February 1955 calendar

February 1955

Learn the most interesting events and historical facts that happened in February 1955.
The US president was Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican), the UK Prime Minister was Sir Winston Churchill (Conservative), Pope Pius XII was leading the Catholic Church.

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Historical Events

Which were the important events of February 1955?


  • 01 Feb 1955 Ray Kroc opens a McDonald's fast food restaurant (the company's 9th since it was founded in 1940), but Kroc later takes over the company and oversees its worldwide expansion.
  • 02 Feb 1955 First Presidential news conference on network TV - Dwight Eisenhower on ABC.
  • 04 Feb 1955 Pact of Mutual Cooperation quotBaghdad Pactquot signed.
  • 08 Feb 1955 Malenkov resigns as USSR premier, Bulganin replaces him.
  • 09 Feb 1955 US federations of trade unions merge into AFL / CIO
  • 10 Feb 1955 Seventh Fleet of the United States Navy helps the Republic of China evacuate Chinese Nationalist army and residents from the Tachen Islands to Taiwan.
  • 12 Feb 1955 WTVY TV channel 4 in Dothan, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 13 Feb 1955 KRCG TV channel 13 in Jefferson City, MO (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • 14 Feb 1955 WFLA (now WXFL) TV channel 8 in Tampa-St Petersburg, Florida (NBC) begins
  • 16 Feb 1955 Nearly 100 die in a fire at a home for the elderly in Yokohama, Japan.
  • 17 Feb 1955 KTVF TV channel 11 in Fairbanks, AK (CBS / ABC) begins broadcasting
  • 18 Feb 1955 Baghdad Pact signed, making Turkey and Iraq a defense alliance.
  • 19 Feb 1955 South East Asia Collective Defense Treaty goes into effect.
  • 20 Feb 1955 Fay Crocker wins LPGA Serbin Golf Open.
  • 22 Feb 1955 British aircraft carrier Ark Royal sets sail
  • 23 Feb 1955 First meeting of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO).
  • 24 Feb 1955 Silk Stockings opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 461 performances
  • 26 Feb 1955 Peter Pan closes at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 149 performances
  • 27 Feb 1955 Betty Jameson wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Open.

Famous Birthday

Famous Deaths

  • American cartoonist and member of National Cartoonists Society, known for his work on the.

  • Actor (Dolly Sisters, Casablanca), dies at 71.

  • Composer, dies at 59.

  • Hungarian/American musicologist, dies at age 52.

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vinyl songs

Music charts

Which were the top hits in February 1955?
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Top #5 songs in the USA

  1. - Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)
  2. - Earth Angel
  3. - The Crazy Otto
  4. - How Important Can It Be?
  5. - Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup

Top #5 songs in the UK

  1. - Softly Softly
  2. - Give Me Your Word
  3. - Mambo Italiano
  4. - A Blossom Fell
  5. - The Finger Of Suspicion


Which were the most popular Movies released in that month?
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East of Eden

East of Eden

Release year: 1955

Directed by: Elia Kazan

Starring: James Dean, Raymond Massey, Julie Harris, Burl Ives

Country: United States of America

The Big Combo

The Big Combo

Release year: 1955

Directed by: Joseph H. Lewis

Starring: Cornel Wilde, Richard Conte, Jean Wallace, Brian Donlevy

The Devil's General

The Devil's General

Release year: 1955

Directed by: Helmut Käutner

Starring: Curd Jürgens, Viktor de Kowa, Karl John, Marianne Koch

Marcelino pan y vino

Marcelino pan y vino

Release year: 1955

Directed by: Ladislao Vajda

Starring: Rafael Rivelles, Antonio Vico, Juan Calvo, José Marco Davó

New York Confidential

New York Confidential

Release year: 1955

Directed by: Russell Rouse

Starring: Broderick Crawford, Richard Conte, Anne Bancroft, Marilyn Maxwell


Which were the most popular books released in February 1955?
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The Tumult And The Shouting by Grantland Rice

The Tumult And The Shouting



The Healer by Frank G. Slaughter

The Healer


When a patient dies, Dr. Don Carter is haunted by the fear of being careless. Laura, his operating-room nurse, was able to tell him the truth.

Essays In The Public Philosophy by Walter Lippmann

Essays In The Public Philosophy


Politics. First edition. The blue cloth covers are rubbed at the corners and spine ends. There is a faint glass ring on one side. Pages toned, interior clean and tight.

Atoms In The Family by Laura Fermi

Atoms In The Family


Laura Fermi shares the fascinating story of Enrico Fermi's life. It is part of the widely-read "The Great American Exile" series.

A World Of Love by Elizabeth Bowen

A World Of Love


Elizabeth Bowen, an Anglo-Irish writer who lived from the 1920s through the 1960s, created a rich body of work that expanded the comedy of manners.