Popular movies week 5 December 1971

Here's the list of the most popular movies in the week 05/December - 11/December - 1971. Do you remember 200 Motels by Tony Palmer, Frank Zappa or Delusions of Grandeur starring Louis de Funès, Yves Montand, Alice Sapritch, Karin Schubert ?

200 Motels

Directed by: Tony Palmer, Frank Zappa

Starring: Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan, Ian Underwood, Aynsley Dunbar

Delusions of Grandeur

Directed by: Gérard Oury

Starring: Louis de Funès, Yves Montand, Alice Sapritch, Karin Schubert

Joe Hill

Directed by: Bo Widerberg

Starring: Thommy Berggren, Anja Schmidt, Kelvin Malave, Evert Anderson

Lady Frankenstein

Directed by: Mel Welles, Aureliano Luppi

Starring: Joseph Cotten, Rosalba Neri, Paul Muller, Peter Whiteman

The Anonymous Heroes

Directed by: Cheh Chang

Starring: David Chiang, Lung Ti, Li Ching, Miao Ching

I megali stigmi tou '21: Papaflessas

Directed by: Erricos Andreou

Starring: Dimitris Papamichael, Alekos Alexandrakis, Angelos Antonopoulos, Katia Dandoulaki

Dyadya Vanya

Directed by: Andrey Konchalovskiy

Starring: Irina Anisimova-Wulf, Sergey Bondarchuk, Irina Kupchenko, Yekaterina Mazurova

Libido: The Urge to Love

Directed by: Max Pécas

Starring: Sandra Julien, Janine Reynaud, Yves Vincent, Patrick Verde

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