August 2001 calendar

August 2001

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in August 2001.
The US president was George W. Bush (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Tony Blair (Labour), Pope St John Paul II was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of August 2001?


  • 01 Aug 2001 Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore installed a 2.5-ton monument of Ten Commandments, nicknamed by detractors and media as 'Roy's Rock'. It was hidden in the Rotunda of The Judiciary Building.
  • 02 Aug 2001 Robert Mueller has been confirmed as the new FBI Director.
  • 03 Aug 2001 Seven people are injured when the Real IRA explodes a car bomb at Ealing in London, UK.
  • 04 Aug 2001 Windy Bay, a Seattle-based fishing vessel, strikes a rock in Prince William Sound 65km southwest Valdez, Alaska. The sheen of 133,000 litres diesel fuel covers 10 km. About 36,800 litres are recovered.
  • 06 Aug 2001 Death: Dick Rehbein, a second-year quarterbacks coach with the New England Patriots in NFL, has died at 45 from heart failure.
  • 09 Aug 2001 U.S. President George W. Bush announced his support for federal funding for limited research on embryonic and stem cells.
  • 10 Aug 2001 Film: Osmosis Jones starring Bill Murray, played by Chris Rock
  • 16 Aug 2001 Rosario Marin is elected 41st Treasurer for the United States.
  • 20 Aug 2001 TV series: Oswald
  • 21 Aug 2001 Red Cross warns of famine in Tajikistan and asks for international financial assistance for Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
  • 24 Aug 2001 Film: Bubble Boy
  • 25 Aug 2001 At 22 years old, Aaliyah, a contemporary R&B and pop artist, is killed in a plane accident.
  • 27 Aug 2001 Intel announces the 2-GHz Pentium4 processor.
  • 31 Aug 2001 September 1, 2001 - Vancouver TV realignment takes place in British Columbia, Canada.
  • 06 Aug 2001 Erwadi fire incident: Twenty-eight mentally ill persons tied to a chain are burnt to death at a faith based institution at Erwadi, Tamil Nadu.
vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in August 2001?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Bootyliciousyoutube
  2. - Fallin'youtube
  3. - Loverboy
  4. - Let Me Blow Ya Mind
  5. - I'm Real

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Eternal Flame
  2. - Let's Dance
  3. - Eternity / The Road To Mandalay
  4. - Mambo No 5
  5. - 21 Seconds


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?


Which were the most popular books released in August 2001?

Any Way The Wind Blows by E. Lynn Harris

Any Way The Wind Blows


After her wedding to John "Basil” Henderson didn't go as she planned, Yancey Braxton flew to L.A. to re-establish herself as mega-diva Yancey B.

The Wild Blue by Stephen  Ambrose

The Wild Blue


Stephen E. Ambrose is the celebrated author of Band of Brothers, and Undaunted Courage. We follow him in the dangerous and crowded B-24s while his crews battled to destroy the German war machine.

Suzanne'S Diary For Nicholas by James Patterson

Suzanne'S Diary For Nicholas


Katie Wilkinson finally finds the right man. But he disappears one day, leaving behind only a journal written by Suzanne, a new mother, for Nicholas.

John Adams by David McCullough

John Adams


This Pulitzer Prize-winning biography about America's founder father and second president is a bestseller. It was brilliantly written by David McCullough, master historian.

Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides

Ghost Soldiers


On January 28, 1945, 121 carefully selected U.S. soldiers slipped behind enemy lines into the Philippines. Their mission was to march thirty miles in order to rescue 513 prisoners of war (POWs) who were trapped in an awful camp.