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A Little Variety

A place to discuss the “A Little Variety” suite of puzzles. Read more..

By DEB AMLEN - The New York Times

At Fox News, Kisses, Innuendo, Propositions and Fears of Reprisal

New York Times interviews with current and former female employees of Fox News indicate pattern of sexual harassment and intimidation that go beyond accusations lodged against departing chairman Roger Ailes; revelations point to broader workplace problem in network. Read more..


Changing Takeover Laws and the ExamWorks Deal

A recent case will shape how the ExamWorks case unfolds and also chart a path for the future of merger litigation. Read more..


Checking the Home Broadband Meter

Monthly plans from internet service providers that limit data have become common, but you can keep tabs on your use. Read more..

By J. D. BIERSDORFER - The New York Times

Finra Sides With Brokers in Battle Against Credit Suisse

In fight for hundreds of millions in deferred compensation, former Credit Suisse brokers can now take their claims to Finra for arbitration. Read more..

By LIZ MOYER - The New York Times

Hershey Trust Reaches Tentative Deal With Pennsylvania on Governance

A deal would settle a monthslong legal dispute and change the rules governing the Hershey Trust Company, which controls more than 80 percent of the chocolate maker’s special voting shares. Read more..

By MICHAEL J. de la MERCED - The New York Times

If a $2 Trillion Saudi Aramco Goes Public, Will It Withstand Outsider Scrutiny?

The company will need to elevate its governance practices to retain the support of Western institutional investors. Read more..

By SIMON C.Y. WONG - The New York Times

Out of This World

David Steinberg lands us a puzzle. Read more..

By DEB AMLEN - The New York Times

Variety: Acrostic

Try this week’s acrostic by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon for a cruciverbal change of pace. Read more..

By DEB AMLEN - The New York Times

Yes, We Are Still Writing About Pokémon

Harmless fun or a troubling harbinger of totalitarianism? The hunt for a Pikachu has become a cultural phenomenon. Read more..

By JIM KERSTETTER - The New York Times

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