Popular movies week 3 May 1936

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 03/May - 09/May - 1936. Do you remember La verbena de la Paloma by Benito Perojo or Wedad starring Ahmed Allam, Mahmoud Almeleji, Hassan el Baroudi, Ibrahim Emara ?

La verbena de la Paloma

Directed by: Benito Perojo

Starring: Miguel Ligero, Roberto Rey, Raquel Rodrigo, Sélica Pérez Carpio


Directed by: Ahmed Badrakhan, Fritz Kramp, Gamal Madkoor

Starring: Ahmed Allam, Mahmoud Almeleji, Hassan el Baroudi, Ibrahim Emara

Frankie and Johnnie

Directed by: Chester Erskine, John H. Auer

Starring: Helen Morgan, Chester Morris, Lilyan Tashman, Florence Reed

Captain Calamity

Directed by: John Reinhardt

Starring: George Houston, Marian Nixon, Vince Barnett, Crane Wilbur

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The Harvester

Directed by: Joseph Santley

Starring: Alice Brady, Russell Hardie, Ann Rutherford, Frank Craven

A Message to Garcia

Directed by: George Marshall

Starring: Wallace Beery, Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Alan Hale

Night Cargo

Directed by: Charles Hutchison

Starring: Lloyd Hughes, Julie Bishop, Walter Miller, Carlotta Monti

A Face in the Fog

Directed by: Robert F. Hill

Starring: June Collyer, Lloyd Hughes, Lawrence Gray, Jack Mulhall

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