males in this brilliant crime novel that transcends genre. Tim Madden, a failed writer who lives on Cape Cod, wakes up with a horrible hangover, a painful tattoo …

Birth chart on this day

Discover the planets positions on September 30th, 1984 as well as what the sky looked like at your place

see zodiac and birth chart for September 30, 1984
Planetary positions on  - Geocentric view


What videogames would you be playing back in the days?

Montezuma's Revenge

Montezuma's Revenge

Platform: Apple II, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit, ColecoVision, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Sega Master System As Panama Joe: ZX Spectrum

Genre: Platform game

Publisher: Parker Brothers



Platform: Arcade, SG-1000, Sega Genesis, FM-7, MSX, PC-8801, Sharp X1

Genre: Platforming

Publisher: Sega



Platform: Commodore 64

Genre: Racing

Publisher: Datasoft

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina

Platform: ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, MSX



Platform: Arcade, Family Computer, MSX, PC-8801

Genre: Scrolling shooter

Publisher: Taito


September 30, 1984 Lunar and Planetary phase

Lunar phase

First Quarter

The moon phase for September 30, 1984 is First Quarter.

See Moon rising and setting times on September 30, 1984

Sport Games on September 30, 1984

Sport Games on September 30, 1984


American Football
  • Atlanta Falcons - San Francisco 49ers : 5 - 14
  • Buffalo Bills - Indianapolis Colts : 17 - 31
  • Cleveland Browns - Kansas City Chiefs : 6 - 10
  • Dallas Cowboys - Chicago Bears : 23 - 14
  • Detroit Lions - San Diego Chargers : 24 - 27
See all American Football game results of September 30, 1984

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